10 Of The Most Notorious Celebrity Sex Tape Scandals

It seems like everyone who is anyone is making a sex tape these days. Hollywood 'it' couples seem hell bent on capturing their lascivious exploits on tape and some of our favorite celebrities are no strangers to scandalous sexscapades. In fact, some of the most talked about sex scandals launched the careers of some aspiring starlets or amped up the volume on their popularity. Some celebrities are better known for their sex tapes than their actual work. When sex tapes first became popular, they were usually stolen copies of private tapes but as the world becomes raunchier, many reality celebs are authoring their own personal p****s meant for public consumption. Regardless of the medium, sex tapes fetch a premium on the market and cause the celebrity buzz factor to go way up because they are viewed by millions of people. This list will guide you through some of the most popular or raunchy celebrity sex scandals that we have seen throughout the years.

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10 Dustin "Screech" Diamond


Better known for his role as Screech on Saved by the Bell, Dustin Diamond filmed a sex tape with two women in 2007. The 40 minute video features Diamond engaged in various acts with two women. The twist in this story is that Diamond authorized the release of the tape in a desperate attempt to resurrect his failing career. The tape had the opposite effect and Diamond was publicly humiliated by his failed efforts and in the end, he came up looking more like his dorky character, Screech than a sexy stud. Diamond spoke out about his fiasco on Oprah and indicated that his failed efforts to make a quick buck are something that he constantly regrets.

9 Fred Durst and company

Limp Bizkit front-man, Fred Durst filmed a 2 minute long clip with his then girlfriend in 2007. He claims the tape was stolen by a repairman and subsequently leaked to the internet. Durst claims that his computer was hacked and that the film stolen from his hard drive was never meant for public viewing. The 90's singer was so upset about the contents of the leaked tape that he sued website operators for over 80 million dollars in damages.

8 Hulk Hogan and Heather Clem

Our favorite wrestler was allegedly set up by his partner, Heather Clem for this sex tape scandal. It has been reported that Clem was absolutely obsessed with the Hulk and desperately wanted to have sex with him for years. It was also said that Clem used her ex-husband, radio DJ Bubba The Love Sponge, one of Hulks closest friends, to gain access to Hogan. Hogan has responded by saying he was livid about the tapes and thinking about it being leaked made him sick to his stomach.

7 Rob Lowe and underage girls

One of the first commercially available sex tapes was filmed by blue eyed Hollywood heartthrob, Rob Lowe in 1988. The young actor was only 22 and the tape almost ended his early career. The tape features Lowe having sex with two women, one of the women was 22 but the other was an underage girl who was only 16 years old. The film was taped the night before the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta and Lowe was campaigning for a prominent member of the party. The tape was shot and released at a time when a sex tape was damaging and ruined Lowe’s image for a period. Lowe has since claimed that although the tape caused him immense grief, the whole experience was the catalyst for him getting sober and getting his life and career on track.

6  6. Colin Farrell and Nicole Narain

In 2003, a 14 minute video that featured Colin Farrell and his playboy bunny girlfriend, Nicole Narain was leaked to the internet. Farrell accused Narain of stealing the tape and selling it to make money but she denied all accusations, saying that she had no idea how the tape managed to find its way to the internet. Colin has gone on record saying that the whole incident was horrifying to him and that his biggest concern in the whole ordeal was that his mother would accidentally view the contents of the tape.

5 Kim Kardashian and Ray J


4 Farrah Abraham and James Deen

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3 Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith

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The stars of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith are following in the footsteps of Farrah Abraham and have decided to release a p*** video. The pre-sale revenue from the trailer alone was over $400 000 and Vivid founder, Steve Hirsch said that the company has never seen pre-sales like this before. The pair's sexscapdes became so popular that the internet is buzzing about the film. Hollywood gossip sites are even showing clips of the film.

2 Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee AND Bret Michaels

When you think of sex tape scandal, the first thing you think of is Pam and Tommy’s wild tape filmed on their honeymoon in 1995. Pam is one of Hollywood’s most iconic beauties and is no stranger to homemade sex tapes. She also made a sex tape with Poison front man, Bret Michaels before she met Tommy. The film is just as racy as the one with Tommy. Before the days of file downloading, email attachments and digital mastery, these tapes were filmed with old school hand held camcorders. The tape that she filmed with Tommy was stolen from their home and leaked to the internet. These tapes were some of the first tapes to appear on the internet and finding them was no easy task with dial up internet. They definitely brought on a whole industry related to sex tape scandals and celebrities. Pamela’s appeal has caused these tapes to be some of the most widely circulated sex tapes in history.

1 Paris Hilton and Nick Solomon

Paris filmed a steamy night with her then boyfriend, Nick Solomon in 2004, when Paris was barely legal. The tape which became dubbed, “1 Night in Paris” was an instant best seller and people everywhere went wild trying to obtain a copy. The film was shot using the night vision setting on the camera. Hilton denied her involvement in the tape for some time before finally admitting that it was really her. At the time, Paris was not very well known and this tape brought her commercial success and made her a household name. The video has become so popular that it earned the title of most rented film at the 2005 Adult Film Awards, and has grossed over 10 million dollars.

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