10 Of The Most Popular Celebrity Advertisements Of 2013-14

Right from my childhood, I’ve been obsessed with advertisements. I used to hum the catchy jingles, use the punch lines in absurd ways and in ‘absurd-er’ situations try to imitate the celebrities that caught my fancy. I'm pretty certain that this isn't only the case for me. There are definitely many of us obsessed with good advertisements. Below is a countdown of the best, most memorable celebrity advertisements of 2013-14.

The countdown is based on advertisements that are popular with the masses, have high brand recall and have the quality of leaving ‘imprints.' The countdown is not affected by that popular celebrity or that fabulous brand (and no, it’s not affected by that hot shot advertising agency either), it is simply about how many viewers loved the advert and remembered it (and of course, how many times it got shared on Facebook).

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10 Robert Pattinson – Dior Homme


If you wanted to sum up Dior Homme’s advertisement featuring the hottest fictional vampire, Robert Pattinson in two words, it would probably have to be ‘steamy’ and ‘uninhibited’. The almost 2 minute advertisement (if you watch the uncensored version) is an absolute eye-grabber, right from the frames and videography, to the music and the casting. Director Romain Gavras has hit the mark on two crucial grounds, keeping the picture black and white (and classy) and the background score of Led Zeppelin’s 1969-1970's classic, ‘Whole Lotta Love’! And if Camille Rowe and Robert Pattinson do not look epic enough for you in this commercial, you might want to scan the stunning BMW E30 instead. All in all, the commercial is enough to sweat you up, irrespective of whether you are a femme or a homme!

9 Scarlett Johansson – SodaStream


Though SodaStream’s commercial featuring the sexy Scarlett Johansson went viral for all the wrong reasons, it did go viral, and that makes it a success! ScarJo’s attempt to save the world, one sip at a time, did not go unnoticed despite there being a ban on the advert for the ending caption ‘Sorry, Coke and Pepsi’. Director Bryan Buckley starts off the advert with Scarlett in a white terrycloth bathrobe and thus, puts the entire spotlight on the actual product and how easy it is to use (and how good for all of us too). Once all the actual work is out of the way, the bathrobe comes off Scarlett and she attempts to take the message viral with her cool looks and hot expressions, not to mention the stunning outfit. SodaStream may have just intended to set the bubbles free, but it managed to free a whole lot more and create more than just ripples.

8 Anna Kendrick – Newcastle Beer


Being beautiful, as well as funny (at the same time), sums up the charm of actress and singer, Anna Kendrick and that is exactly why she got to be the girl in a (Non) SuperBowl beer commercial! The advertisement revolves around the Newcastle Brown Ale ‘ad’ that almost got made with the mega huge celebrity, Anna Kendrick. When the David vs Goliath style ad budget battle between giant, Budweiser and the smaller, Newcastle made it nearly impossible for the latter to get a commercial slot at the SuperBowl, so they decided to try something called ‘Internet ads’. The infallible move of going for humor with Anna Kendrick and poking fun at their own finances, sure made for a hit. I mean come on, if you have the ‘beer commercial hot’ Anna Kendrick and a slightly humorous script, you’ve definitely got the magic, no?

7 Multi-Star Cast (Football) – Adidas


What happens when you put four practically perfect men, in one room? An Adidas commercial of course! The latest in the ‘all in or nothing at all’ Adidas advertisements is an exciting commercial that cashes in on the Football fever. The ad, titled ‘house match’ features David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Gareth Bale and Lucas Moura. The four are seen enjoying a football video game, before inspiration strikes and they start an in-house football match. Of course, glass breaks, cups fall, chandeliers are broken and fun ensues. Famed directors, Fernando Meirelles and Cassiano Prado have caught all the fun, games and camaraderie on camera, in a way that it does not appear scripted at all. Now if this ad isn’t worth checking out, I am not sure what else is.

6 Multi-Star Cast (Football) – Nike


Now if Adidas has a multi-star cast football advertisement, it kind of figures that Nike will have one too. And oh boy, what a star studded cast it is! There are stars in the crowd, stars on the field and stars as coaches too! This 'larger than life' Nike commercial features heavy-weights such as Christiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Gerard Piqué, Wayne Rooney, Mario Götze, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Gonzalo Higuaín, Andrés Iniesta, Andrea Pirlo and more. The commercial shows a full on game of winner stays football, and the action on field completely matches the action off it, well complemented by the fast paced background score of Eagles of Death Metal’s Miss Alissa. Overall, Nike makes it a total treat for viewers, just to get its one message across, ‘ Risk Everything’!

5 Emma Stone – Revlon Colorburst Matte & Lacquer Balms


Take a pretty little Emma Stone, dress her up in beautiful shades of pink and peach, add a smack of irresistible color to her lips, and just let her be. Add to this some fabulous backgrounds, meaningful scripts and lots and lots more color, in the form of balloons and lipsticks and what you get is a stunning Revlon commercial. Just like all of their colorful commercials, this one doesn’t disappoint. The advertisement is infused with confidence, optimism and enthusiasm, and Emma Stone is her usual self, infinitely attractive. There is one thing that just cannot happen when you view this commercial and that is ‘disinterest’!

4 Cheryl Cole – L’Oreal Feria Hair Color


L’Oreal’s Feria Hair Color commercial found the perfect artist in the form of Cheryl Cole. She is so sizzling hot in this advertisement that her looks are just about enough to drive up the product’s sales. Not to mention that her hair looks like spun silk; kind of a pre-requisite when you think that this is a hair color ad. The advert puts the spotlight completely on the lady in question and her hair, as it swings about everywhere, moving in perfect rhythm with her insane dance moves. There’s a point in the ad where you’d begin to think you are actually watching a dance video. Stockholm Syndrome’s pretty girl plays up in the background and the lady sure looks like she’s enjoying the stage, as well as her glorious hair!

3 David Beckham – H&M


Hoping to recapture the magic of the 2012 H&M commercial with David Beckham, the Swedish brand has once again come up with an amazing advertisement for 2014. Acclaimed director, Nicolas Winding Refn wields his magic in this commercial, making Beckham look just so chiseled and hot, that the screen practically sizzles even after you’re done watching it. Not to mention that Beckham goes through a series of ‘underwear’ clad stunts for the brand, and has some of us drooling. In this commercial, Beckham gets locked out of a photo session and finds himself stranded on a rooftop in his briefs. He loses clothing one by one, as he takes all sorts of innovative routes to get back to the studio. The last shot catches him in his birthday suit, hence the name ‘uncovered’!

2 Penelope Cruz – Schweppes


1 Jean Claude Van Damme – Volvo


Volvo’s ‘Epic Split’ advertisement featuring Jean Claude Van Damme, is totally, totally epic as the history of commercials go. This commercial was actually shot as a live test set up for testing the directional stability and precision of Volvo’s dynamic steering technology. The unbelievable advertisement shows in practice how easy it is to steer a Volvo truck, like no words and language ever could. This ad, shot in one take on a closed off-landing field in Spain, was once the most watched commercial on Youtube! Director, Andreas Nilsson made all the right decisions, right from taking on JCVD, to using Enya’s ‘Only Time’ as the background score. For anyone interested, even the teaser live test 6 video (which is kind of like a behind the scenes version) is a great watch.

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