10 Of The Scariest Celebrity Stalker Incidents

Celebrity stalkers is a bigger issue than most people think, and what makes it even worse is that there is no real requirement for stalking. Popularity is not an issue, neither is money, race or sexuality. Obsession is obsession, and it is scary. Everyone from Steven Spielberg to David Letterman have had to deal with their life being threatened by someone who is usually mentally incapable of understanding that what they are doing does not fall under the norms of social interactions. Some stalkers just want to touch their obsession, whereas others want to be them, kill them or borough themselves so deep into their bodies that they become one (that is actually something that a stalker said). Anyway you look at it, it is unhealthy, questionable and scary just reading about it. The laws around stalking are few and far between and at best, the stalker gets probation or a restraining order that they rarely comply to. In scarier cases there are incidents of death, like actress Dominique Dunn who was murdered by an obsessive ex-boyfriend, singer Selena who was murdered by an obsessed fan turned fan-club president, and Rebecca Schaeffer who was murdered after her stalker accused her of losing her innocence after appearing in the film Scenes From The Class Struggle In Beverly Hills. Celebrity stalker stories can sometimes come off as so insane that they are humorous, but in reality, they are sometimes followed by death, tragedy, trauma and most times, isolation for the celebrity involved who is too afraid to leave their home. Below is a list of crazy celebrity stalker stories that will completely freak you out.

10 Anna Kournikova

The tennis player almost had a run-in with a crazy stalker who swam across the Biscayne Bay to Miami, naked to meet the athlete. He ended up in the wrong place and emerged from the water screaming for Anna to save him. Instead of Anna, he found a three-year old who was most likely frightened and permanently traumatized. The man who was said to be a drifter named William Lepeska, had his day in court where he was more concerned to find out if Anna had read his letters than he was for his own sentencing. He was ultimately placed in a psychiatric facility and ordered to stay 1,000 feet away from Anna at all times.

9 Madonna

In 2012, Madonna had to re-live a terrifying time in her life when a man named Robert Dewey Hoskins broke out of a mental institution that he was placed in the 90’s, for stalking the singer. In 1996, Robert was convicted to 10 years in prison for stalking Madonna. He was deemed a huge threat and was even shot by Madge’s bodyguards when he tried to get past them to hurt her. Robert was considered a very dangerous and violent man after stating that he would either “marry Madonna or slash her throat from ear to ear”. However in 2012, when it was reported that Robert had escaped the mental institution that he was placed in after serving his 10 years, Madonna was on high alert. He was thankfully caught and returned to the facility before any harm was done.

8 Gwyneth Paltrow

Although lately it seems as though everyone loves to hate actress turned lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow, she was once beloved by all of Hollywood and she too had her run-in with a not so sane stalker. Her stalker was a pizza delivery man who dreamed of opening a Kinko’s franchise with the actress. He also believed that they could carry on a sexual relationship and would routinely send her sex toys with letters attached that said “because I love you”. He emailed her p**nography and letters, and once told her that he wanted to cut the sin out of her with “god’s scalpel”. The man was considered mentally unstable and served time in a mental institution.

7 Joss Stone

6 Justin Bieber

Probably one of the more disturbing stories on our list involved the Canadian that everyone loves to hate; Justin Bieber. The singer was forced to take action when a plot to cut off his man parts was well under way. A man named Dana Martin, who is in prison for the sexual assault and murder of a young girl, contracted two friends to hunt down Justin and cut off his manhood so that Dana could have it as a “souvenir”. Dana had every detail planned out including what should be used to cut off Justin’s parts; a pair of garden sheers. Dana admitted to being attracted to Justin saying, "He's a good-looking kid. Would I go to bed with him? Yeah. He's legal, so probably." There must not be much else to think about while in prison.

5 Selena Gomez

In January 2012, Disney star Selena Gomez was granted a three-year restraining order against a man named Thomas Brodnicki. Thomas encouraged Selena to file a restraining order against him in fear that he would murder the celebrity. He said that he would have over fifty conversations a day with god about killing Selena. He issued a statement that said; “I believe that a restraining order should be issued against me to prevent me from trying to contact Selena Gomez. I do not wish to object to the restraining order against me because I know it is the only thing that will make me stay away from Selena.”. None of this seems right at all, possibly more than a restraining order is needed.

4 Miley Cyrus

Stalker Jason Luis Rivera, claimed that he had known Miley Cyrus for five years when he was caught inside her house with a pair of scissors. Jason, who looks like he is 20 years Miley’s senior, stated that he and Miley were married and insisted that she knew who he was (that must have been a last ditch effort to cover his butt). Miley immediately filed a permanent restraining order on Jason, who like many stalkers, did not believe that the law applied to him. He ended up spending 18 months in jail and picking up a misdemeanor trespassing charge long with his jail sentence.

3 Britney Spears

Talk about bizarre. Britney Spears, our very own princess of pop, has had many run-ins with overly excited fans, but none of them has beat her experience with Masahiko Shizawa. It is safe to say that Masahiko was completely desperate for any kind of interaction with Britney; he routinely sent her letters with weird messages like, “I’m chasing you” and showed up to a number of her homes including her parent’s house. He would send her pictures, emails and letters; Britney eventually had enough and filed a restraining order. But no restraining order was enough to keep Masahiko away, he even tried to sue Britney claiming that during an attempt to get close to the singer, her bodyguard pulled a gun on him and has caused him “extreme emotional distress”. Clearly his case was dismissed.

2 Beyonce

In 2009, Jay Z’s wife was stalked by a man who believed that the real Beyonce had been murdered and the Beyonce who was freely walking the streets and those fancy red carpet events, was an imposter. All the way weird, right? The stalker, Bassey Essien, resorted to sending threatening letters to Bey most likely asking her to stop impersonating Beyonce. The only thing that was kind of keeping Bey safe was the fact that Bassey lived in England and she in LA. Unfortunately, Beyonce had a concert scheduled at the O2 Arena and had to bring extra security and brief the O2 Arena’s personal security on the stalker.

1 Chris Brown

Singer Chris Brown, got the surprise of his life recently when he returned home from a wild Vegas trip and found someone living in his home. Chris is no stranger to drama and it takes a lot to shock him; but even he was speechless when he pulled into his driveway and saw his car vandalized with stalker, Amira Ayeb’s name. It got worse as he went into his home and found the words “I love you” spray painted on his walls. Chris Tweeted out; “I love my fans but this is some real crazy s***, I pray she will get some help”. The girl had apparently been living in Chris’ house for 4 days and was found wrapped in bath towels.

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