10 Outrageous Celebrity Fights

Some may not believe it but celebrities are just like everybody else. They have good days and bad days, happy days and sad days. Just like anyone else would they have breaking points and are just as susceptible to succumbing to them. Sometimes it's something as understandable as harassment from the paparazzi, sometimes it's an issue with another celebrity, and sometimes they're reality TV stars; but in that arena of celebrity one could argue a knock-down-drag-out is required of each star at least once a day by contract.

Regardless of the reasoning behind these celebrity skirmishes, sometimes we're lucky and cameras are rolling to catch some of the action. Some are brutal, some are just plain funny, but all are worth watching.


10 Alec Baldwin vs. The Paparazzi

Let's start out slow with a verbal altercation and work our way up to the crazy.

Alec Baldwin is no stranger to altercations with the paparazzi. But can you really blame him for that? After a series of melt downs the paparazzi continuously harassed Mr. Baldwin in an attempt to get a rise out of him worthy of a video spot on TMZ. While Baldwin has had more than one run in with the bane of celebrities, this one is rather humorous in that he calls the paparazzi a "little girl" like some kind of school yard bully. He wasn't too wrong in this insult. You can't help but laugh when the little photographer whines, "You're breaking my arm! Why are you squeezing my arm? You're breaking my arm!"

9 Erica Dixon and Shay Johnson of Love & Hip Hop


Love & Hip Hop is a VH1 reality series featuring a cast of women that all have something to do with the hip hop music community. You know this show is going to bring the drama when this fight at an Atlanta hair show broke out before the Atlanta season was even scheduled to air.

Sources say the fight ended with Shay Johnson bleeding and it took nearly an hour to get her hair and make-up back in order.

It isn't confirmed exactly why Erica Dixon and Shay went toe-to-toe but it is surmised it was over Scooby Doo's nephew Scrappy.  Oops. Never mind. Apparently "Scrappy" is just the nickname of a male cast member.

8 Abby Lee Miller vs. Kelly Hyland - Dance Moms

Now this is one enjoyable fight. This is just two women being awful in almost every way. They pick at each other, taunt each other, and insist on acting like they aren't just catty and mean people.

It seems that Kelly Hyland had a problem with how dance instructor Abby Lee Miller was talking to her daughter and things escalated very quickly. Abby Lee eventually starts chomping at Kelly Hyland's face as if she were trying to eat it and then receives what appears to be a much deserved slap to the kisser.

Of course people that act like this couldn't admit faults were made on both sides and an assault charge was filed.

7 Dustin Diamond vs. Harvey Walden


If you were fortunate enough to view any of Dustin Diamond's seasons of Celebrity Fit Club than you witnessed some pretty bizarre behavior from the Saved By The Bell alum.

Best known for his role as Screech on the popular teen comedy, Dustin seemed to almost purposefully antagonize his fellow cast members. He was rude and crude and even told his trainers he could lose weight on a diet of pizza and hamburgers. It appeared he even accomplished that feat but it was later revealed on the show he had been using weight loss pills. For these reasons former drill sergeant Harvey Walden was constantly at odds with Dustin and things finally escalated into a drill sergeant doing what they do best: scaring the crap out everyone. If you had watched the show you probably wish Walden had actually landed a punch.

6 Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 Vs. Britany Truett

Ah! Now this is the kind of fight you remember seeing in the hallways of almost any high school. Punches to the face, headlocks, brawling on the ground, shirts getting torn, and a crowd of people cheering them on!

It is alleged that this fight was set up by Britany Truett in an attempt to sue and receive a big pay day. Both girls are being charged with assault along with a third party being charged for instigating the brawl. The third girl can be seen pushing Jenelle into the fight at the very start of the brawl.

Do yourselves a favor and watch this one twice!

5 Teresa Giudice Vs. Joe Giudice - Real Housewives


To watch this video please click the following link

Where would reality television be without New Jersey? It can be argued that without it television wouldn't be half as entertaining without Snooki or Real Housewives of New Jersey?

This fight is a good old fashion brawl between two pretty mouthy family members with fake tans. It's pretty brutal and you'd probably be shocked to find out it was all started over PG-rated name calling.

4 Shia Labeouf vs. Random Guy in Vancouver

Move over Russell Crowe! Their's a new guy around who has also made it his mission to go fightin' around the world! His name is Shia LaBeouf.

The ex-Even Stevens star has become an A-list leading man in recent years and had also retired from public life after a much publicized plagiarism scandal. It turns out that this was a piece of performance art for a pet project known as #stopcreating.

From Hollywood to London to Vancouver, the man keeps getting himself into bar brawls. He really gets it handed to him in Vancouver when a shirtless man beats the heck out of him while waiting for a cab. It is alleged this stemmed from an altercation in a bar shortly before the beat down.


3 Bristol Palin vs Stephen Hanks


To watch this video please click the following link

In September of 2011 the Palin's decided they were going to try a different direction for in terms of gaining fame. Then someone, who can only be described as nothing short of a genius, thought there was a market to watch Bristol Palin try to raise her son in sunny Los Angeles. It didn't last very long but the biggest amount of buzz surrounding her show was a battle of wits with a man named Stephen Hanks at the Saddle Ranch Bar.

After riding a mechanical bull Hanks shouted to Palin that her mother is a wh**e. Palin responds by asking if the man is a homosexual - a conclusion she came to based on the sound of his voice.

Hanks would later file and then drop a defamation suit against young Bristol.

2 Zach Greinke Vs. Carlos Quentin

You can't make a list about celebrity fights without a good ol' fashion bench clearer. There aren't a lot of fights in baseball but when there are they tend to end up involving all the players on both teams.

Quentin of the San Diego Padres is known for crowding the plate but in this instance he seemed to be keeping his distance. Greinke, pitcher for the Dodgers, then hit Quentin with an 89 MPH fastball. Quentin begins to approach Greinke, thinking the hit was on purpose. Greinke must have been upset that day because in a surprising move, he throws his glove on the ground, shouts something at Quentin, and then charges him. In an attempt to block the charge Greinke broke his collar bone and was out of the game for a month.

So why did Quentin think the hit was on purpose? Greinke has hit him over three times.

1 Mellie vs. Diamond - Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding


Saving the best for last! Another truly amazing knock-down-drag-out that brings a little bit of everything. Dresses are pulled down, punches are thrown, nails are used, hair is pulled...and it just never lets up! You could watch this one ten times and it wouldn't get old!

 It's reported that Mellie did not approve of this union and Maid of Honor Diamond didn't like hearing that. What resulted is probably one of the greatest fights ever caught on tape!

Once again we can thank reality television for this one!


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