10 Of The Most Ridiculous Movie Villains

A good movie always needs a good antagonist. There needs to be something there to cause trouble for the hero, even if the film doesn't necessarily have a strong and clear cut "good versus evil" plot line. Sometimes the villain can just be the odds against a character. A villain doesn't always have to be a tangible and living entity. The adversary just needs to be an interesting and believable obstacle in the path of the protagonist.

Other times, the villain can be one of these guys:

10 A Small Toy Robot - Evolver (1995)

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Who is he?

Games like the popular Madden series of football games take real life and port it into virtual reality. Games like Evolver take virtual reality and port it into the real world! Evolver is a robot that shoots air soft pellets at a series of programmed real world counterparts. A mounted video camera allows it to study movement and learn from its opponents. Eventually, it wins a game of tag.

Why is Evolver so bad?

Evolver goes rogue and plays the game for real because he’s a robot in a movie. Like nearly every robot in a movie, he was originally intended for military use. You have to imagine the military passed up on Evolver because a child with a pillow could take on Evolver. The thing is essentially made out of an erector set. Evolver is about 30 inches tall and runs on a series of small treads. His greatest weaknesses are falling over and stairs.

9 A Snowman - Jack Frost (1997)

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Who is he?

On the way to his execution, serial killer Jack Frost is killed when the vehicle transporting him gets into an accident. Jack Frost is a serial killer that ends up living the serial killer’s dream: come back from the dead and kill some more!

Why is Jack So Ridiculous?

When he died in the accident the other vehicle was transporting a strange genetic material that fused Jack with the snow on the ground. Jack Frost ironically becomes a Snowman. In a town called Snowmonton.

When you get to the obligatory shower scene in this horror movie, don't even ask where Jack's carrot nose disappeared to.

This film surprisingly gained a sequel. The same couldn't be said for the Kevin Costner family film of the same name. You have to wonder how many times ol' Jack pulled a fast one on mom and dad in the DVD aisle.

8 Uncle Sam - Uncle Sam (1996)

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Who is he?

Psychopath Sam Harper is tragically killed in Desert Storm. Sam’s remains are returned to his home town and on the fourth of July, Sam returns from the dead. He then sets himself on a mission to kill anyone he sees that is acting like anything less than a die-hard patriot.

Why is he so ridiculous?

You’re never quite given a reason why Sam was able to come back from the dead on the Fourth of July. What we are given is a pretty tasteless story about a psychopathic child molester who joins the military to get a free pass on killing. There was a side-story about a psychic link between Sam and some boy, but that was explained about as well as Sam’s coming back from the dead. The answer for everything in this movie is essentially, "just because."

7  7. A Cookie - The Gingerdead Man (2005)

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Who is he?

Once again, a convicted killer comes back from the dead in the form of a thing. This time they give us a little more than the answer "just because" or radioactive waste. This time the convicted killer's ashes are cremated and then used in an incantation by the killer's mother. A mother who just happens to be a witch!

Why is he so ridiculous?

Well his witch mother took those ashes and baked them into cookies, bringing her murderous son back from the dead as a killer cookie.

Yep. A cookie. A cookie voiced by Gary Busey.

In later films (there are actually a small handful of them), the giant cookie goes up against a talking bong.

6 An Everyday Girl - Deadly Friend (1986)

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Who is she?

A young girl comes back from the dead and begins killing people in her neighborhood.

Why is she so ridiculous?

When you hear that a young girl comes back from the dead, you have a certain expectation. Kids always manage to be creepy in horror settings. Not here. A boy genius throws ethics to the wind and sticks his robot's microchip into his dead friend's brain. He expects that putting his robot's brain into her's would somehow bring her brain back. You know, like science.

5 A Baby -  It's Alive (1974)

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Who is it?

A woman gives birth to a mutant baby that viciously kills anything that even mildly scares it. Instead of being generally oblivious like most babies, this one is more like a rodent that freaks out when confronted by almost anything.

Why is it so ridiculous?

What we essentially have here is pollution in the air and water has caused babies to mutate in their mother's womb. That's it; just regular ol' pollution. There isn't some chemical lab or toxic waste dump up stream. These mutations were caused by every day air pollution.

It should also be mentioned it's still just a tiny baby. Why is this thing so hard to evade and stop?

4 A Puppet - Pinocchio's Revenge (1996) 

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Who is he?

Pinocchio needs no explanation. We all know who Pinocchio is. He's a puppet brought to life by a blue fairy. When he lies, his nose grows. His goal in life is to one day become a real boy.

Why is he so ridiculous?

Well for starters, he's Pinocchio. Most of us are familiar with the story and none of us remembers the part where he becomes a murderous little imp. This version of Pinocchio somehow gets into people's heads and gets them to do all sorts of evil things.

Get it? The puppet is pulling the strings. GET IT!?

3 Some Worms - Squirm (1976)

What is it?

In a small town, people are ending up with every ounce of flesh and meat stripped from their bones. The locals expect it to be the work a young city slicker that just rolled into town. Meanwhile, worms are disappearing from the local worm farm and ending up in egg creams at the local soda shop.

Why are they so ridiculous?

The science presented to us in Squirm is this: electricity can pull worms up from the ground. Electricity also turns worms into flesh eating monsters with the tenacity and speed of piranhas. A mere lightning storm is all it takes.

Fun Fact: Martin Sheen, father of Charlie Sheen, was supposed to play the lead role in this stinker!

2 A Leprechaun - The Leprechaun (1993)

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Who is it?

It's a Leprechaun. Jennifer Aniston took his gold and now he wants it back. Apparently he'll kill for it.

Why is it so ridiculous?

Between the 1970s and the 1990s, all you really had to do to put out a horror movie was take something recognizable and turn it into a murderer. The rule of thumb seemed to be: look at the object to your left and phone it in. Out of all these types of movies, the Leprechaun just resonated with people. The character spawned six films, with a seventh due out this year.

1 A Dude Who Plays Darts Really Well - Daredevil (2003)

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Who is he?

In Marvel Comics, Bullseye is one of Daredevil's most dangerous foes and a very mysterious mercenary.

Why is he so ridiculous?

In the film, Bullseye grunted and pointed to a bullseye branded into his forehead a lot. You see, the catch to Bullseye is he never misses. The thing is, in the film, he misses all the time. All the time. He might even miss more than he hits his targets in this film. His most triumphant scene in the entire movie is when he's playing darts in a bar.

A guy who can clear out a game of Cricket in three rounds is the best they could come up.

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