10 Of The Sexiest Anchor People In America

Everyone has their own opinion of what is considered sexy. Some people believe that it is all about looks, while others consider personality to be a contributing factor. These are ten news anchors that take sexiness to a whole new level. Some of these people are trend-setters, and while most of them are incredibly smart; they all have that special “je ne sais quoi” when it relates to the public eye. These news anchors are televised nationally, and the majority of them have been on the air for many years, each of them gaining a fairly large fan base, and most are even becoming more popular than their predecessors.

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10 Sharon Reed


Sharon Reed is currently the primary news anchor for KMOV in St. Louis, Missouri; but before she worked at the “Show Me State,” Sharon was one of the lead anchors for WOIO-TV, Action19 News in Cleveland, Ohio. In 2004, the beautiful Sharon Reed posed nude for an artist’s exhibition. Spencer Trunk is the photographer that takes pictures of groups of naked people, and it is considered art. Spencer and his group came to Cleveland, and Sharon was involved in the group photograph. It was highly publicized, and Sharon eventually ended up on the Late Show with David Letterman; to discuss the work entitled, “Body of Art.” Sharon was an instant celebrity, and there were rumors circulating about her dating various celebrities; including Donovan McNabb (the quarterback from the Philadelphia Eagles), Robert De Niro and LeBron James.

9 Julie Chen



For nearly three decades, Julie Chen has been a public figure on television. She started out as an anchor for the CBS Morning News in the late 1980s, and went on to become a producer and continues to report for various news programs across the country. Julie received her double-degree in Broadcast Journalism and English, so she is very meticulous when she speaks in front of the camera. Julie is also one of the hosts from The Talk, and is currently a co-anchor on The Early Show. She has hosted the reality show Big Brother, since the program began back in 2000. Her beauty and sense of style, crossed with her quick wit, gains her recognition as one of the sexiest anchors in America.

8 Matt Lauer


Daytime Emmy Award-winning Matt Lauer has been a host of the Today Show since 1997. During that time, he has traveled around the world to get the news and has also been on NBC Nightly News, to take the place of Tom Brokaw when Tom was not available. Matt is sexy, not only because of his looks, but for his sense of humor and his ability to speak what is on his mind. In 2005, he had interviewed Tom Cruise regarding postpartum depression, where Tom resorted to name-calling. He eventually apologized to Matt, and the two of them arm-wrestled three years later. Matt has also interviewed several other people; including Ann Coulter, where she accused him of getting “testy” with her for his critiques. He has also been one of the hosts for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade every November for the last sixteen years.

7 Gigi Stone


Being an advocate for women in business, Gigi Stone created and hosted a series of interviews on Bloomberg TV, entitled, “Inspiring Women in Business.” At the network, she currently is the anchor person and correspondent, where she covers everything from entertainment to business issues. She also hosts and co-produces a television show called “Hiring America,” which aids veterans in finding jobs. Gigi is known for her good looks, but is also particularly intelligent and motivated. She obtained a Master’s Degree at Columbia University, and has hosted many national television programs; including Good Morning America, World News Tonight and Nightline. Gigi also helps others improve their performances on the air through a company that she owns, StoneWoods Media. To add to that already-impressive list, she is also involved in The Opportunity Network, an agency that assists students who are looking to further their education.

6 Stacey Dales


Stacey Dales grew up and played basketball in Canada, and then she moved to the United States to attend the University of Oklahoma. There, she played basketball as well, and was considered the “All-Sports Academic All-American of the Year,” in 2002. In 2006, Stacey became a reporter on the sidelines of college football games for ESPN and in 2009, she started co-hosting Gameday Morning on the NFL Network. She also worked as a correspondent during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

In 2008, Stacey found out that she had Raynaud's Phenomenon in her hands, and retired from basketball permanently. This disease causes pain and numbness in the area that it affects, which makes it very difficult for one to play any type of sport, especially basketball.

Currently, Stacey still works as an anchor for the NFL Network, and can be found reporting on football players and the sport. In a male-dominated industry, Stacey shows that there are some women who are just as passionate about football as most men. She has been seen reporting on several games, including the 2010 Senior Bowl. If the knowledge that Stacey has of the sport, and her flowing blonde hair doesn't make her sexy enough, she also is involved in many charitable programs, including the Humane Society and Habitat for Humanity. She has beauty, brains and compassion.

5 Katie Linendoll


Katie Linendoll is a beautiful “tech geek,” who has worked for many different television stations, including ESPN; in which she won an Emmy Award. She has been obsessed with technology since she was a child, and was networking certified before she even graduated high school. She has also worked on A&E (in which she also won an Emmy), the Today Show, Spike TV, as well as many others. Katie is also an avid SCUBA diver, which she has used in several of her television spots, one showing where she is involved in “the world’s only underwater sea lab.” Additionally, Katie travels around the world, helping with technology, and is furthermore involved in several charities.

4 Robin Roberts

3 David Muir


Just about anyone who owns a television has seen David Muir at one point or another. With his deep brown eyes, and a seemingly compassionate nature surrounding his personality, he is difficult to look past. David has been on TV for over twenty years; starting as a reporter at WTVH Television, located in Syracuse, New York. He has won awards for his journalism; including being one of the best local news anchors in Syracuse, and has been recognized by the Associated Press for his efforts. David worked as a reporter in Boston for three years, and currently is an anchor for World News Now on ABC. Furthermore, he is the anchor for 20/20, which is on the same network. David is not afraid to get his hands dirty, either. He has taken to the streets with his reports, including wading through the muddy waters after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, and reported from many areas where it was downright dangerous to be. This includes Egypt, the Gaza Strip, Haiti (when an earthquake hit) and Fukushima, Japan, after the deadly tsunami occurred. The show, World News Tonight is now titled, World News Tonight with David Muir; and according to ABC News, “ranks #1 in total viewers, adults 25-54 and adults 18-49 for the first time since 2008.”

2 Robin Meade



1 Brian Williams

According to Time Magazine, Brian Williams is one of the 100 most influential people in the world.” While working as the news anchor for NBC, Brian covered Hurricane Katrina and received high praise for his efforts. During that time, The New York Times referred to his reporting as “Murrow-worthy,” and was considered “a nation’s anchor.” Brian is presently the anchor for NBC Nightly News, and has his own special on the same channel called Rock Center with Brian Williams. Brian was also the moderator for eight presidential debates, and is very concerned with politics. With his dimples and adorable smile, Brian has been the root of jokes for comedians everywhere; including many videos that have been clipped that appear to have him singing different songs, but which he surely isn’t. His sense of humor is exceptional in the fact that he can laugh at himself and has not said anything negative regarding the videos. It is difficult to believe that Brian has been reporting the news for over twenty years, he hardly even looks his age.

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