10 Rappers With The Most Embarrassing First Names

There's two sides to every person. For these rappers, it just so happens to be their rap name and their, well, not so tough first name. Everyone was all ears when rap music grew in popularity in the late 1980s to the early 1990s. New York helped pave the way for rap artists to flourish and spit a unique flow the world had not heard before. However, it would be in the early 1990’s when rap would take a different, more aggressive approach.

Gangsta rap grew commercially after West-coast based rappers such as Ice-T and rap groups like N.WA. used rap as a platform to expose the not-so-pretty reality occurring in neglected neighborhoods. This ‘gangsta-rap music’ was usually followed by violent lyrics, profanity, and disdain towards the police. Sooner than later, the vulgar lyrics and raunchy imagery were so extreme, that it was criticized by a former United States President.

This imagery, along with the help of inner rap-beef, soon blanketed the whole rap game and gave rappers from the East Coast to the West Coast a hardcore and not-so-friendly appearance. But as observed, the same ‘gun-toting and pistol-whipping’ rappers are really not as tough as they seem; given their first names. For these 10 rappers, there is no room for wondering why they took on a different name before pursuing their rap career.

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10 DMX

First name Earl, last name Simmons. DMX, short for Dark Man X, was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He began recording demos in 1991 but did not get much airplay. It would not be until 1999 until this underdog would have his first major hit, "Get At Me Dog" off his album, It's Dark and Hell Is Hot. Although his first name is far from intimidating, Simmons' street card is nothing short of lawless behavior. Simmons' charges against him range from resisting arrest, to drug possession, to reckless driving. He has served several sentences in not just jail, but in prison as well. But all while engaging in criminal escapades, DMX sold 30 million records worldwide and gave us the classic movie, Belly. Nowadays, DMX has seen the light bestowed upon him and has turned his life around. He is now heavily involved in the Christian Church with hopes of being a pastor.

9 50 Cent


8 Xzibit

Which Alvin came first, the chipmunk or West Coast rapper Xzibit? Coming in at number 8 is Mr. 'yo, dawg' meme-sensation himself, Alvin Nathaniel Joiner. Jonier was born in Detroit but relocated to California when he was a teenager. He signed under Loud Records and released his first album, At the Speed of Life. His music got around the West Coast and soon gained the attention of Dr. Dre. He began collaborating with artists such as Snoop Dogg and Eminem. While his music was taking its stride, he gained even more publicity by hosting MTV's hit show Pimp My Ride. Now, Xzibit has let the cornrows go and taken a musical hiatus. However, he is still working on cars and selling taffy edibles.

7  7. Ice Cube

6 Ab-Soul


Coming in at #6 on the list is Herbert, and no I am not referring to the old creepy from Family Guy. Herbert Anthony Stevens IV, formally known as Ab-Soul, was born in Los Angeles. From a young age, Ab-Soul was intrigued by music. He began free-styling on BlackPlanet, where he was rapping via typing--cool right? He buckled down and got serious about his music after he graduated high school. He signed a contract with a small record label and since then has released three studio albums. Most recently, Ab-Soul dropped a new single "47 Bars" produced by The Alchemist.

5 Tony Yayo

When you are famous and your first name is Marvin, it is easy to raise suspicion of being the culprit behind Drake's 2011 single, "Marvin's Room". Though far from being soft, coming in at number 5 on the list is G-Unit's very own, Tony Yayo (born Marvin Bernard). 50-Cent and Tony Yayo not only share awkward first names, but they both share the same hometown of South Jamaica, Queens. Throughout his musical career, Yayo has released four albums with G-Unit and one solo album, Thoughts of A Predicate Felon. Talks of a fifth studio album with G-Unit is in the works,--we will just have to sit back and wait.

4 Iggy Azalea

As if the backlash from critics was not embarrassing enough, Iggy Azalea was born as Amethyst Amelia Kelly. The Australian rapper was born in Sydney, Australia and moved to the United States when she was 16. She began to hustle musically and released her first mixtape, Ignorant Art in 2011. Grand Hustle rapper T.I. saw Iggy's vision and welcomed her to Grand Hustle Records. Although she did not stay long, she was able to release her first critically-acclaimed album, The New Classic. The fourth single "Fancy", received the most airplay and helped Iggy's career as much as it hurt it. Iggy soon received criticism left and right from fellow celebrities who believe she was not 'real' hip-hop. So far, Iggy has let her haters blow off steam while she lives the sweet engagement life with fiance, Nick Young.

3 Master P

2 Drake

With a name like Aubrey, it is probably hard to convince people you are on your "Worst Behavior". However, coming in at number two on the list is rapper Drake. Aubrey Drake Graham was born in Canada, and got his first gig by playing the role of Jimmy Brooks on the Canadian teen drama television show, Degrassi: The Next Generation. Drake broke away from the show and pursued a rap career. In 2006, he dropped his first mixtape, Room For Improvement but it did not receive much commercial success. His third mixtape, So Far Gone put his name out there and is argued to be his first commercially successful mixtape. Unlike some of the other rappers on this list, Aubrey has maintained an overall clean track record.

1 Plies

Before his buffoonish Instagram videos, Plies was born as Algernod Lanier Washington. Algernond, Nod for short, was born in Fort Myers, Florida. Even though the rapper's first name certainly does not deserve a 'bonussss', he has quite a reputable past. Plies set outstanding football records throughout high school and college, and even won 'best dressed'. In 2007, he released his first album, The Real Testament. He later went on to collaborate with artists such as DJ Khaled, Jamie Foxx and Ludacris. With a name like Algernod, you'd be surprised to find out that the rapper was charged back in 2006 with illegal possession of a concealed weapon. Currently, when he is not getting slammed off stage, Plies is working on new music and can be found on Instagram recording outlandish videos.

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