10 Of The Weirdest Celebrity Endorsements

Once celebrities make it big, they are often approached from left and right to help promote a series of products. Some endorsement deals leave the public scratching their heads and wondering why so and so would deliberately choose to stand behind a certain product. For example, why would Jessica Simpson support a brand of edible cosmetics? Does that sound like a good idea to anyone? Or why would Bob Dylan make an appearance in a Victoria’s Secret commercial? For one, leaving the public baffled is one of way getting the consumer to remember the product. From the celebrity’s point of view, maybe the huge financial gains make them agree to be the face of a product, for example Brad Pitt endorsing a woman’s perfume! Or maybe they receive a free lifetime supply of whatever it is they are advertising. That would especially come in handy for Rihanna with her Covergirl endorsement since we know most girls wear makeup everyday! Commercial shoots and photo sessions take up very little time in a busy celebrity’s schedule and must seem very appealing financially. After all, if you were offered money to come in, get dressed up, dolled up, memorize a few lines then deliver them on camera all for a day or two, you would take it, right? But how do these companies pick who they want to represent their products? Do they pick the celebrity based on the publicity it will attract, the clientele they will appeal to or just pure randomness? We’ll let you decide with these 10 weird celebrity endorsements!

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10 Ozzy Osbourne- I can’t believe it’s not butter

In efforts to relaunch the I can’t believe it’s not butter product and to promote its new recipe matched with new packaging, Ozzy Osbourne was hired to appear in their commercial. In the commercial, Jon Culshaw, UK’s best impersonator, impersonates Ozzy, of course playing on the fact that telling butter and I can’t believe it’s not butter apart is as difficult as differentiating between Osbourne and Culshaw.

The two Ozzys are unable to tell the difference between the butters. Surely, Ozzy Osbourne is a very odd choice for promoting a fake-butter product. After all, who knows more about a healthy lifestyle than a former full-time drug addict!

9 Rihanna- Budweiser

Everybody wants a piece of Rihanna.  Latest winner is Budweiser for hiring the Barbadian singer famous for the hit singles Umbrella, Stay and Diamonds to star in their commercial. The commercial, directed by Mark Romanek, features her new single Right Now.

It is shot in black and white to represent an iconic image. Budweiser will also be advertising at her concerts through VIP experiences and other promotions. Rihanna’s other endorsement deals have included Covergirl in 2007, Secret in 2005 and JC Penney, Nike and Clinique’s Happy in 2006.

8 Miranda Kerr- Lipton Iced Tea

The ex Victoria’s Secret angel shot a Japanese commercial for Lipton Iced Tea. In the commercial, she is dressed in a very short bright yellow dress with red trims and a yellow hat. All that yellow is probably to reinforce the lemony taste of the drink. She stands with a leg up on a footstool as a businessman gawks at her. Then she lip-synchs along to a Japanese jingle. Good for Miranda for trying something different than her usual runway walk in undies! Other celebrities who have done Japanese television commercials include George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

7 Sofia Coppola- Sparkling Wine

Sofia Coppola has lent her name to the promotion of the Sofia Mini by Coppola Winery. These cans of sparkling wines come in bright pink cans adorned with Sofia’s name in large silver print and come complete with a straw. The idea behind this packaging detail: to make it like a juice box for adults! The sparkling wine bursts with “rich pear, honeysuckle and exotic passion fruit aromas”.

The flavors of “crisp apples, melons and juicy tangerines” prevail with notes of “bright lemon and honey.” The drink’s content is 70% Pinot Blanc, 20% Sauvignon Blanc and 10% Muscat Cannelli. The tiny cans seem like the perfect pick-me-up to always keep in your purse!

6 Marc Jacobs- Diet Coke

5 Penelope Cruz- Nintendo

4 Jessica Simpson- Edible Cosmetics

Jessica Simpson was very proud to support a brand of edible cosmetics. The Dessert Treats line included lip glosses, whipped body creams, fragrances, sugar shimmers, hair and body mists, body frostings, shampoos and body washes. The products included ‘Deliciously Kissable Sugar Scrub’ and ‘Powdered Sugar Deliciously Kissable Body Shimmer’.

Every item in the line came in a cute pink bottle. The concept was that you would put on the product and your partner could lick it off. Jessica’s endorsement did not really help the product. Maybe because it coincided with her divorce from Nick Lachey!

3 Alessandra Ambrosio- Always maxi pads

The Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is the new face of Always maxi pads. She has taken a break from the usual 2.5 million dollar bras she models and now fronts the Always Platinum Collection. Although the feminine hygiene products are a long way from her usual high fashion world, she was all smiles as she promoted the product.

For the Always Platinum Collection launch in San Paolo, she wore a bright purple gown matching the color of the Always logo, accessorizing the gown with a large smile. The large smile was probably because of the big cheque she would be receiving from her endorsement! Ambriosio is a Victoria’s Secret model and has modeled previously for brands such as Armani, Ralph Lauren and Christian Dior. She often tops Maxim’s and Esquire’s hottest lists.

2 Bob Dylan- Victoria’s Secret

In a very odd pairing, Bob Dylan made an appearance in a Victoria’s Secret commercial that aired in April 2004. The commercial was supposed to mimic European Art house cinema. It is set in a Venetian palace with Dylan, aged 63 at the time, and model Adriana Lima, then 23 years old. Lima is dressed in Victoria’s Secret attire, which is panties and a bra. Dylan’s presence in the commercial is inexplicable except for maybe reminding the world he is still around. Dylan, whose lyrics were often about not selling out and being true to yourself, once stated in a 1965 interview that the one thing that would make him sell out was ‘ladies undergarments’! Maybe this is more of a personal achievement or an  inside joke?

1 Brad Pitt- Chanel No. 5

For some unknown reason, Brad Pitt was chosen to endorse a female perfume, Chanel No. 5, making him the first male spokesperson for the women's perfume. The commercial was shot in London and directed by Joe Wright, director of the film Anna Karenina as well as other Chanel ads. Wright commented that working with Pitt was “a pleasure since he is one of those rare actors who actually knows how to deliver his lines”. The theme of the commercial was an ode to love and longing. The commercial had a seductive mood and featured Brad standing alone in a room in casual dress and long hair and delivering the line “The World Turns and We Turn With it”. He continues “ It’s not a journey, every journey ends and we go on: wherever I’ll go, there you are”.  The commercial was shot in black and white, evoking the classic Chanel mood. Pitt was paid an incredible 4 million British Pounds for the short commercial! All in all, not a bad paycheck for a day or two of work!

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