10 of the Worst Red Carpet Outfits of All Time

Celebrities are the most influential people when it comes to setting trends in the world today, since most people tend to copy what celebrities are doing. Billions of fans across the globe adopt celebrity dress codes, behavior, and other characteristics. Some fans adore their celebrity idols so much that they end up dressing like them, speaking like them, following them on social media, and trying to live their lives as similarly as possible.

The most affected industries when it comes to celebrities and trends are the entertainment and fashion industry. Most of the new fashion and entertainment trends are copied from celebrities. This is why you find celebrities going all out to out-dress each other at red carpet events. Hundreds of cameras show up during red carpet events to capture fashion trends that the public is seeing for the first time. Some celebrities end up winning their fans with their dazzling good looks and outfits. However, others are out to make us laugh with some of the horrendous outfits that they come up with, in an attempt to be unique. The weird thing is that even some of the most ridiculous outfits still manage to catch some fans' eyes. Here are examples of some red carpet outfits that were at their worst.

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10 Robert Downey Jr. - 2010 Academy Awards

9 Rihanna - 2014 Video Music Awards

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It is evident that we're at an age where sex sells everything from a box of matches to a tube of toothpaste and even veggies in the frozen section. However, some stunts from celebrities who are adopting a bare-it-all trend leave nothing to imagination. Rihanna displayed exactly that at the 2014 Video Music Awards when she pulled up in a custom Adam Selman dress, which was a clear ensemble. It was a nude color sheer dress embellished with more than 250,000 Swarovski crystals. She attempted to dignify her nether regions with a nude color bikini bottom while leaving her top half completely see through. She completed her look with a pink fur stole. Many people received the trending news of her display with a bitter taste.

8 Russell Brand - 2010 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Men are not left out when it comes to fashion faux pas. The king of leather pants is too committed to leather to show up in a classic tuxedo. No matter how hard it is to mess up a black tie look for a man, Russell Brand has managed to do it. He showed up at the Vanity Fair party in a sparkly grey blazer over his practically bare chest, accompanied with black skinny pants. He also accessorized his ensemble with a belt that adorned a shiny chain buckle and grey cowboy boots. That outfit is good for a rock video, but not for the red carpet.

7 Bono - 2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

When you are as famous as Bono, you tend to think that you can get away with anything. However, Bono was displaying a bad fashion statement at the 2014 Oscars red carpet. His choice of tuxedo was actually not that bad, however, his accessories let us down. Instead of going for a clean cut tie or bow tie, he showed up with a burgundy scarf that was totally out of place. He was also in boot cut jeans, which is a red carpet sin. Worst of all, he wore his shirt untucked which was downright blunt.

6 Pharrell Williams - 2014 Academy Awards

For a while there we thought that Pharrell Williams was a vampire since the man never seems to age. His signature boy dress code and stage performance energy do not really reflect his age either. He continued his trend when he showed up at the 2014 Oscars in shorts. Even if he is one of the few men aged 40 and above who can pull off wearing skinny shorts, someone should tell him that it's illegal to wear them on the red carpet. Otherwise, he has managed to keep us dancing to "Happy".

5 Steven Tyler - 2014 Country Music Awards

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Nobody quite understands Steven Tyler since he seems to have come from an entirely different planet. The man has refused to get with the times and he is stuck in the rock and roll frenzy of the 70s. Tyler showed up at the 2014 CMA Awards in flared leather pants and a sequined blazer. His sharp black and white boots were out of this world as well. If at 66 years old, he thinks he can still rock leather pants and sequins, then there's probably no chance of him ever dressing his age. But in all honesty, we couldn't even envision his style being any different.

4 Miley Cyrus - 2013 MTV European Awards

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Ever since the proverbial death of Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus has become increasingly bizarre. Her fashion sense has gone to the dogs and she has adopted a rogue street-fashion that leaves most people wondering what she is about to come up with. However, it's evident that she wants to wear as little as possible. During the 2013 MTV European Awards, she showed up in a slashed T-shirt ensemble, which was held together by tiny straps, leaving her back bare to the waist. As if that was not bad enough, it had an image of Biggie and 2Pac on the front and back. To make it worse, she also wore a pair of horrendous knee-high checkered boots.

3 Lil Kim - 1999 Video Music Awards

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2 Lizzy Gardiner - 1995 Academy Awards

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Lizzy Gardiner is not known for pulling off weird fashion statements, but maybe her role in making film costumes has finally caught up with her. During the 67th Academy Awards, she showed up in what looked like a pile of gold credit cards. In fact, she actually put it together using 254 expired American Express Gold Cards. Gardiner was trying to make a statement as she collected her Academy award for Best Costume Designer and she ended up shocking her fans with her dress.

1 Lady Gaga - 2010 Video Music Awards

There is no way that you can describe Lady Gaga's outfits in one word. When we think she has done her weirdest and most unusual thing, she pulls a fast one on us and comes up with even more horrendous ideas. She wears everything from spikes to halos, Christmas trees, bird nests, beetle wings, orbs, pyrotechnic bras, reptile suits and God knows what else. However, the one we will never forget was when she showed up for 2010 Video Music Awards dressed in steak. This was completely bonkers and unimaginable. She actually pulled up to the red carpet in a dress made from pieces of raw beef. Never mind how she even got into the outfit, we pity the people who had to endure the slaughterhouse smell as she accepted her Video of the Year Award in it. Vegetarians and animal rights activists from the whole world reprimanded her but something tells us that we have not seen the worst of her yet.

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