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10 Rappers Who Have Overstayed Their Welcome And Need To Go

10 Rappers Who Have Overstayed Their Welcome And Need To Go

Hip-hop is the most popular and dominant music genre happening right now. It is easy to see why, when there are a number of unique and creative hip-hop voices that are helping to drive the genre forward, while also breathing new life into it. The list of talented individuals includes Chance the Rapper, Logic, Mick Jenkins, Vic Mensa, Kanye West, Run the Jewels, A$AP Rocky and more. The golden boy of the moment is, without a doubt, Compton’s own Kendrick Lamar – who has been nominated for 11 Grammys in 2016. And superstars like Drake are setting and breaking new records every time they release a single. One thing is for sure, it’s a great time to be a fan of hip-hop.

But even with all of the amazing artists that are currently delivering music, there are a handful who have simply sucked the fun out of the whole thing. Maybe they just can’t write a good verse to save their life. Maybe they’re constantly getting in trouble in their personal lives, or they say too many controversial things – or even do all three. Sure, there are some who can be forgiven every now and again for making a mistake or a bad mixtape. But some of these rappers are taking more than they are giving – providing nothing of value, nothing of substance or just plain fun.

These following 10 rappers have just gotten to the point in their careers where nobody is interested in what they do next. Everyone has already moved on and forgotten about them, while they’re trying tirelessly to stay relevant. Or, their name is showing up in the headlines every other week, alienating more and more of their core fanbase with any number of stupid stunts or statements. A person can only take so much before it’s sadly time to tell them to pack their bags and get out of the game, but that’s exactly what I am here to do.

10. 50 Cent



50 Cent hasn’t really been doing anything important in the hip-hop genre for the last several years. Yeah, he sure was big when he was first signed by Eminem in the early 2000s, but ever since his 2005 album The Massacre, the rapper has declined more and more with each passing year. His 2007 album, Curtis, received mixed reviews, as well as his 2009 project Before I Self Destruct, though the album has gone platinum, proving that the fans who loved the younger 50 Cent still had faith in him. With all of this material, and an additional album set to come out at some point in 2016, it just seems like 50 has nothing left to say in his music, but I guess we’re about to find out.

9. Birdman birdman


A lot of people may not even remember Birdman, but make no mistake that the number of people who remember him needs to be zero, because he desperately needs to go. You may remember him as being one of the founders of Cash Money Records, as well as his songs with Lil Wayne. But the two were recently in the middle of a long feud, ever since Cash Money refused to release one of Wayne’s albums in 2014. The war between the two lasted throughout most of 2015, which has given Birdman the most attention he’s had in years. No one is even waiting for him to release any kind of solo project and a lot of people are starting to forget he exists -we should all be glad about that. It’s safe to assume that the well has run dry with this one and he should get out of the music game entirely.

8. Chief Keef



Mr. Mumble Mouth Chief Keef has been terrible since day one. On top of being awful, he has also shown an incredible skill at getting involved with the law. Since 2011, he has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, a misdemeanor charge for resisting arrest, as well as being investigated for a possible connection in the shooting death of fellow rapper.

For whatever reason, he recently decided to get his Twitter followers to go vandalize someone’s house. Because someone apparently insulted him while he was playing video games. But apparently he sent his Twitter followers to the wrong address. He’s clearly not very bright, and since he’s just a trash rapper, he needs to go.

7. Waka Flocka Flame



The man has a name like a Muppet, which is already enough of a reason to make fun of him. As a rapper, Waka Flocka has never really been extraordinary and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon. He’s been rapping since 2008 and he has recently made some ridiculous statements that warrant him getting exclusively kicked out of the genre. Thinking that someone like Caitlin Jenner is “evil” because of her gender identity is bad enough, but defending Bill Cosby and partly agreeing with Stacey Dash‘s comments on erasing Black History Month on top of it? You’re not really adding anything useful to the culture at that point, so you need to go.

6. Young Thug



Young Thug has never really been taken seriously in the rap game. The 24-year-old Atlanta rapper first started becoming popular in 2014 when he dropped songs like “Lifestyle” and “About the Money,” with XXL calling him a “rap weirdo.” In all honesty, the man is pretty eccentric, and a pretty terrible hip-hop artist. One thing “Thugger” certainly is – one horrible freestyler.

He claims that his biggest influence in music is Lil Wayne – who is indeed a much better rapper than Thugger is. Getting in trouble with the law certainly isn’t going to help his career, with felony drug charges and three counts of felony gun possession. But his time is already up, so he’ll have to go.

5. Tyga



Tyga has been in the headlines recently, for a few different reasons. He’s famously been dating young Kylie Jenner – and was all over her before she turned 18, so that automatically disqualifies from being a decent person. Things didn’t really fall into his favor when another underaged girl, Molly O’Malia, accused him of sending her uncomfortable text messages. Getting in trouble for being associated with underaged girls – twice – is nothing to take lightly. Even beyond all of that, it’s not really as if anyone has really been checking for what album Tyga is going to drop next. The guy just isn’t very talented and he’s a major creep, he’s gotta go.

4. V-Nasty

toppixgallery vnasty


It’s just never appropriate for any white person to feel comfortable enough to use the n-word. V-Nasty has, much like Iggy Azalea (who as you’re about to find out), has taken full advantage of her white privilege and doesn’t even realize it. She’s done interviews discussing why she feels comfortable saying it, declaring that the fact that she grew up in the streets is reason enough. You know, being around black people automatically makes you black, apparently. In 2011 she had a brief moment in which she questioned whether or not she would ever use the word again. But that quickly vanished and she went right back to saying it like she owned it – so she needs to go.

3. B.o.B


B.o.B was certainly a notable name in hip-hop a few years ago. But it seems like the man has fallen from the public eye a little bit…until he recently came out claiming the Earth is flat. Promoting conspiracy theories within hip-hop is certainly nothing new, but there is a line one should never cross. The rapper got into an argument with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and recorded a lame diss track – in which he references and seems to support Holocaust denier David Irving. It’s bad enough if you’re not able to comprehend simple science and deny it, but denying anything to do with the Holocaust…is an automatic fail.

And if you get bodied on a diss track by an astrophysicist…no, sir. You gotta go.

2. Iggy Azalea



Even Macklemore had to finally out Iggy Azalea for her cultural appropriating ways when he and Ryan Lewis made “White Privilege II.” Iggy has been called out for this for a long time now, especially once she really blew up. Iggy has had a contentious relationship with Azealia Banks ever since 2011, that has just gotten worse and worse as the years have gone on. Banks has openly trashed Iggy’s career and persona with the same accusations of cultural appropriation. Through all of this, even Talib Kweli trying to educate, Iggy simply dismisses any problem the black community has with her and continues to think that she is above it and has said as much.

Not to mention she is actually just a pop star and not a rapper. So, she’s gotta go.

1. Azealia Banks



Ms. Azealia Banks has time and time again revealed herself to be complete trash and a horrible human being. Is that being too harsh? No, it really isn’t. Not when Banks has constantly gotten into physical altercations with people, shouting offensive slurs and derogatory statements, while blaming everyone else for her problems.

While endorsing Donald Trump because she thinks America is just like him: “Sh***y.” It’s actually quite surprising that she has not been removed from her record label, the fact that she still has a career after all the bridges she has burned is astonishing. Azealia needs to go.

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