10 'Other Women' Behind Famous Celebrity Divorces

Even with the seemingly 'innocent' celebrity divorces, there is always the off chance of finding an inevitable ‘other woman’ if you dig deep enough. The horrible sounding tag is usually associated wit

Even with the seemingly 'innocent' celebrity divorces, there is always the off chance of finding an inevitable ‘other woman’ if you dig deep enough. The horrible sounding tag is usually associated with the negative connotations of ‘home wrecker’, ‘mistress’ and ‘bi***’. No matter how dead a relationship actually might be, and no matter if a divorce was always on the cards, these ‘notoriously gorgeous’ women always leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

Society still frowns on a ‘cheater’ for that ‘extra marital affair’ while a trusting marital relationship is still ongoing. But who can trifle with the power of ‘love’. And though Hollywood is notoriously known for the shortest ‘love’ stories ever, love is still blind, unreasonable and selfish.

These 10 'other women' have broken some long standing celebrity marriages, with them ending in bitter and heartbreaking divorces. Some of these 10 women are happy with their stolen loves, while some have moved on to others. Yet, each of these 10 women, who broke relationships when they found ‘their’ love, will always be known as the ‘other women’ for their historic stints as celebrity ‘home wreckers’.

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10 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has had quite a few strikes at love, and with her last marriage to Marc Anthony in shambles, it seems to be one strike too many! The split was so dramatic, that just four days after finalizing his divorce from his former Miss Universe wife in 2004, Marc married Jennifer in a secret and private wedding ceremony! Granted that the broken marriage had been tumultuous by most accounts, yet, one can never condone a woman for acting as a trigger! Marc not only left his wife, but also his two kids, for Jennifer and we had all hoped that this had better been for ‘love’.

9 Britney Spears

Britney Spears & Kevin Federline (Via

Britney Spears has seen it all, experienced it all; adulation, pity and even hatred. Yes, you read it right, hatred! And why not, after all, she broke up a ‘seemingly’ happy family once, when she stole back up dancer, Kevin Federline away from Shar Jackson and their two children! Shar and Kevin, for all intents and purposes, were living a comfortable family life in the early 2000s, when Kevin suddenly veered off course and started vying for Spears. When Britney entered the beautiful picture, Kevin already had one child with Shar and there was another on the way. Leaving Shar pregnant and alone in the lurch, Britney and Kevin got engaged in 2004, after confirming an official split. It seems Britney had her ‘toxic’ within her even then!

8 Angelina Jolie[/caption]

In most of the 'home wrecker' lists that I went through to research this article, Angelina Jolie always held the prominent position of rank number 1. For the purposes of this list though, without making any personal judgmental calls, I have stuck with chronological ranking. Since Angelina Jolie was accused of breaking up Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s 7 year relationship in 2005, she gets spot number 8 on our countdown. Back in the early 2000s, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were not just the power couple of Hollywood, but they were the most beloved of couples worldwide. The couple hit a severe roadblock, in the form of 'femme fatale' Angelina Jolie, and the relationship disintegrated right before our eyes. Pitt and Jolie are rumored to have started their romance on the sets of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, while Pitt was still married to Jennifer. Sources close to Aniston insist that Pitt was almost instantaneously a changed man. Pitt and Aniston split in 2004, amidst rumors and denials. Twist it whichever way you want, Angelina was surely a temptation that Pitt couldn't resist.

7 Claire Danes

Claire Danes has played a lot of innocent, girl next door characters on screen, and very few would expect a face like hers to be anything other than that! Yet, reality often paints a very rude picture. In 2004, Claire broke the 8 year marriage of Billy Crudup and Mary-Louise Parker. Claire and Billy are rumored to have had conducted steamy affairs after they met on the set of Stage Beauty, and these affairs prompted Billy to leave his pregnant wife for this new girl in his life. When she was asked about this, Claire always had the ready answer that she still lived with the same integrity that she has always lived with previously (which cryptically points to what her previous integrity could actually have been). There is a silver lining to this episode, though, for Billy really got a taste of his own medicine when he got left behind for Hugh Dancy, Claire’s latest victim!

6 Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood may have many fans, but a certain, Dita Von Tesse is surely not one of them. Marilyn Mansion was married to Dita, when the lady in question got involved with him. Marilyn had married Dita in 2005 and just about a year later, Dita had had enough with his straying. When Marilyn's interest in the other woman became public knowledge and hit the tabloids, Dita filed for her divorce, explicitly stating his relationship with Evan Rachel Woods as one of the main reasons. Mansion, then 36, carried on a 4-year long, on and off relationship, with 19 year old Woods; and though the relationship did end eventually, it left quite an impression on Woods’ history sheets.

5 Denise Richards

You’d imagine that it is usually the sultry, sexy, femme fatales who steal men from their woman; but it is a unique kind of case when the woman who’s man got stolen, was just as sultry and sexy, if not more. Oh some men are just plain lucky! The timelessly hot, Denise Richards seems to be the most criminal of ‘other woman,’ for she not just broke up an 11 year old marriage, between Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora, but she broke the marital relationship of one of her best friends! The once 'close friends' no longer remained the same after it became known that Richards had started sleeping with Sambora. Richards maintains that she didn't start seeing Sambora until the original couple had divorced in 2006, but many find that truly hard to digest, considering the nasty rumors, backstabbing jabs and very public spats, continuously making headlines.

4 Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade (Via

Though Gabrielle Union and basketball star, Dwyane Wade’s relationship has come a long way over the years, many of us still can’t get over its tumultuous past. Wade divorced his wife, Siohvaughn Funches, also the mother of his two children, in 2007. For years, Gabrielle has borne the tag of a 'home wrecker' but in an interview to JET, she clarified that her silence on the subject was her misconstrued ‘high road’. The actress claims that while Wade broke off from his family in 2007, she only met the star in 2008, making her role in the break up just a fictional story generated by the rumor mills. Funches however, remains bitter and her allegations of ‘emotional distress’ caused by Gabrielle are definitely hurting the latter’s case.

3 LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes has multitudes of haters, and they are all fans of the woman scorned ‘Brandi Glanville’. Brandi, one of the stars from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, had her husband of 8 years, Eddie Cibrian stolen from her! Eddie and LeAnn were both married (to their respective spouses), when they decided take up an affair with each other. Both eventually left their respective families to start a new life together. LeAnn and Eddie bore a lot of public wrath and have been publicly vilified for breaking up two marriages of 8 years each, especially with Eddie leaving his two children for this ‘other woman’. This adulterous hook-up has left a lot of people hurting and this is probably why the ‘forgiving’ is a long time coming.

2 Erin Barry

2010 saw the epic split between Desperate Housewives star, Eva Longoria and her NBA hubby, Tony Parker, after 3 years of marriage on the grounds of his infidelity. The other woman in this case was another NBA star’s wife, Erin Barry. Though Erin has publicly refuted claims that she was the ‘other woman’ who caused Eva’s marriage to disintegrate, Eva has another story to tell. Eva found text messages on Tony’s computer, despite him having gone to great lengths to keep them private and away from prying eyes. While Eva and Tony’s marriage had been on shaky ground prior to the third party interference, one cannot condone the allegations of extra marital affairs.

1 Kristen Stewart

The very latest ‘home wrecker’ episode is also the most shocking, for it is the case of our own 'innocent', Kristen Stewart in the role of the ‘other women’. The biggest cheating scandal to hit celebrity news recently was the extramarital affair of director, Rupert Sanders with Kristen Stewart, who was in a relationship with her Twilight costar, Robert Pattinson. While Robert has indeed forgiven Kristen and still has on and off relationships with her (after her very public apology), one person who did not have the heart to forgive and forget was Rupert’s now ex-wife, actress and model, Liberty Ross. After a very public exposure of her husband’s infidelity, Liberty chose to withstand the humiliation with her head held high, of course, minus the husband in question! Along with Rupert, Kristen takes the credit for breaking up an 11 year marriage, and separating the philandering husband from his wife and two kids!

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