10 Of The Nastiest Reality TV Feuds

What can we say about reality television? It is almost everyone’s guilty pleasure. When you want to relax and unwind from a long day, turn on that DVR and start searching through the shows you had no time to watch when they were actually on TV. The best thing about watching reality TV is how mind numbing it can be. You don’t even need to keep up with any crucial plot-lines; you can miss an episode or two and still be on track. Actually scratch that; the best thing about reality television are the fights and not just the one off fights, we're talking about the ongoing feuds that keep coming back for more. If you are a fan of reality TV, you know exactly what we are talking about. When these people disagree, they don’t just disagree, they go all in; yelling, screaming, insulting, insinuating, oh and sometimes, they go blow for blow, literally. Even the “classiest” of reality shows have had their moments; think of The Bachelor, Project Runway and Survivor (you would assume they are too hungry to fight), yet these shows have had some of the most epic showdowns. Now, we know, it’s so petty to follow-up these sad wannabe stars, as they claw their way to the top, but we just can’t seem to help ourselves. Additionally, it's even juicier when the fight continues through the episode arch’s, or better yet, online #nofilter. Below is a list featuring 10 of the most epic reality TV feuds ever. Even if you’re not a fan, you will get a kick out of these.

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10 Phaedra Parks Vs. Kenya Moore

In 2012, when Kenya Moore joined the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta for season 5, she was not afraid to mince words. She immediately starting a feud with co-star Phaedra Parks, by trying to get up in her man’s grill. Fans of the show can pin point exactly where this feud started to go left - that infamous trip to Anguilla. Kenya started feeling too comfortable with Phaedra’s husband; asking inappropriate questions and hanging off of him like a leach in the pool while wearing a daring bathing suit. Oh, and did we mention that Kenya was in a “serious” relationship with someone else. Phaedra being the sophisticated southern belle that she is, chooses to keep her mouth shut. This feud has only gotten bigger over the seasons and has even extended to off camera. It looks like Phaedra has had enough, because rumor has it that the two throw punches this season.

9 Tamra Barney Vs. Jeana Keough

Beloved Orange County housewife, Jeana Keough made her exit from the show in 2011, but in 2012, she was invited to a summer party. Little did she know that crazy Tamra Barney was there, stewing in her own misery. Earlier in the year, Tamra has made several claims against Jeana, one being that she helped her ex husband sell stories to the media that shined a negative light on Tamra’s ongoing divorce battle. Jeana could care less about what Tamra thought she knew, well, that is until she showed up to the party and got a big ol’ glass of wine tossed in her face. The fun, loving party quickly turned into a brawl that had Jeana and Tamra about to square off in co-star, Vicki Gunvelson’s driveway. The battle didn't end there, though, they took to social media to release unsavory tabloid stories about one another.

8 Vienna Girardi Vs. Jake Pavelka


Some would call Bachelor contestant and winner, Vienna Girardi dramatic, and others would call her a victim. Call her what you want, but she makes for good TV, especially when it involves her Bachelor co-star, Jake Pavelka. By now, we are all used to the Bachelor’s couples not staying together, however, we are not used to them trashing one another in the media and on live television, while the other is sitting right there. During a sit down with Bachelor host Chris Harrison, he asked Vienna and Jake the tough questions about their relationship that they had been avoiding. The real feud actually came after that meeting, when Vienna went on a crazy ex-girlfriend rant, attacking Jake’s character and lack of relationship skills. These two could not get along to save their lives and it got even more embarrassing when they ended up in the Bachelor Pad together, going blow for blow.

7 Stephen Vs. Irene Vs. Slap


The seventh season of Real World was for the most part, boring. Amongst the hipster/grunge scene of Seattle, the cast included Irene and Stephen. According to an article that Irene wrote for Vulture, she admitted that tensions brewed right from the beginning, and truly believes that that tension was one of the reasons why Stephen laid a giant, loud and violent slap across Irene’s face. This is, of course, after she left him with a condescending message “I left everyone in the house a gift, and I wanted to leave one for you too. You’re right, a marriage between you and I could never work out. You know that, because you’re a homosexual".

6 Bethenny Frankel Vs. Kelly Bensimon

Meeting as cast mates on the Real Housewives of New York City; tough as nails Bethenny was not dealing with any of aloof Kelly’s behavior. Avid RHONY fans can tell you this fight basically started because Bethenny thought Kelly was not too bright, however, what it turned into was so much more during a cast trip, now famously referred to as "scary island". They continued by bashing one another in the media, making a point to announce who was more successful and even going to the extent to denying a feud is even taking place (courtesy of aloof Kelly), to releasing information damaging to each other’s reputations. This frenemy friendship is both confusing and has gotten to the point where vicious yelling matches took place on camera, including one where Frankel hilariously tells Bensimon to "go to sleep", in addition to letting her know "you're down here and I'm up here".

5 Drita D’avanzo Vs. Karen Gravano

Fist fights, bloody noses and threats of murder, these “mob wives” sure know how to throw a few punches. Known as the Staten Island Showdown, this extremely viscous fight had it all, and to think it started over a guy who (by the way) was locked up at the time. This fight/friendship goes back to the 90’s before their on-camera feud, when NY was these women’s playground; one woman said they were best friends the other said they just ran in the same circle, but when Drita supposedly stole Karen’s man, this started a feud that seems to be never-ending. Throughout seasons 1-3, Drita and Karen took turns throwing one another under bus and leaving a trail of threats that eventually blew up into this roof top brawl. Don’t get me wrong, they have tried several times to squash the beef but by nature, they seem to be fighters, not lovers.

4 Teresa Giudice Vs. Her Family

This Jersey girl isn't afraid of confrontation, and it doesn't matter where it’s coming from. Let’s go back to season 2, when Teresa had a baby Christening for newborn Audriana, and her brother was nowhere to be found yet, people spotted Melissa, Kathy and Kathy’s mother, all sitting at a table in the back somewhere... AWKWARD! However, the real drama took place when the family officially joined the cast, replacing the likes of Danielle Staub and Dina Manzo (who has her own family issues). Teresa was accused of spreading lies about her sister-in-law, which included her being a prostitute, a stripper, marrying for money and the list goes on. These lies ripped her once close relationship with her only brother apart, but it got worse when her cousins jumped in to take her sister-in-law's-side. The feud still carries on to this day they are all just more passive aggressive about it.

3 Adriana De Moura Vs. Lea Black

It’s hard to say who is wrong and who is right in this situation, but it’s safe to say that this friendship is an emotionally draining one. The tightest of the bunch on the Real Housewives of Miami cast, Adriana and Lea had a friendship that preceded the show. In the most recent season, Adriana seemed to get caught in several lies by her best friend, accusing Adriana of lying to gain sympathy, money and residency from Lea. However, the epic showdown comes when Lea invites Adriana over to get to the bottom of some rumors she had heard, about her planning a wedding to someone she is already married too, hmmm. The sit down goes from 0 to 60 in no time, and Adriana seems to have no real excuse for her lies. Defeated, she leaves Lea house’s but continues to bash her in the media and at the reunion. It’s safe to say this friendship is obsolete.

2 Jackie Christie Vs. The Entire Cast

When your husband can call you a pot stirrer, you know you’re dead wrong. This is the case with Jackie Christie. When Jackie opened her mouth and started letting little kittens out of the bag, everybody started turning their heads, including her own daughter, whom she threw under the bus for her love of gossiping. Jackie, admitting she loves to stir the pot, actually has no friends on the show because she can’t keep a secret, and when there are no secrets to keep, she makes up lies. In an interview with jasminebrand.com, Jackie points the finger at other cast mates, but as the season goes on, you get to see that even the new cast mates that Jackie brought on herself, have major beef with her. If you’re missing the drama, just go on Twitter and follow the cast, the fun never stops.

1 Abby Lee Miller Vs. Cathy Nesbitt-Stein (Candy apples Kathy)

For a show about dance, they sure know how to bring the drama. What started off as a friendly rivalry between dance studios (Abby Lee Dance Company and Candy Apples Dance Company) has turned into a shouting match that includes both physical and verbal abuse. Fans of the show know that Abby can get a little crazy, but I don’t think they realized how psycho and annoying Cathy can be. This past season showed Cathy physically abusing Abby, trying to one-up a child (Maddie), by using Sia’s hit Chandelier, and sitting behind Abby at every competition, lacing her with a slew of insults that range from fatty to ugly. This fight will probably never end, and it’s safe to say it’s not just for TV, because Abby and Cathy mince words in the media, every chance they get.

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