10 Of The Most Loyal Hollywood Bromances

You may have seen recent stories about bromances popping up in the media. For those not up on the lingo, a bromance is a long-term intimate friendship between men of a non-sexual nature. While not as common as ''Best Friends Forever'' (B.F.F.) the term that defines sister-friend relationships between women, you get the point. In Hollywood, there are some really awesome friendships between men. Long-term bonding happens withstanding the test of time, where relationships sustain the good and the bad. When two people really get one another, a connection happens that is not easily broken. It is rather refreshing to see the idea of bromances and what they represent talked about in the media.

Bromances seem to share threads of commonality. In addition to two people being well suited as friends, bromances have an uncanny way of evolving out of situations involving hard working, good looking guys who exude charm. That's the Hollywood version anyway. Here is a list of 10 Hollywood bromances.

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10 Arsenio Hall and Magic Johnson


9 Andre 3000 & Big Boi

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OUTKAST put Atlanta on the map as contenders in the rap game. Together for over twenty years, Andre and Big Boi had not performed on stage together in over three years. That changed this spring, when the rap duo with the funky southern twang headlined at Coachella. In addition to laying tracks down in the past, they performed on the big screen together in Idewald. The film was part musical, part history and showed their creative energy on the big screen. While the film wasn't a major success, it lent itself to the creative process, showcasing dancing, singing and a cabaret aura. From, ''Sorry Ms. Jackson'' to ''Hey Ya!'' OUTKAST and the bromance of Andre and Big Boi paint a clear picture. Good music and friendship can go the distance.

8 The Fresh Prince (Will Smith) & Jazzy Jeff


Who doesn't love the chemistry between the Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff? Long before Will Smith took on the role of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air on prime television, he and Jazzy Jeff were hitting east coast clubs and wooing crowds with their music and dance moves. On Smith's long running sitcom, they were best friends who shared an easy vibe infused friendship, with humor and situations that were pretty much believable, because of the easy chemistry shared between them. The home grown Philadelphia talent created ''Summer time'' (1991) a classic that is a warm weather family reunion staple.

7 Tyrese and Paul Walker

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6 Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy

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5 Donald Faison and Zach Braff

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The bromance between Scrubs stars, Donald Faison and Zach Braff began on the set, where their characters are good buddies. They joke effortlessly on camera, bouncing one-liners that are sometimes corny but work well for the duo. Spending time working on the set and hanging out off the set, morphed into a real guy bromance. The the two vacation together and continue to make moves on furthering their acting careers.

4  4) Jay Z and Kanye West


The bad boys of rap share a long history. Their bromance includes collaborating on each others albums as producers, and rapping duos that fans can't get enough of. They go way back, with West taking on the role of Jay Z's producer thirteen years ago. Jay-Z has returned the favor, when one wins, the other supports and celebrates. A serious trait of bromances. "Watch the Throne'' (2011) is one of their biggest collaborations. Supporting each other's solo projects has helped both West and Jay-Z remain at the top of the rap game, where they enjoy being two of the most popular rappers in the business.

3 George Clooney and Brad Pitt

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On top of being two of Hollywood's best looking actors, the bromance between Brad Pitt and George Clooney goes beyond the success of Ocean movies. They also team up outside of the movie set. Both are deeply committed to activism and giving back. The public can surely assume that there are loads of gut busting laughter when they are together, since both have the good humor gene. Shared laughter must be a bug for long term friendships and an endearing trait in bromances.

2 Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

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Billed as the ''poster boys'' for bromance, Affleck and Damon ooze compatibility. The energy they shared in Good Will Hunting carries over in real life. The two have bonded for life and they make friendship look effortless. They enjoy the success of hard work and when the movie is done, they turn up the good times. Pretty cool.

1 Adam Levine and Blake Shelton


Music and bros, equals success and a bromance for Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. The popular music competition series The Voice, placed country singer Shelton, and Maroon 5's lead singer Levine on camera, serving as judges on the show. On and off set, they are cracking jokes at, and about each other. When they aren't working on The Voice, they find time to hang out and cut up. Having fun together is part of the bromance creed.

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