10 Of The Most Ridiculed Rappers Of 2015

The Hip Hop industry is a tough field to be in. The music genre, which arguably had its peak during the 90s with the likes of so many talented rappers, has shifted lanes in recent years. With these ten rappers, who are featured in the list below, Hip Hop has not been looked upon as a musical genre one should be proud of, for these artists have done nothing but tarnish the so-called Hip Hop game in 2015. One of the most notorious rappers who became a laughing stock this year was Meek Mill, simply because all the trash he did regarding Drake's supposed ghostwritten songs, all backfired in the end. The Canadian-born came back with two hot diss tracks, which many people believed killed Meek's career for good. But don't worry, because there were plenty more artists this year who followed in Mill's footsteps; some who fought with their baby mothers over their new boyfriends, while others couldn't even pay child support. There's no denying that the rap game no longer is what it used to be. See below for the 10 most ridiculed rappers of 2015, who have notoriously embarrassed themselves this past year. It should also be noted that a career comeback following their disastrous year is quite unlikely.

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10 Young Thug


People have still been growing fond of Young Thug’s music, despite his sudden rise in Hip Hop. Most of the time, it is hard to make out what the rapper is saying on his songs, to which he has faced a lot of ridicule for, but that hasn’t stopped him from making millions in earnings from songs, including Lifestyle. From the majority of songs Young Thug has unveiled this year, music critics heavily weighed in on the fact that they could never understand what the 23-year-old is rapping about, almost making him a laughing stock, showing how much the genre of rap had changed for the worst.

9 Meek Mill


Meek Mill definitely hasn’t had an easy year to get through. Despite having had one of the most successful albums of the year with Dreams Worth Money Than Money, he tarnished that success by going against his former pal Drake. When Drake heard about Meek’s claims that the Canadian-rapper doesn’t write his own lyrics, Drizzy left Mill stunned with the diss track Back to Back, which ridiculed the 27-year-old in all ways possible. Even Meek Mill’s fans sided with Drake following the release of the song — it became a phenomenon in the Hip Hop industry.



DMX has really struggled to get his life together over the years, which is crazy when you consider that this rapper was once able to make up to $10 million in movies, and so much more from his music sales. But all of it fell apart when DMX’s drug addiction seemingly got the better of him. Earlier this year, the rapper was sentenced to jail for six months after failing to catch up on child support payments, totaling to a stunning $400,000! And while DMX was released four months early, the remaining fans he still has left looked at him funny — is he that broke that he cannot pay child support? And better yet, why won’t he go to rehab?

7 50 Cent


50 Cent made himself out to look like a fool when he filed for bankruptcy to avoid paying millions of dollars in multiple lawsuits. Many of his fans didn’t believe the supposed fact that their rap idol was broke when he filed the papers, but according to sources, 50 Cent’s earnings really aren’t as high as they were claimed to have been. While the rapper’s brand may be worth over $100 million, his own net worth could stand as low as $20 million. Because, as a brand, one is not the sole shareholder of all the money that the company makes, and when people began to realize that 50 made not be worth close to half a billion after all, he became a laughing stock.

6 ILoveMakonnen


ILoveMakonnen got so carried away when his hit song Tuesday, took off on the Billboard Hot 100, he probably didn’t think that everyone would lose interest in his music so quickly. Since the release of Tuesday, Makonnen has released dozens of songs, all of which have failed to leave the same impact his debut single did. With hardly any buzz around his new music, people are convinced that the rapper will soon be getting the boot from OVO Records, with whom he had signed a record deal with last year.

5 Iggy Azalea


While Iggy Azalea’s career may have looked promising in 2014, this year has proven otherwise. Having sparked public feuds with the likes of Britney Spears and her mentor T.I, her fans were puzzled to understand why the rapper was constantly getting herself mixed in hot water. According to reports, many musicians have blackballed Iggy because they think she has a bad attitude and is anything but authentic to the genre of Hip Hop. So for her to then be starting unnecessary drama with her fellow musical peers have made Azalea look a little crazy on social media, for she is simply ruining her career, which only just took off.

4 Tyga


Tyga dating Kylie Jenner disgusted many people, especially when considering the idea that the couple allegedly started dating when Kylie was still 16. Tyga was 24 at the time. As sickening as it is, social media fans began making viral memes on Twitter and Instagram, mocking the rapper’s decision to date an underage girl, most likely for the fact to boost his declining music career. Tyga has been very vocal on how his record label situation with Cash Money has not seen him make much income over the years, adding that he had planned to go independent. But as an independent artist, you not only need talent, you also need the right kind of marketing. And by the look of things, the marketing scheme is already in check. His romance to Kylie is certainly a marketing ploy in itself.

3 Future


Future has had quite an awesome year, at least concerning his music. His personal life, not so much. As many might already know, the 31-year-old was engaged to singer Ciara, before she called off their engagement over rumors that Future had allegedly cheated on her. Ouch! When Ciara moved on with NFL player Russell Wilson, Future was enraged that his ex-fiancee would let another man be introduced to their son so soon after their breakup. Ciara’s fans, along with many media outlets, came to her defense, stating if Future had been a better fiance and father, there wouldn’t have been a Russell Wilson in the equation. It seemed stupid for Future to go at Ciara, seeing that their relationship downfall was supposedly his fault.

2 Birdman


Birdman hasn't had the easiest year, that’s for sure. Following an ongoing argument with Lil Wayne over financial issues, the music mogul has struggled to come to terms with the fact that the majority of artists under his Cash Money label want out of their deals. Here’s the thing, a lot of artists that are signed to the label, such as Nicki Minaj and Drake, fear that if Wayne cannot release an album due to financial problems on Birdman’s end, it’s not going to be that different for the other musicians on the roster. Nicki, Drake and Tyga are all expected to part ways with Birdman by the time their next project rolls out.

1 Azealia Banks


From homophobic slurs to feuds with other rap artists, Azealia Banks has done herself little favors. The problematic rapper, who has struggled to form a music career with longevity following the success of her breakout hit 212, is constantly caught up in drama. Many people believe that Banks’ arrogance and rude behavior towards her musical peers are the main reasons why she isn’t able to blossom into the artist she would want to see herself as. Having been dropped from Interscope Records, Banks is currently on the independent route, and considering that she doesn’t have a label to back her career, she’s pretty much become the laughingstock lady, who rants over the most absurd things. 

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