10 Outrageous 'Celebrities Are Living Double Lives' Claims

Living a double life must be hard: you don’t get much sleep. You need to have all these different disguises handy, you need to make sure you don’t bump into people from your other life… hell, we all s

Living a double life must be hard: you don’t get much sleep. You need to have all these different disguises handy, you need to make sure you don’t bump into people from your other life… hell, we all saw Mrs. Doubtfire - it looks like a nightmare.

So imagine how much harder it must be for celebrities to keep their secret double lives hidden from the public with paparazzi following them around all the time. Our answer is: pretty hard, made 10 times harder by the fact that someone decides to write an article outing them all on

Celebrities have a lot of pressure on them all the time, and it can’t hurt to get away from the spotlight by creating some anonymous alter ego where they can just relax and not be famous, right?

This trend is nothing new, after all. Warren G. Harding – a respectable Ohio senator who went on to become the 29th President of the United States – was also the head of a sleazy cult of politicians who regularly got together for wild nights of insane orgies in the nation’s capital.

I guess you had to be a little more creative when it came to finding ways to have fun in the early 1900’s…

Anyway, we can’t prove all 10 of these celebrities’ secret second lives just yet (well, except for Ben Affleck and Jimmy Henchman), but the following 10 outrageous claims about these 10 celebrities living double lives may have some merit.

Note: The following are just outrageous claims made conspiracy theorists. They are by no means true, unless stated otherwise. 

10 Joe Jonas Has A 50 Shades Of Grey-Style Double Life

Via flickr

There is a persistent three-year-old rumor now that Joe Jonas made a pretty intense sex tape with his gorgeous Swiss model girlfriend.

Actually, “pretty intense” might not even be doing it justice. Blind Gossip described the sex tape as showing Jonas “drinking, doing drugs, and engaging in sex using a number of sex toys and BDSM devices, including dildos, a gag ball, and a slapper paddle.” Sounds like a party!

9 Will Ferrell Is Also The Red Hot Chili Peppers Drummer


Take a good look at the above picture and then tell me with a straight face that Hollywood funnyman Will Ferrell and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith aren’t the same person. If not, than at the very least they’re identical twins who got separated at birth and somehow both found their way into the limelight.

Many people believe that Chad Smith is simply Will Ferrell’s alter ego; that he falls back on his rock and roll lifestyle whenever he needs a break from the demanding life of being Hollywood’s number one funniest comedian.

8 Is Olivia Wilde Adult Film Star Sophie Lynx?


If you’re at work right now (or on your girlfriend’s computer) perhaps don’t go ahead and Google “Sophie Lynx”, because the results are a little NSFW. But just take our word for it – the resemblance between famous actress Olivia Wilde and famous “actress” Sophie Lynx is uncanny.

What’s crazier is that they’re both in show business! And while they both star in films that have us reaching for the tissues by the end, some people have suggested that Olivia Wilde gets a little bored of the red carpet monotony, so she also stars in adult films under the name “Sophie Lynx” to keep things interesting.

7 Beyoncé And Obama Are Having An Affair

Via flickr

Ever since it became public knowledge that famous rapper Jay-Z, pop icon Beyoncé, President of the United States Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama casually like to hang out in what must be the most exclusive, fancy, and high profile tea parties ever, all sorts of rumors have been flying around the social "mediasphere."

Some of these rumors turned out to be true, like Obama giving Jay-Z and Beyoncé (and little Blue Ivy, of course) a free pass to go visit Cuba, despite an embargo being in place against the small island nation that denies all Americans entry… one of the perks of being the most famous celebrity couple in the music industry.

One rumor that’s – err – still being verified is that the President and Queen B have been having an affair for several years now; pretty much ever since Obama has been in office!

6 Miley Cyrus Isn’t Miley Cyrus At All

Yeah I know, but just hear us out. In recent years, Miley Cyrus has been the victim of just about every form of celebrity death hoax there is, from a tragic car accident to overdosing and being found dead in her hotel room.

Why all these rumors? Well, some of the more radical conspiracy theorists out there claim that Disney wanted Miley to be part of some God awful big-budget movie remake and she said no. So Disney killed her and replaced her with a double.

This new, more rebellious and outrageous tabloid news-inspiring version of Miley Cyrus isn’t actually the original Miley Cyrus at all… she’s a well-placed impostor, and that’s why the drastic change in the ex-Hannah Montana star’s persona was so sudden.

5 Megan Fox Is A Character Played By Numerous Actresses

Megan Fox’s double life is that she doesn’t have a life at all, because she never existed! Word on the street (or ridiculous online forums, anyway) is that Megan Fox is actually a fictional character dreamed up by Hollywood executives and portrayed by no less than 23 actresses who take turns playing her both on and off screen.

This theory no doubt originated from the fact that no one can believe a real-life person would say some of the gibberish that comes out of Fox’s mouth, but then again some of her more bizarre statements give credit to the fictional character theory.

For instance, “my weight fluctuates constantly – I don’t really take good care of myself” (Elle, June 2009). Or maybe it’s because some of the 23 actresses playing “Megan Fox” are slightly chunkier than others.

4 Jimmy Henchman: Drug Trafficker And Hitman


For those of you who don’t know who James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond is, he was a music manager handling artists such as The Game, Sean Kingston, Brandy, Akon and Salt-n-Pepa. He was involved in President Obama’s presidential campaign, held a telethon to raise money for those affected by the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake, and cofounded a charity to support families in need.

Perhaps that’s why people were so shocked when it emerged he’d been behind a huge nationwide cocaine trafficking organization that earned him more than $40 million in profits for which he is now serving a life sentence.

3 Ben Affleck's Secret Apartment

Via justjared

Long before Ben Affleck split up with his wife of 10 years, Jennifer Garner, he was ducking out to a secret bachelor pad in Brentwood, California any chance he could get. Garner had no idea about this apartment, and for a long time neither did the paparazzi.

“He goes there at odd hours and is always careful to be alone near the building,” an anonymous source told OK! Magazine earlier this year. “He has been seen multiple times at the gas station around the corner, but if he suspects a photographer is following him, he either poses for a shot, hoping he’ll then be left alone, or does a quick 180 and switches directions.”

2 Dolph Lundgren Is A Genius In Chemistry Circles

Via flickr

Many Hollywood actors have a reputation as being a bit ditzy and air-headed… especially the aging action stars. However, this reputation is not always justified. Take Dolph Lundgren for example: the action hero known for explosive blockbusters like the Universal Soldier and Expendables franchises.

As well as winning numerous international karate championships around the world and speaking passable Spanish, German, French, Japanese and Italian (he’s fluent in Swedish and English), Lundgren has a chemistry degree from Washington State University, a Chemical Engineering degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, and a Master’s in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sydney, Australia.

1 Jamie Lee Curtis Switches To Male To Avoid The Public Eye

One of the most sensational celebrity rumors of recent years was that Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite. That rumor had so much traction that the pop singer’s music videos got more and more promiscuous and revealing just to prove there was nothing down there that sets her apart from other women.

While the buzz around Lady Gaga’s alleged male/female genitalia eventually died down, there’s another celebrity who has been plagued by hermaphrodite rumors for several decades now: Jamie Lee Curtis.

A doctor-in-training once claimed it’s common knowledge in the medical world, and others claim Curtis herself subtly confessed it on Oprah. Not only that, rumor has it that Jamie Lee Curtis uses this “feature” to her advantage, by changing her image and identifying as male when she wants to get away from the fame for a while and just be normal.

Or maybe some people just can’t accept that women can have short hair too…


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10 Outrageous 'Celebrities Are Living Double Lives' Claims