10 Rappers With Famous Significant Others

Either way you look at it, rappers are an attention-loving bunch. The spotlight always has to be on them and everyone always needs to see their flashy cars, name brand clothes and expensive jewelry. Sometimes for the most popular rappers, it’s even difficult for them to share the limelight with their significant other – be it a girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband. However, here are ten rappers who have maintained relationships with partners that have as much popularity as them.

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10 A$AP Rocky and Chanel Iman

9 Jay-Z and Beyoncé

It may not even be accurate to call Jay-Z a rapper anymore – he’s more of an unstoppable business tycoon. And if you really think about it, there’s no way Mr. Carter could have ended up with anyone except the queen of showbiz, Beyoncé Knowles. Both of them are such accomplished and ambitious people, and usually with such driven individuals, there is not enough room for both egos in one relationship. But Jay and Bey are definitely defying the odds, and with the addition of their lovely daughter Blue Ivy, it doesn’t look like these two are splitting up anytime soon. Let’s have a round of applause for the most powerful couple in entertainment.

8 Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Let’s be honest, with an attitude as brazen and unpredictable as Kanye West, most of us would even shy away from being a close acquaintance to the musical genius. Now how do you think it would be to be with this man? Well it seems that Kim Kardashian is doing just fine and these two are in it for the long haul. The two famous and very rich celebrities are already engaged and have a lovely daughter – and rumors are already swirling of an extremely lavish wedding sometime this year. Whatever chemistry they have, their intra-relationship alchemy seems to be working just fine.

7 Iggy Azalea and Nick Young

23-yr-old Iggy Azalea is making quite a name for herself in the rap industry. Her accomplishments are even more impressive when you think about the fact that she’s actually Australian and moved to the United States just 4 years ago to pursue her rapping dream. Iggy is extremely attractive and her voluptuous curves have lured a celebrity or two into her attractive Aussie aura. For a brief time, she was going out with Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky (who is also featured elsewhere on this list) and her current beau is the young, flashy and very confident Los Angeles Laker, Nick Young (who goes by the nickname Swaggy P).  If you haven’t yet, you should see the GQ shoot featuring Nick and Iggy Azalea – the images definitely take luxury to the next level.

6 Future and Ciara

As a true follower of the Hip-Hop culture, it’s interesting to see the different artists that come and go with each new era. One of the current leaders of the new school is the dreadlocked rapper/crooner named Future. In a relatively short amount of time, Future has done tracks with some of the major players in music right now including Miley Cyrus, Rick Ross, Kelly Rowland and more. Future’s lady is no slouch at all. His main squeeze is Ciara – the talented and very fashionable R&B singer who’s been notching major hits in the industry since 2003. She has dated some other rappers in the past including 50 Cent and Bow Wow, but it looks like this Future hook-up is for real. The two are currently expecting a child together.

5 Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys

4 Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

Even though there are so many rappers in the industry, the funny thing is that when it gets to the really successful few, they all tend to go for the same handful of hot girls. That’s the case with Wiz Khalifa’s partner and mother of his child, Amber Rose. She first got into the public eye as the lovely girl with the low-cut hairdo and humongous posterior hanging on to the arm of Kanye West. But they ended up splitting and going their separate ways, and she was quickly scooped by the very wealthy Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa. In an odd way, Wiz and Amber make a very beautiful and unusual couple, and it looks like they are very happy together.

3  French Montana and Khloe Kardashian

Never discount humble beginnings. Bronx rapper French Montana, originally from Morocco toiled in the street rap underground scene for years hawking DVD interviews and appearing on random mixtapes that nobody cared about. But all the work paid off, and now he appears regularly with big names like Rick Ross, Drake, Jennifer Lopez and the list goes on and on. There are even rumors going around that his new main chick is Khloe Kardashian, who is now divorced from NBA baller Lamar Odom. If French Montana thought he was in the public eye before, he has no idea the lights and flashes that dating a Kardashian inevitably attracts. It will be interesting to see how this one develops.

2 Big Sean and Naya Rivera

This is one relationship that would have been really good to watch evolve but it’s too bad they are split up now. Big Sean is the slick-talking and well-dressed protégé of Kanye West and Naya Rivera is the sexy actress from the hit FOX show Glee. The two were actually engaged, but the word is Naya was way too controlling and prone to fits of anger and rage. And with Sean being a young rapper who is probably stalked by groupies at every show he performs at, this union just wasn’t to be.

1 Drake and Rihanna

We’re not really sure about what’s going on with the on-again, off-again relationship between Drake and Rihanna. The plot might even get thicker – is there a three-way love triangle going on between Drake, Riri and Chris Brown? There are pictures we see in the news all the time of Drake and Rihanna dining and getting cozy overseas in Paris and London, but when they come stateside, everything seems to die down. Either way, if they do decide to really make it official, they will certainly be a couple with a lot of star power.

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