10 Popular Actors Who Are Big Jerks In Real Life

For most people, it is easy to keep their personal and professional lives separate. If your barber is mean to baristas and kicks puppies, you might never know, because you only see them at the barber shop. With famous actors and celebrities, however, it’s a whole different story. Famous people often have a crowd of paparazzi following them around, and it’s hard for them to get a moment of peace. When the rumor mill catches wind of something scandalous they might have done, we love to hear about it. Maybe it makes us feel like famous people are just regular people too, or maybe we’re jealous. Regardless, once a rumor or an embarrassing secret gets out, it’s out for good. People will be talking about it constantly, or at least until the next big celebrity scandal. It’s disappointing to hear that actors we love are actually jerks in real life, especially if they play nice characters on screen.

Everyone has a dark side, but some famous actors are better at keeping theirs hidden than others. Behind every famous person is a PR team managing their image, and making sure they stay on the public’s good side. However, there is only so much a PR team can do when something leaks to the public. If a famous person is a jerk, we are sure to learn about it sooner or later. That said, here are 10 actors who seem nice on the surface, but are actually angry jerks.

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10 Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe is notorious for being a jerk both on and off the screen. During press tours for the film Robin Hood, he was often asked about his accent in the film, which sounded suspiciously Irish, rather than the intended English. Whenever he was asked about it, he would flip out, start swearing, and even in some cases storm out of the interview. It sounds like he was really tired of being asked that question, but his attitude appears to be more than a one-off fluke. On set, he is rumored to play vicious mind-games with his co-stars in order to bring out certain emotions in them during filming.

9 Christian Bale

On the set of Terminator Salvation in 2009, Christian Bale notoriously flipped out on a member of the film crew during filming. The Director of Photography had stepped onto the set (whether he was in the shot or just in Bale’s eyeline is unclear), which prompted Bale to start screaming at him, cursing and calling the man an amateur, even threatening to quit if the DP wasn’t fired. Of course, Bale’s own behaviour was incredibly amateur. From experience, I know that working on a film set can be incredibly stressful, but an outburst like that only makes things worse for everyone.

8 Edward Norton

This one isn’t exactly cut and dry, because after years we still don’t know all the details. Edward Norton starred as Bruce Banner in the 2008 film The Incredible Hulk. Word has it that when Norton first read the script penned by Zak Penn, he hated it and re-wrote it (and it wouldn’t be the last time something like that happened to one of Penn’s scripts: Joss Whedon tossed out Penn’s original script for The Avengers and wrote his own instead). However, Marvel didn’t like Norton’s direction and re-wrote the movie again, with more focus on action. That made Norton angry, and you won’t like him when he’s angry. He completed the film the way Marvel wanted to do it, but when it came to The Avengers, Marvel let him go in favor of Mark Ruffalo, citing creative differences.

7 Zach Braff

According to rumor, Zach Braff is incredibly full of himself and entitled both on and off set, not to mention extremely peculiar. Supposedly he doesn't like to work with actors who are more attractive than himself, so he always looks the best on screen. That alone doesn’t necessarily make him a jerk, but he does seem to be hard to work with. He also doesn’t like to be called a jerk. When this story was posted on Reddit about Braff being a jerk to a waiter, he responded and called the poster a “f***-toad.” Well, that sure escalated quickly.

6 Mike Myers

Famous comedian and star of Austin Powers and Shrek, Mike Myers may seem like a goofy, fun-loving guy at first. Apparently he is difficult to work with, and refuses to make eye contact on set, getting angry at anyone who makes eye contact with him. On the set of Wayne’s World, Myers was incredibly needy and volatile, complaining during many scenes, and demanding particular snacks be brought to him on demand. During the production of So I Married An Axe Murderer, Myers would often barricade himself in his trailer and refuse to work. He sounds like a nightmare to work with.

5 Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase is an actor who is well loved, and has enjoyed a career as one of Hollywood’s most famous comedians. He often plays out of touch characters who are jerks to everyone they know. Chase might have more in common with his characters than many people think. There are stories about him being a jerk throughout his whole career, but the most recent example is from his time on Community. He managed to alienate Dan Harmon (the showrunner) and pretty much the whole cast with off-color comments. He eventually left the show after saying that it was no better than a common sitcom.

4 Mark Wahlberg

In 1988, Mark Wahlberg (who was 16 at the time) brutally attacked a Vietnamese man while yelling racial slurs. The man was knocked unconscious. Wahlberg fled the scene when he saw police, asked another Vietnamese man to help him hide, then punched that man in the face when the police had passed. He went to jail for 45 days of a three-month sentence, and repeatedly claimed that the crimes were not motivated by race. That incident is not Wahlberg’s only violent encounter. In 1986, he and two other boys threw rocks at black school children and yelled racial slurs. In 1992, he reportedly kicked a security guard in the face, unprovoked. Recently he claimed that he has changed for the better as part of his appeal to have violent offenses pardoned from his record so he could obtain a liquor license for his restaurant. He sounds like a bully who never had to live in the real world.

3 Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey has starred in the hit show Grey’s Anatomy since it began in 2005. It turns out that he also had a rocky relationship with showrunner and creator Shonda Rhimes. Details are slim, but apparently he had been acting like a “diva” on set. The character has since been written out of the show (he moved to DC for another job) but he has been back in guest appearances. Chances are, he won’t come back for a while if he can’t learn to get along with the creator of the show. Grey’s Anatomy is currently in season 12, and it has been officially renewed for season 13.

2 David Boreanaz

Ah, David Boreanaz. He is a favorite of middle-aged women everywhere, perhaps second only to housemom heartthrob Nathan Fillion. Star of the hit forensic drama Bones, Boreanaz previously starred in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff, Angel. In both shows he plays a loveable and attractive, yet modest guy. Supposedly he’s actually a real pain to work with. Rumor has it that he has fired background actors who accidentally make eye contact with him, and he may have even sexually assaulted an extra on set. He also cheated on two different wives. Everyone makes mistakes, but it sounds like Boreanaz may be a bit of a creep.

1 Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is a hilarious comedian who starred in the NBC show 30 Rock, but in the past few years he has gotten sick of attention from paparazzi and the media. In 2013, when a photographer got too close to his family, he yelled a gay slur at him. The media firestorm generated by the incident caused Baldwin’s late night show Up Late with Alec Baldwin to be suspended for two weeks. Baldwin has responded to invasive paparazzi around him and his family with aggressive and potentially hateful remarks on several occasions. It is hard to blame him, however. Most of us can’t imagine what life would be like with cameras constantly being shoved in our faces. It has to be overwhelming.


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