10 Of The Most Scientifically Beautiful Faces In Hollywood

Have you ever wondered how attractive others might find you? Take a look at how symmetrical your face is and that might give you an idea, at least according to one scientific theory. While science hasn’t narrowed it down to one single theory of physical attractiveness, a prominent theory suggests that it is how proportionate and symmetrical your facial features are. Other theories have narrowed down certain features, including a heart-shaped face, eyes that are shaped like almonds or full lips.

Interestingly, some theories suggest that attractiveness is innate and even newborn babies prefer to look at attractive people. Have you noticed any babies staring at you recently? If so, you might be a looker. If you are perceived as attractive by someone else, they will also see you as more intelligent, kind, conscientious, extroverted and open to new experiences. However, attractiveness predicts none of these traits: attractiveness, according to one study, only predicts how traditional someone is when it comes to following out what society expects of them. Interestingly, attractive people are generally more traditional. Here are the top ten female faces in our study.


10 Keira Knightley

It is interesting that Keira Knightley came in sixth place in terms of what a computer program has been deemed attractive in the UK, despite her striking similarities to the celeb that placed first. Knightley has appeared on many of the sexiest women lists while also establishing herself as a successful actress and has gone on to garner critical acclaim. On the topic of women and beauty, Knightley went topless in 2014 as a reaction to having her breasts digitally enhanced for the King Arthur movie poster and how “women's bodies are a battleground and photography is partly to blame.”

9 Lena Dunham


Lena Dunham, writer, star and producer of HBO’s Girls, is frequently ridiculed for her body, and so it might come as a surprise that she is deemed more scientifically attractive than the traditionally beautiful celebs of Scarlett Johansson or Jennifer Lopez. The scientific method of determining attractiveness here was based on a formula by Dr. Kendra Schmid, which comes down to how proportionate and symmetrical the face is. 10 is a perfect score. Average, every day people will be between a 4 and a 5 while celebrities are not usually below 6. Dunham came in 5th place with a 6.82 based on this formula. Science thinks Dunham is hot.

8 Kendall Jenner

Interestingly, Kendall Jenner was the only Kardashian to make the cut when it comes to the scientific analysis of beauty, even though Kim Kardashian is commonly regarded as perhaps one of the most beautiful woman in the world. But when it came down to a program that assessed what people find most attractive, Kendall Jenner came closer to meeting these definitions of beauty, like almond-shaped eyes and a heart-shaped face, than any of the other Kardashians. Interestingly, Kendall Jenner is the one Kardashian to be considered the most natural, as well. Perhaps natural is more beautiful? David Beckham also placed fifth place in this study.

7 Beyonce


Beyonce’s place on this list, as the single woman of color, raises questions around the standard of beauty and how color plays a part in that. One would expect a more balanced scientific analysis of beauty. Nevertheless, when it comes to proportionate and symmetrical facial features, Beyonce placed fifth, next to Lena Dunham. Beyonce’s place on this list fits in with her reputation as a woman with a lot of sex appeal and has been called “The World’s Most Beautiful Woman” and a variety of other names that denote her overall beauty and sexiness. Jay Z undoubtedly agrees. 

6 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift placed third place based on computer simulations of the perfect face. For reference, the male equivalent that scored the same as Swift was Bradley Cooper. Again, this study found a heart-shaped face, arched eyebrows, eyes that are almond-shaped, a small nose and full lips to be the most attractive. Swift is an interesting candidate here because she isn’t regarded as a sex symbol: in fact, she refuses to show too much because, in her words: “I want that to be that I write my own songs, not that I have great abs.” Nevertheless, her long list of former flames probably all agree with her place on this list.

5 Miley Cyrus


When it comes to proportionate facial features and symmetrical faces, these elements make Miley Cyrus one of the most beautiful celebs, coming in at third place using Dr. Kendra Schmid’s formula. It makes sense, then, that Peta voted her as "Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2015.” Cyrus has come a long way since her innocent Disney days as Hannah Montana. At twenty-three years of age, Cyrus has posed nude for numerous magazines, has declared herself to be pansexual and openly declares her love for marijuana, giving all of us a lot of fodder.

4 Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson isn’t just a sex symbol according to human opinion (although she is that, too). Based on the computer program that analyzed a multitude of responses of the most perfect face, Johansson came in second place overall (she also came in first place for her full-lips). Perhaps it’s specific facial features that make Johansson so beautiful, but regardless of what it is, she is consistently regarded as the “Sexiest Woman” alive by the likes of Esquire and Playboy, making her one of the major sex symbols of the 21st century. So, what’s in sex appeal, anyway? Scientifically, it obviously comes down to fertility. Curves and hourglass figures, which Johansson is also recognized for, have been shown to signal fertility, which probably plays into Johansson’s place on the sexiest women in the world list.


3 Kate Upton


Blonde bombshell Kate Upton, Sports Illustrated model, who shot into stardom with her sexy swimsuit covers back in 2011, ranked second based on Dr. Kendra Schmid’s formula of attractiveness and how proportionate and symmetrical her face is. Many men everywhere would agree. With a ten being a “perfect” score, Upton garnered a 7.46. We consistently put Upton on all of those hottest and sexiest women lists, including Maxim’s Hot 100 list, back in 2012, but now we now have scientific evidence for why Upton is on computer wallpapers everywhere.

2 Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman came in at the number one spot based on a computer program used by police in the UK. The study analyzed the results of what people found to be the “perfect face,” which included the following facial features: a heart face shape, arched eyebrows, eyes that are almond shaped, a small and thin nose, full lips and being a brunette. The computer program was then used to create the most beautiful face, which found that Portman came the closest in terms of the most attractive facial features. This study also revealed that women rated certain facial features, including high cheekbones, a slim face and bigger eyes as more attractive than men did. David Gandy was the male equivalent.

1 Angelina Jolie


Science consistently ranks Angelina Jolie as one of the most beautiful female celebrities in the world. Dr. Kendra Schmid’s formula of attractiveness, based on proportions and how symmetrical the face is, put her in the number one spot (Brad Pitt came in at the number one spot for males), while the computer program in the UK put her in 7th place. The rest of the public seems to agree with the science as she is frequently referred to as “the most beautiful woman” or as a sex symbol by various publications like Vanity Affair.

Interestingly, in 2002, some observed that even women were beginning to declare their attractiveness to Jolie, regardless of sexual orientation, which was a new development. However, Jolie’s attractiveness and status as a sex symbol, according to some, has actually hindered some career opportunities due to the fact that her beauty makes her unbelievable in more normal roles. She is just that beautiful.

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