10 Rappers With The Dirtiest Lyrics

There’s a reason why almost all rap album comes with a Parental Advisory “Explicit” sticker. Ever since its inception, Hip-Hop has been a culture of the raw and often violent inner-city environment. T

There’s a reason why almost all rap album comes with a Parental Advisory “Explicit” sticker. Ever since its inception, Hip-Hop has been a culture of the raw and often violent inner-city environment. There is no room for niceties, euphemisms or vulnerability in this genre – you’re either tough and confident or you get fed to the piranhas. So yes, the music does consist of poetry and deep, piercing themes, but don’t expect to be serenaded by sweet loving verses and romantic haikus. In this article, we single out some of the rappers, both male and female, who tend to get overly X-rated and vulgar with their lyrics.

10 Nicki Minaj

9 Plies

8  2 Live Crew

7  Lil’ Kim

Before Nicki Minaj was the reigning queen of the rap world, there was Lil’ Kim. In the nineties, Lil’ Kim was the female face of the Hip-Hop industry. She also had the most popular crew at the time; her posse consisted of The Notorious B.I.G. and Puff Daddy, two of the biggest personalities in rap at the time. To keep up a street image and not sound like she was just the cute little sister of the crew, she relied on a sexed-up persona and some pretty raw lyrics. On her debut album, Hard Core, she had a song called “Queen B***h” that contained some really rough and suggestive sexual lyrics. Years later, she had another song with popular rapper 50 Cent called “Magic Stick” that was quite crude too. Let's just say she’s probably not the girl next door you want to bring home to meet the parents.

6 Too Short

5 Khia

This list wouldn’t be complete without a formidable one-hit wonder. That prized accolade goes to Philadelphia-born rapper Khia who is currently based in Tampa Bay, Florida. In 2002, she put out her album Thug Misses and the lead single was the breakthrough hit “My Neck, My Back” which featured really lascivious and lewd sexual lyrics. She actually admitted to MTV that she wrote the song in 15 minutes and it ended up hitting #42 on the Billboard mainstream music chart and #12 on the Hot Rap tracks chart.

4 Lil Wayne

Multi-platinum selling artist Lil Wayne is arguably one of the biggest rappers in the world. He is 31-yrs-old and has been operating in the industry since he was in his young teens. The recipe for Wayne’s success – exemplary rapping skills honed over decades in the Hip-Hop industry, a very unique fashion style, a knack for making radio hits and some provocative lyrics that are sure to catch a listener’s attention. One of his major breakout singles was “Lollipop” and it featured a ton of sexual innuendos. Over the years, Wayne’s lyrical content has been known to get him in some tight spots. Just last year he was involved in a controversy when he used a crude sexual metaphor that involved the name of Black Civil rights martyr, Emmett Till. The reference was made on a song called “Karate Chop” and it caused a huge public outcry – so much so that a major sponsor Pepsi dropped him for a lucrative endorsement deal.

3 Eminem

Is Eminem the most well-known rapper in the Hip-Hop industry? The answer is probably “Yes.” When it comes to accolades alone, he has pretty much won them all: Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, Billboard Awards, Brit Awards etc – the list goes on and on. He also sells millions and millions of records all over the world making him a bonafide global superstar. However, Eminem is no stranger to controversy for his lyrical content. He has been panned by the media for using homophobic slurs and the violence in his songs can sometimes go morbidly overboard. He also has songs like “Superman” on which he espouses sexual themes that may seem borderline misogynistic. But even though there are these blemishes on his record, the brilliance of his entire career, spanning over 15 years can’t be denied.

2 N.W.A

1 Akinyele

The rapper Akinyele could be loosely classified as a one-hit-wonder, but he did have about three albums that had a decent enough following. His breakthrough came in 1996 with his debut EP titled, Put In Your Mouth leaves little to the imagination. The title track was an instant hit, and the debut EP peaked at #127 on the Billboard 200 chart and #18 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop chart. If you curiosity is still getting the best of you, google the song to experience the raw, uncut content for yourself.

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10 Rappers With The Dirtiest Lyrics