10 Of The Most Unreasonably Hated Celebs

Whether it’s Kim Kardashian or Miley Cyrus, there’s always that one celeb who gets singled out and becomes the most hated person for as long as they have a career in Hollywood. But why is that? With Kim notoriously being known for stripping naked and recording herself having sex, then going on to launch an empire off of it, is supposedly a 'valid' reason people hate Kim. The reality star turned her Kardashian brand into a household name worldwide, having grossed over $300 million in sales for her clothing line alone. Is that fair? Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus’ desire to consistently stick out her tongue while twerking during performances seems to have rubbed many grown-ups the wrong way. The singer made millions during her Bangerz world tour, pretty much just doing the same tongue actions over and over again. Miley had so much negative attention on her in 2013-14, she was named one of the most annoying celebrities of the year. Below, we've gathered the most unreasonably hated celebrities in Hollywood, noted them as to why they are hated and argue a point of why the negativity against them could be seen as biased and unfair.


10 FKA Twigs

Following his split from Kristen Stewart in 2013, Robert Pattinson went on to form a new relationship with British-singer, FKA Twigs. Twilight fans were fuming over the fact that Rob had moved on, having hoped he would rekindle his romance to K-Stew, seeing that they were together for five years. Unfortunately for them, it never happened. But that hasn’t stopped Twi-hards from spamming Twigs’ social media pages with death threats and other vile comments, demanding her to break-up with Pattinson so that he can reunite with Kristen. How crazy!

9 Tori Spelling


We guess everybody is over Tori Spelling because her drama is just tiring. If she’s not landing another tabloid magazine cover, Tori can usually be found on her Lifetime reality show, trying to work out how to have an income flowing in again. The actress famously documented herself trying to get her life back together after dealing with the fact that her hubby Dean, was a sex-maniac who had cheated on her on numerous occasions. People don’t agree with Tori’s choices, but she damn sure has a good heart to be able to forgive a cheating husband, whilst being the sole worker in the family.

8 Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana Rancic is harshly criticized for her actions most of the time. The TV personality gets hated on when she makes a snarky comment on E!’s Fashion Police (a lot), despite it being her job. Of course, nobody ever said anything on the rude jokes Joan Rivers would make during the show, but with Giuliana, it seems as if nobody wants to give her a break. 2015 saw Rancic appear at her skinniest, and while many were quick to jump in and ridicule Giuliana, stating she needed to eat a burger or two, the E! News anchor handled it nicely. She explained that medications from her previous cancer scare had caused her weight loss.

7 Kim Kardashian


Yes, it’s true. Wherever we go, we can’t seem to get away from Kim Kardashian and her family. Since 2007, the entire Kardashian empire has staggered a net worth of $1 billion, with sales of the Kardashian Kollection already standing at $250 million. It is no wonder why people would hate on Kim and her family for it. One questions themselves what the family has actually done to be rich and famous, other than to date rich men. Whatever the case may be, Kim has built a brand for herself that has launched careers for all of her siblings. If that ain’t good charity work, we don’t know what is.

6 Gwyneth Paltrow

As soon as Gwyneth Paltrow opens her mouth, we are all quick to shut her down by not even listening to what she has to say because most of the time it’s gibberish. In 2014, the actress made astounding claims, saying Hollywood moms had a much harder life than regular working moms as they follow a daily routine that actors aren’t privileged of. Of course, these comments are absurd, but judging from Gwyneth’s point of view, the actress doesn't know anything other than being rich. Paltrow grew up with money, so when she makes snarky comments on how regular people live their lives, you can’t hold her accountable for her wording when she’s only ever surrounded herself with people that are wealthy.

5 Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus’ tongue was enough to irritate a lot of people. Ever since her infamous 2013 MTV Video Music Awards performance, people have enjoyed hating on the former Disney starlet. Popstar Rihanna, doesn't get half as much negativity thrown her way with her antics, but that all seems to be because people don’t believe in the reformed Miley Cyrus. Sure, her crazy antics are most likely a cry for attention to boost music sales, but how many times do we hear Miley being a b**ch to somebody? When do we hear her disrespect her fans or other artists? Her persona on-stage channels the character she was on Disney Channel's Hannah Montana: one person in public and, a complete different one at home.

4 Anne Hathaway

Having been branded as annoying and very much into herself, Anne Hathaway hasn't had the easiest time in Hollywood. The actress, who famously starred in The Princess Diaries, has been branded as one of those actresses who just happens to ruin every movie they star in. Batman fans were highly disappointed when Hathaway was cast as Catwoman for The Dark Knight Rises, claiming Anne didn't have “the right body” for the role. Thousands of people also tend to hate Anne for her "perfect smile", saying she's always fake smiling when she's in public just because she wants people to think she's happy all the time.


3 Will.I.Am

He may be the founder of the Black Eyed Peas, but Will.I.Am has never really attracted people to his personality. Some of the reasons the hit-maker is hated for include his ‘awful’ dress sense, thinking that calling himself ‘’ sounds cool and, most notoriously — he has no original ideas. In 17 years, Will has bagged himself a net worth $75 million which is quite impressive for someone who supposedly copies his work from other artists, as claimed by several outlets.

2 Anna Faris

Anna Faris never really had the likable factor in check. Why? Well, her big debut came when she starred in the Scary Movie franchise, and while her character was reasonably funny, many felt Anna was reprising that same role in every other movie she’s been in. In simpler terms, people don’t think the actress has anything to offer other than be the same character in every movie. Ouch! Nonetheless, Anna has done pretty well for herself since many believe she can only play one character. The actress is worth a staggering $20 million!

1 Perrie Edwards

Perrie Edwards is unreasonably hated for being in a relationship with the lovable Zayn Malik, who famously quit One Direction early in 2015. If the hatred she received before Zayn quit One Direction wasn't bad enough, it was sure to get worse now that fans had lost one of their favorite 1D members. Despite the fact that Malik had left a public statement, saying he no longer had the passion for the group, fans blamed Perrie and her rush in wanting to marry Zayn as the real reason he most likely bailed on his music pals.



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