10 Of The Sexiest Romances In The Marvel Universe

Comic books are known for their bombastic action sequences, played out by larger than life heroes trying to save the world from larger than life villains.  As consumers, we pay to read these action sequences, and then pay again to watch them in live action when Hollywood makes the film version.  With the amount of comic book movies out for the current season (Deadpool, Batman v Superman, Captain America 3) and the numerous comic book films and television shows in development, it seems that this need for unrealistic action is only growing.  There is nothing wrong with us for liking this kind of stuff, but action alone won't move the narrative, which is why we need all the other elements of plot such as character development, daily drama, and romantic relationships to create a fulfilling context for our comic book adventures.

This list will focus on Marvel comics only, so no Aquaman, Green Arrow and Black Canary discussions. It will also look at some of the important and sexiest romances Marvel comics has produced for us.  This list focuses on the comic books, and while some of the movies we have seen follow the comics closely, others do not, so I can't say whether this article contains any spoilers for the films.  The massive amount of sexy relationships in Marvel comics, many coming from X-men titles, is hard to break down (one of my favorites was Thor having to always ignore the sultry advances of the Enchantress to stay true to his love Jane Foster). However, I have decided to focus on ten relationships that not only advanced the characters but added a little steam to the comics as well.

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10 Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman

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Marvel's first romance is also one of the most durable. When Fantastic Four began in 1962, Sue Storm and Reed Richards were already in love, even though the thing was a little sweet on her.  The two of them never seemed too affectionate in the pages of the comic, but off panel they were pretty hot for each other. With Namor constantly creeping about trying to make time with Sue (and remember, this is the guy who only wears a Speedo), Mr. Fantastic had to live up to his moniker, often.

And while they have split several times in the last half century, they always wind up back together.  Their wedding in Fantastic Four Annual 3 was maybe the most fun of all Marvel Annuals and seeing their relationship grow and bend in realistic ways has created some nice drama for the Marvel Universe.

9 Scarlet Witch and the Vision

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This is a pretty weird one, but steamy nonetheless.  The Vision is a robot and Scarlet Witch is a human mutant, this we pretty much all know from Avengers: Age of Ultron at least. When your mutant ability allows you to alter probability, you could basically have any guy y0u want. Therefore, the Scarlet Witch decided she wanted a real machine to be her man. In love with his programmed personality I guess, the Witch used her abilities to not only allow her and Vision to be together sexually, but to make herself pregnant and give birth to twins.

Sure, their kids weren't real in any sense, but the length to which the Witch went for this relationship seems pretty intense. Since the two characters in Age of Ultron are very different from their comic book counterparts, who knows if a similar relationship will happen on the big screen?

8 Rogue and Gambit

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Talk about a steamy relationship! Gambit, the bad boy mutant with the sexy Cajun accent, and Rogue, the former bad girl mutant with the killer body, met as members of the X-men and didn't take long to fall in love with each other. Sexy people in dangerous situations will lead to love after all. But in this case there was a problem: Rogue's powers prevent her from making physical contact with other people, lest she absorb their powers and knock them out.

So the relationship, on a sexual level at least, was founded on unrequited lust.  Two star-crossed lovers unable to touch each other (or be with each other sexually) is an idea that has appeared many times in literature, but with the amount of years Gambit and Rogue worked together, the tension became pretty obvious. At one point, both mutants temporarily lost their abilities. My guess is that they never left the bedroom.

7 Colossus and Shadowcat

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Two members of the X-men who put the "team" in steamy are Piotr Rasputin and Kitty Pryde, the heroes Colossus and Shadowcat.  This relationship was really all about drama, with both teens lusting after each other but not quite ever getting around to having a serious relationship.  Their on again and off again and then on again romance has made for some good reading, but the couple have not endured like some of the others on this list.  However, the giant Colossus and petite Shadowcat make for a sexy couple and the attraction each one feels for the other is easy to understand.

6 Daredevil and Elektra

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Matt Murdock and Elektra Natchios met in college, years before they became martial art heroes, and already cared deeply for each other before the latter first appearance in Daredevil 168.  A comic that was somewhat lacking in romance immediately intensified as Daredevil and Elektra found each other on opposing sides of the law, both trying to make good choices, but Elektra failing to meet the standard of ethics that Daredevil and others like Spider Man and the Fantastic Four found so easy to uphold.  The relationship between Daredevil and Elektra became Marvel's answer to Batman and Catwoman, and created some steam as the two yearn to be together, but generally battle each other more often than not.

5 Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

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If you watched Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix, you saw plenty of bed breaking sex scenes between Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. Super powered couples lead to super powered coitus naturally, which leads to lots of steamy action in the bedroom, but we shouldn't let that steam obfuscate the fact that Cage and Jones have a very intense but relatively normal relationship in the comics.  Jones had been emotionally devastated and victimized by the villainous Purple Man (or Killgrave if you rather) and Cage came to her aid, helping her heal and move past the trauma.  They are happily married and have a child together in the comics.  Time will tell whether this relationship translates in a similar manner in the Netflix show.

4 Spider Man and Silk

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Cindy Moon was bitten by the same spider that bit Peter Parker, giving him his amazing abilities as Spider Man.  However, Peter appeared back in the early 1960's while Cindy didn't make her first appearance until 2014, in Amazing Spider Man volume 3. Moon and Parker were immediately connected, which created instant steam between them.  To create context, Moon initially just wore webbing over her naked body when she fought crime, and she and Peter were drawn to each other sexually due to their powers being connected.  They literally had difficulty keeping their hands off each other, which led to a lot of fun sexual tension in the comic.  Silk has continued to grow into her own, stand alone character, but her hyper sexual debut was memorable and steamy at the same time!

3 Cyclops and Emma Frost

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So if you are a good guy, full of moral conviction and strong ethics, working next to a bad girl who dresses like she works for Kink.com can be very tempting.  Emma Frost had been the X-men villain White Queen before (mostly) switching teams and allying with the X-men.  She was attracted to the uptight Scott Summers right away and began having a sexual liaison with him telepathically.  After Summer's wife died, the two began the real deal, getting together as a couple much to the consternation of the rest of the team and readers alike.

2 Spider Man and Mary Jane Watson

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Face it, when Mary Jane Watson made her first appearance in Amazing Spider Man 42, we all hit the jackpot.  Mary Jane had been a running joke in the Spider Man comic for years, as Aunt May and her friend Anna Watson had been trying to set Anna's niece and Peter up romantically, always failing by a few minutes, but when they finally succeeded, Peter Parker and the rest of us were introduced to the grooviest girl this side of Venus.  She was sexy, funny, and danced a mean go-go, becoming a main character on the Spider Man roster.  Peter's first real love was Gwen Stacy, that is true, but Gwen died, and it was Mary Jane who picked up the pieces. Peter and Mary's relationship lasted decades, with a marriage and many steamy encounters happening between the two.  As far as relationships go, while Gwen Stacy was most important for Peter's growth through adversity, Mary Jane was most important for Peter's happiness.

1 Cyclops and Jean Grey

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I don't know how he does it, but Scott Summers has been a romantic interest non stop for over half a century now. His epic love story with Jean Grey helped define the emotional aspect of the X-men comics in the early 1960's and drove the narrative for many memorable X-Men storylines in the decades to come (as well as sounding like something from a Mexican Telenovela). Cyclops and Jean were hopelessly in love, and their love endured even when confronted by other suitors who wanted one of them for themselves, such as the Angel, White Queen, and (most famously) Wolverine. When Jean seemingly died, Cyclops dated and later married Madelyne Prior, a clone of Jean who naturally turned evil and attempted to destroy everybody in a psychotic act of violence as clones tend to do. When Jean returned from the dead they were reunited and comic fans rejoiced. Jean is dead yet again, but that never actually sticks in comics so time will tell how the relationship proceeds in the future.


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