10 Of The Worst Celebrity Wax Figures

We cannot even imagine the work and detail that goes into creating wax figures and the pressure these artists must feel when they are trying to replicate these recognizable celebrities. This long and tedious task sometimes works out and these wax figurines turn out so lifelike it is scary. On the other side of things sometimes these figures are a complete and utter failure and end up looking like hilariously different.

When wax figures don’t turn out right they can seem insulting. From melted off faces to disproportionate bodies, it seems that these artists don’t even know what these stars actually look like in real life. Most of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood have at least one wax figure made of them and some can even been seen posing with the horrific replicas.

From Angelina Jolie and her wax baby to Jennifer Garner in a crop top to Mel Gibson who no artist can seem to get right; these celebrity wax figures are a compilation of the worst of the worst in the business. While tourists flock to see these supposedly realistic figures and take pictures with them; they may just be in for a surprise if they come across one of these horrific celebrity wax figures.


10 Angelina Jolie, Shiloh and Brad Pitt

We aren't sure which is more horrific; the fact that they made a baby out of wax or the skinny guy behind Jolie who looks scary but is supposed to resemble Brad Pitt. A fail on all parts with this exhibit as Pitt looks nothing like himself, Shiloh is now no longer a baby and we are pretty sure the baby had a much better bassinet than the one shown. Pitt looks like he wants to murder anyone who looks at him and Jolie certainly doesn't look like she is happy to be there.

One more problem (which we had to cover up) that we feel the need to bring up, Jolie's shirt is see-through, she is braless and her chest is showing through the shirt. Why would that detail need to be included in a family pose?

9 Jennifer Garner

There are so many things wrong with this wax figure we don’t know where to start. First off when did her head become so thin and face become so mean. Secondly what is she wearing? She has never really been one to sport crop tops. And lastly what is happening with her hair. We imagine the hair is the least of all evils when it comes to getting the details right but seriously; those bangs need some attention. With her huge shoulders, skinny long face and mean expression; we aren't sure you would recognize who this is supposed to be if we didn't tell you.

8 Charlie’s Angels

This horrific replica of the three superstars can be found at the Hollywood Wax Museum; a museum legendary for their awful wax figures that look nothing like the actual people. We understand how difficult it may be to post the figures in action fighting poses but poor Cameron Diaz looks like she is going to fall over and pass out without actually throwing a punch. Then there are her humongous cheekbones and scary eyes. Liu and Barrymore look a little more realistic but overall this was one horrendous attempt and we doubt that even Charlie would recognize his angels.

7 Barack Obama


Artists certainly have had fun with this celebrity as sometimes Obama looks scary realistic and other times; well he looks like this. It could be that the size of his head looks to be double the actual size of his head, or perhaps it’s the width that really gets to us. The amount of wrinkles and lines leads us to believe this artist believes he is about to be really stressed out in real life. And his ears; well they simply just aren't big enough to compete with Obama’s actual ears. One of the easier celebrities to replicate, this is just one big disaster.

6 Elton John

This combination of old and new Elton John just leaves us feeling lost and confused. One might assume that this wax figure was created to depict a younger Elton John but then we must ask why does his hair look like that. His hair seems to be caught in the crossroads of middle age except that his hair never looked like that. His sunglasses would also depict that this is a younger Elton. Seen on display in the year 2013 why are we looking at this young version that no one recognizes? Where is the Elton John of today? And please destroy this inaccurate display of a true legend.

5 Tom Hanks

Looking at this wax figurine it is clear most people would have no idea who this celebrity is supposed to be. Of course you wouldn't because there are no actual similarities. Truth be told this is Tom Hanks from his role in Cast Away. The Tom Hanks that had dirty blond wild curly hair, a huge beard and never wore a shirt. Not like this model whose hair is brown and thin with a thin beard and a red shirt on. At least they got the color of the shirt right. This is just another product of the horrible Hollywood Wax Museum.

4 Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson

One of the worst celebrity wax figure duo’s we have come across is this one. Let’s start with Wilson and his too broad of shoulders and the blank look on his face that depicts he is about to pass out or sneeze. Chan on the other hand mildly happy to be fighting but more in a happy frightened way in which we think he is about to burst into tears at any moment. This worried looking duo should probably stick to the big screen where they are a lot better looking than in this museum.


3 Robert Pattinson


Instead of the sultry mysterious guy who people started rooting for in the movie Twilight, this wax figure turns him into a big headed creepy werewolf like looking creature. Perhaps the artist here got mistaken and thought he was the werewolf in the movie not the vampire. The head to body ratio is the biggest issue we have with this figure as in all reality Pattinson doesn't have a large noggin. His hair is another sad story as it’s a crying shame to ruin good hair. How do you make a good looking guy turn ugly? Make him into a wax figure.

2 Harry Potter


Where do we even begin with this one? From the shape of the face, the expression and the pose, everything is wrong with this version of Harry Potter. Instead of looking like a hero who is off to fight villains and bring justice to the world he looks like a little boy chasing rainbows over an open meadow. His outfit doesn't do him justice and neither does his head which looks flattened and expressionless. Even if this wax figure is supposed to depict Harry as a child; it fails on all accounts.

1 Adam Sandler


Look kids; it is Adam Sandler , the problem is that his face looks like it is about to melt off. Indeed that is simply the best way to describe this mess of a wax figure gone wrong. We can imagine how hard it is to replicate that dopey look that Sandler can pull off so well but please don’t attempt it if you can’t perfect it. Plus he doesn't have those cheekbones, nor all those wrinkles and he certainly doesn't have a droopy eye. Can you believe it; this wax figure is also found at the Hollywood Wax Museum.



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