10 Performers That Continued The Show After Being Injured

Preforming a live show for thousands of screaming fans isn’t the easiest thing in the world to pull off. You want to make sure the entire show is entertaining and accident free, however this idea of a perfect show isn’t always the reality; mistakes happen to the best of us. You might think most of your favorite artists don’t get nervous before a show, but that’s not the case for a lot of musicians and even if nerves aren’t the cause of an unexpected accident, the next most likely culprit is confidence. It’s easy for a musician to get lost in their music to the point where they feel indestructible. So when you mix boundless courage with thousands of die-hard fans cheering on your every movement, the outcome can sometimes be quite disastrous.

With that said, we will be going over ten incidents where performers refused to let their injuries stop the show. These ten brave musicians prove the love and devotion they have for both their music and fans alike. Unlike some of today’s so called “super stars” – hint, hint Kanye West, Justin Bieber – whose tolerance mirrors that of a five year old girl, and walk off stage due to minor issues like their mic cutting out, or being patted by fans while preforming the grueling task of wiping up spilt water. Good news is there are still a lot of talented musicians out there that care about their fans and refuse to let a mishap, big or small, ruin their concert. So find out which musicians toughed it out, demanding that the show go on despite their injuries.

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10 Michael Buble

via dailymail.co.uk

Canadian singer songwriter Michael Buble proved he wasn’t easily deterred during a May 2014 concert in Sydney, Australia. The four-time Grammy Award winning singer got a little too carried away and a little too close to his mic, accidentally knocking out his front teeth. Although most people would have stopped the show right then and there, Buble insisted on finishing his show. Clearly Buble knows what it means to be a performer and actually respects his fans unlike some Canadian artists. Let’s just hope his missing teeth didn’t add a lisp to his otherwise velvety singing voice.

9 Enrique Iglesias

via uavexpertnews.com

This Spanish singer songwriter may make the ladies go crazy, but they may have taken a couple steps back during Enrique’s performance at his Tijuana concert in Mexico. During his show, Enrique attempted to catch a flying drone, which severely sliced his fingers. Iglesias has successfully done this before, the drone is typically used to get shots of the crowd, but sometimes the singer likes to snatch the drone out of the air for some point of view shots. However, this time he ended up with a bloodied hand and shirt. Nonetheless, Enrique continued singing and finished the show after a quick bandaging.

8 Kurt Cobain

Famed front man Kurt Cobain, of the three piece Seattle grunge band Nirvana was known for his rowdy performances and notorious crowd dives. However, during a performance early in their career, Cobain’s reckless on-stage antics led to what could have been a severe beating. While preforming the song “Love Buzz” Cobain decided a good old fashion crowd dive was just what the song needed to pump up the crowd. What’s interesting here is that Cobain’s injury didn’t come from the crowd dive itself but from the security guard that pulled him back on stage. Yes, that's right, the person responsible for keeping the band members safe deliberately injured Cobain. Supposedly the security guard wasn’t a fan of Cobain’s wild behavior so he decided to punch Cobain in the face, knocking him down and attempting to beat him further, but he was stopped by bandmates Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl.

7 Yefim Bronfman

via festivalenescu.ro

Bronfman is a Soviet-born Israeli-American pianist who takes his craft very seriously and would never let an injury interfere with his performance. He made his international debut when he was only 17, with Zubin Mehta and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. Fourteen years later he made his Carnegie Hall debut proving his skill on the piano once again. During one of his performance in Vienna, Bronfman’s fingers began to bleed, decorating the white keys in a medley of blood. Bronfman later told his fellow musicians that the keys had become sticky from the blood.

6 Tyler the Creator

via twitter.com

This American rapper sure knows how to entertain. Some may say he has a bit of an eccentric personality, others may say he’s crazy, but in the end, he’s an entertainer and he never holds back or disappoints. While touring with his band Odd Future on the OFWGKTA tour in London, Tyler the Creator broke his foot while performing. His injury was obvious, yet he refused to let it dampen his mood and insisted on finishing the tour. Only thing is, unlike most musicians who perform with injuries, Tyler didn’t want a wheel chair or a stool; he decided crowd surfing and hopping about was the best decision! Surely his fans thought it was entertaining.

5 Pete Townshend

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Another case of a bloody hand occurred when rock legend Pete Townshend gashed his hand open while preforming his trademark windmill strumming move. The guitarist was lucky enough to go un-scathed up until a show in 1989, where his hand clipped the strings a little too hard resulting in a bloody power chord. The injury happened near the end of their hit song “Won’t Get Fooled Again”. Townshend managed to finish the song but his injury is quite noticeable. The Who is known for their over the top rowdy behavior, doing things like smashing amps, breaking guitars and even exploding drum kits, so a sliced open hand is nothing to bat an eye at.

4 Jack White

via consequenceofsound.net

One of today’s greats, the one man band himself, Jack White, injured himself during a show at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. If you’ve ever seen any of White’s performances you’d know that he never holds back and always puts on a high energy show, so it’s surprising that he hasn’t had more injuries by now. During the heavy hitting blues number “Ball and a Biscuit,” White stumbled at the front of the stage, resulting in a badly sprained ankle. However, Jack decided to use this fall to his advantage and broke out into a guitar solo while lying on his back. Not only did Jack White finish the show, he returned to the stage on Saturday night for a second show at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. Despite his team advising him to postpone the remainder of his tour, White naturally refused, continuing his tour and performing 20+ song sets.

3 Florence Welch

via dailymail.co.uk / via sdanita.sourceforge.net

Florence + the Machine front woman Florence Welch proved she was one tough chick when she insisted on performing after injuring herself during last year’s Coachella Music Festival. The British singer songwriter got lost in her music and leaped off stage in a high energy rock out. Her fall resulted in a broken foot, which she shared with her fans via Facebook saying: “I’m so sorry to say that after what was one of my favourite shows ever at Coachella, I have discovered I have broken my foot from leaping off the stage,” alongside an X-ray image of her broken foot. Welch insisted on performing at Coachella, which she did from a stool and was carried on and off stage.

2 Sid Wilson

This DJ from the metal band Slipknot is lucky he hasn’t killed himself over the years. Wilson is always pushing his luck during live shows, where he performs crazy stunts which include setting himself on fire! However, in 2008, Wilson’s luck seemed to run out when he jumped off some equipment and shattered both of his heels after a hard landing. Wilson’s injury took place just five songs into the show, but he still stayed until the concert's end. After the show, he was brought to the hospital where he learned he had to finish the rest of their tour from a wheelchair, which he did, no questions asked.

1 Dave Grohl

via grapevineonline.in

Dave Grohl is one hell of a musician. He played drums for Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures, plus he’s the front man for the wildly popular rock band Foo Fighters where he sings and plays guitar.

On top of being a well-rounded musician, he’s an awesome performer who truly cares about his fans. To back this up, let’s talk about the mishaps that occurred at a gig in Sweden last year. During the band's second song, Grohl took a spill off the stage and broke his leg! Now, for most people, this would be it, but not for Grohl; no, he told the crowd this: “Hey, ladies and gentlemen, I love you too motherf******. Now look I think I just broke my leg. I think I really broke my leg. So look, you have my promise, right now, that the Foo Fighters, we’re gonna come back and finish the show.”

Grohl then literally sat there talking to his fans while paramedics wrapped his leg on stage. Sure enough, Grohl returned after having his leg properly tended to and finished the concert while sitting in a chair, in which he said: “I may not be able to walk or run, but I can still play guitar and scream.”


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