10 Of The Worst Celebrity Photoshop Disasters

It comes as no surprise that Photoshop can do wonders. As an amazing photo editing tool, it has the power to alter images in the most astonishing ways, but everything good often has a dark side, too. When Photoshop goes bad, it goes bad, and often perfectly good images get over-edited at the hands of re-touchers, or complete body parts get omitted due to lack of detail. Fortunately, for us normal folks, retouched photos are rare but when you're a celebrity, it's no doubt photo editors will nip, tuck and smooth every imperfection. Sometimes they're justified, often times they're not. Take a look at seven celebrities who went under the Photoshop knife and came out looking worse on the other end.

10 Kim Kardashian - Complex Magazine

We all know Kim K's got curves, but those curves definitely got smoothed out for her March 2009 shoot with Complex Mag. The un-retouched photo on the left, mistakenly made its way onto the Complex magazine website. Notice how her waist got nipped in, her hips got smoothed down and the cellulite on her thighs vanished. We kind of wished they ran the real image of Kim because, honestly, it shows everyone's imperfect, even a Kardashian. After the online uproar regarding her Photoshopped shoot, Kim took to her blog, saying "So what? I have a little cellulite. What curvy girl doesn't? How many people do you think are Photoshopped? It happens all the time! I'm proud of my body and my curves, and this picture coming out is probably helpful for everyone to see that just because I am on the cover of a magazine, doesn't mean I'm perfect."

9 Jennifer Lawrence - Flare

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When images of Jennifer Lawrence's untouched Flare cover from June 2011 surfaced online, fans of The Hunger Games actress weren't happy. The already gorgeous actress, with a naturally killer body, had everything about her re-touched, including her figure. Her cheekbones were made more defined, her waist pulled in, her hairline and collarbone lowered, her arms slimmed and her hips smoothed to appear more hourglass. Even the beauty marks on her chest and neck disappeared. What's wrong with the natural J Law, Flare?

8 Demi Moore - W

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Can you spot the subtle difference between these two W covers featuring Demi Moore? Yes, one is the American version, while the other is Korean, but take a look at Demi's thigh on the right, then compare it to the photo in the left. The American cover went a little editing-happy, as there is clearly a chunk of her upper thigh missing. Even more so, this cover went under fire for rumors that the magazine took Demi's head and planted it on a model's body. You be the judge.

7 Katy Perry - Rolling Stone

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We all know Katy Perry's a bombshell, but Rolling Stone magazine still thought she needed a little help. The singer got her bust amped up, her stomach smoothed, her calve thinned, her hand replaced and beauty marks erased, as if she really needed all that done. Rolling Stone, we happen to love Katy just the way she is.

6 Kate Winslet - GQ

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For this 2003 GQ cover, Kate Winslet's legs were stretched and thinned out quite a bit. Her longer legs caused a stir, and even Winslet herself had a problem with the obvious, and unnecessary retouching, saying in an interview, "Once you shoot them, the magazine has them and can do what they will with them, and the actor is really not part of that approval process. I actually have a Polaroid that the photographer gave me on the day of the shoot… I can tell you they've reduced the size of my legs by about a third. For my money it looks pretty good the way it was taken." We'd agree.

5 Adam Levine - Vogue Russia

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Maroon 5 front-man, Adam Levine posed for Russian Vogue in 2011, with his then model girlfriend, Anne Vyalitsyna. But do you notice what's wrong with this photo? Adam's torso's looking a little thin. His stomach, though covered by the model's leg, is visibly cut off and a good chunk of his ribs have disappeared.

4 Madonna - 'Hard Candy' Album

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While it's no doubt that Madonna looks amazing at 55, she too can't escape the aging process. Just take a look at the before and after photos of her above, posing for her Hard Candy album. Her fine lines and visible pores are smoothed, her blue eyes brightened and her skin is just generally glowing. Most of it is definitely not au naturel. 

3 Matt Bomer - Details

2 Diane Keaton - L'Oreal

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L'Oreal recently found themselves in hot water when they ran their ad, featuring a visibly touched-up Keaton on the right, immediately after the 68-year-old was announcing at the Golden Globes. While at the award ceremony, Keaton looked like her natural self (left), proudly botox and surgery-free. Cut to L'Oreal's commercial spot and her age lines, which are completely normal for any 68 year old, have vanished. Rather than looking like a woman who is gracefully aging, they chose to airbrush her skin to that of a 25 year-old.

1 Kerry Washington - Lucky

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Gorgeous Kerry Washington, what did Lucky do to you? The stunning actress looks more than altered on her December 2013 cover, for which the magazine went under fire. When editor-in-chief, Eva Chen debuted the cover on social media, fans of the brand, and Chen, went wild, stating the cover was a disaster. Bad makeup, awkward posing and off-lighting might all play a role, but nothing can deny just how much, and how horribly the Scandal actress was re-touched. We thought Kerry could never look bad, but this cover photo says otherwise.

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