10 Questions We Want Answered In Season Six Of Game Of Thrones

Season 6 of Game of Thrones is almost upon us, which means that we have a lot of questions to answer. Season 5 left off at a point of despair and misery for almost all of the characters, and it left the viewers with a lot of unknowns, especially since season 6 is going to be the first season that's completely departing from the source material, A Song Of Ice And Fire. That puts the fans of the book series and the fans of the TV show in the same position of not knowing what's going to happen, which is enough to get lots of questions up in the air. Some of these questions are small, but some are big, and some have been talked about since the last episode of season five aired.

Since the new season is premiering in a couple of short days, we've been obsessively re-watching, trying to figure out exactly what's going to happen next. We're noticing things upon re-watching that there's a lot we missed that happened while we were being shocked by the big things that happened in season five. Going into season six without the books to help us fans along, we need every detail we can get. Here are some of the questions that every fan is going to have in their mind when season 6 of Game of Thrones premieres on Sunday. Be careful of spoilers at this point, for they are dark and full of terrors.

10 How Is Jon Snow Being Resurrected?

At this point, we all know that the last episode, "Mother's Mercy" marks the very mutinous death of Jon Snow, everybody's favorite watcher on the wall. He got stabbed by angry members of the Night's Watch, who were angry about his favorable treatment of the wildlings, to say the very least. That's where his story ends in the last book, A Dance of Dragons, as well, so it's not like the book readers have any idea what's about to happen, either. Lots of fans were wondering if he hadn't died right then, but with all of that blood, and the synopsis of the first episode of this season "The Red Woman", we can assume pretty safely that Jon Snow, for right now, is dead as a doornail. However, Jon Snow's story is far from over, and there's so much we need to know about him specifically in order for the story to continue, which means he has to come back. That involves him being resurrected in some way.

There are a few theories as to how Jon Snow is going to come back, but the one that makes the most sense to me given the information we have now involves Melisandre, the priestess of R'hllor. We already know that the red priests of R'hllor can bring people back from the dead, since we saw Thoros of Myr do it for Beric Dondarrion back in season three. They come back a little wrong, but they come back alive, which is the important thing for all those Jon Snow fangirls. The books haven't gotten to the part where Jon Snow comes back, which leaves the showrunnners, Benioff and Weiss, to tell that part of the story for us. There's also the question of whether his commitment to the Night's Watch is null and void now, since he did "live and die at his post", but we can't even begin to answer that until he stops being dead.

9 How is the show handling the Tower of Joy flashbacks?

The Tower of Joy, for those who haven't read the books, is where Ned Stark found his sister Lyanna dying in a pool of her own blood, where she made Ned make a promise to her. This event is what solidified Robert Baratheon's hatred of the Targaryen family, because he'd been betrothed to Lyanna when Rhaegar Targaryen, Daenerys's brother, stole her away from him. That part of the story is debatable, since Ned didn't have a bad word to say about Rhaegar, and that wouldn't be the case if he'd kidnapped his sister. The only person who did have bad things to say about him was Robert, and if Lyanna and Rhaegar had truly loved each other, Robert would obviously have bad things to say about the situation. Either way, there's a good chance that these scenes have a lot to do with Jon Snow's origins, which is another reason why we need him alive to find out all of this stuff.

8 Where are Margaery and Loras Tyrell?

We all saw Cersei take her walk of penance in the season finale of season 5, but once Margaery and Loras were taken to the High Sparrow, they all but disappeared. We have no way of knowing what's going to happen to them, since we've reached the end of their storyline at the end of last season, but they're both going to have their work cut out for them if they want to avoid the same fate. Natalie Dormer talked to Entertainment Weekly about what to expect for her this upcoming season:

“Over the five years that I’ve played Margaery we’ve seen in her in a lot of sticky situations, but she’s never been out of her depth,” Natalie Dormer tells EW. “She’s always given the impression, at least, of being a step ahead. In season 6, you see her genuinely fearful of how best to handle the situation. She is scared and uncertain. She starts to look unrecognizable in places.”

7 What's Bran Stark going to be doing this season?

Bran Stark's perspective is the first you see in the books, and his story was the first to reach the end of the books. That happened back in season four, which is why he, along with his companions, Meera & Jojen Reed, weren't in season five. All we know is that he's spent some time training at the heart tree with the three eyed crow. We have no idea what on earth he's training for, since his story is so off the beaten path from everyone else's. All we know is that one day, he's going to fly.

6 What's the story with Sansa Stark?

5 Where does Melisandre fit in?

What is the fate of the Baratheon family? Even if Melisandre resurrects Jon (and there's still a good chance that that's an erroneous assumption), we don't know what's going to happen to her after the events of season. Clearly, she could not have been more wrong about Stannis Baratheon being Azor Ahai, but we don't know what that means for her come season 6. Will she go looking for another Azor Ahai? Is that the reason she resurrects Jon? If she doesn't resurrect him, what's going to be next for her?

4 What's going to happen to everyone who went to Dorne?

The Dorne storyline of season five went down really differently in the books. For one, Jaime Lannister wasn't supposed to be there, he was supposed to be somewhere else entirely, dealing with Catelyn Stark's family. For another, Myrcella Baratheon didn't die. Sure, she got her ear cut off, but she didn't die.

3 What's the deal with the Greyjoys?

The Greyjoys are coming to Game of Thrones season 6, which is a pleasant surprise. They were taken all the way out of season 5, probably because there was already a lot going on. However, they're coming back this season, making theirs the only storyline that has the already released books to work off of. That's going to be great for all of those smug book fans out there.

2 What's going on with Team Meereen?

We know where Daenerys is, with a Dothraki horde, alone with only a tired Drogon for company. She's in a good deal of trouble at the moment, but we know what Dothraki are all about since we've seen them in season one, so as much as we want to know what Daenerys is going to be dealing with this season, what she is dealing with isn't as much of a mystery as any of the other stuff. What is a mystery, however, is what the rest of her team is going to be doing next season. Tyrion hasn't met Daenerys yet in the books, and Jorah and Daario are nowhere near setting off together to find her. That means that team Meereen is also in uncharted territory.

Jorah and Daario, two men very much in love with their queen, are about to roll out of Meereen looking for her, leaving Missandei and Grey Worm behind. However, Jorah's got a secret: greyscale. Sure, Shireen lived through it, but living through greyscale is rare as a child. Adults fare far worse, and if the Stone Men are any indication, Jorah has a world of pain coming his way. On top of that, after contracting the disease, he went running around through fighting pits, and now Daario will be around him for awhile. Who knows who he could spread it to while he's out there in the world, too.

1 Who are the three heads on the three headed dragon?

The show hasn't gotten into the three dragon heads proper just yet, but the books have a pretty important passage about it. It's when Daenerys is walking through the Houses of the Undying. had a good synopsis of it:

The fifth room, finally, shows a man very much alike her brother Viserys, except that he is taller and has eyes of dark indigo rather than lilac. He is speaking to a woman who is nursing a newborn babe, telling her that the child's name should be Aegon and saying that "What better name for a king?". The woman asks him if he will make a song for the child, and he replies that he has a song and that "He is the prince that was promised, and his is the song of ice and fire.". He appears to look at Dany then, as if seeing her, and then he adds that "There must be one more," and "The dragon has three heads.". had a few ideas as to who the three heads could be, but it's most likely that the three dragon heads are Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister. The show has been setting up for this revelation all through last season. Daenerys is alone with her dragon, against insurmountable odds, Tyrion has been left to rule a foreign city on his own with the other two dragons in his basement, and Jon Snow is dead, meaning that he has to be burned to prevent him from becoming a white walker. All three were born of blood, and all three have the seeds of greatness.

Then again, all of that could be wrong, and someone else could very well take up that title. We'll just have to wait for season six to premiere this Sunday to find out!


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10 Questions We Want Answered In Season Six Of Game Of Thrones