10 Of The Most Insane Ways Celebs Lost Weight For A Film

In la-la land, it pays off to have a body that your fans envy; especially more recently, as the world moves deeper and deeper into this health craze that we know as juicing, fruition diets and GMO free lifestyles. Unfortunately for celebrities, they are normally the guinea pigs for these diet trends and it can either help or hinder them in so many ways. We have all heard of method actors (some great examples include the likes of Christian Bale, Leo DiCaprio and Daniel Day Lewis), they are the actors who stay in character and do whatever it takes to embody who they are portraying. Along with the typical mannerisms, comes the physical aspect. Some celebrities have put themselves on crazy diets to physically live up to the standards of these demanding often fictional characters. With these crazy diets comes horror stories of starvation, deadly cleanses and out of control burping. Imagine living off of something called oatmeal paste so you can play a tuberculosis stricken prostitute; Anne Hathaway can tell you all about it. Or how about eating one meal a day to lose a quick 40 pounds, then having to stop eating entirely to lose the last 10 pounds. Not only are these stories depressing, they are very real and apparently do-able. People who tend to believe that being an actor is quite possibly the easiest job on the planet, think again. Take a look at this list of actors who had to suffer to make the films you loved.


10 Lily James – Cinderella  Diet: Liquid Diet (Soup)

When newcomer Lily James snatched up the role of Cinderella, she quickly realized that food and a corset do not go hand-in-hand. Lily said that when they had long shoots, she could be wearing the corset for days straight and she did not want to risk being uncomfortable. She survived off of soup because a liquid diet was the only convenient choice at that time. It was one of few foods that would digest well while her stomach was being sucked in. Lily also mentioned that eating real food while wearing a corset would make her burp non-stop, and let’s be real, who wants to burp all day while trying to recite lines?

9 Beyonce – Dream Girls  Diet: Lemon, Maple Syrup and Cayenne Pepper Juice

After being cast as the lead in hit film Dream Girls, Beyonce went to extreme lengths to lose weight before filming started. The singer participated in the ever popular master cleanse, where she survived off of a concoction of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper, which she drank no less than six times a day. However, she did not stop there; Bey also did a saltwater flush and an herbal laxative. She lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks and began incorporating fish into her diet. Bey admitted that she knew she had to lose the weight fast but ultimately gained it all back by pigging out on whatever she could find.

8 Mark Wahlberg – The Gambler  Diet: Liquid Diet

Actor Mark Wahlberg is constantly changing his physique to star in films, however, normally he buffs up. This time around for his film The Gambler, Mark slimmed down to play a professor with a gambling problem. Losing about 61 pounds was tough considering he is so muscular and fit, and also because he lived on a strict liquid diet for four months. Anyone who has tried a liquid diet knows how much dedication that takes. However, Mark has always been one to go above and beyond to maintain his career and impress his fans; this was just another impressive feat.

7 Ashton Kutcher – Jobs  Diet: Fruitarian Diet

When the actor signed on to play the late Steve Jobs in the film Jobs, he took the role quite seriously. It was reported that Ashton did not only change his physical appearance, but he also tended to stay in character after the work day was done. Ashton wanted to do everything like Jobs and one of those things was adopting Jobs’ fruitarian diet; the name say’s it all. The diet consists of fruits and depending who you ask, sometimes a select few nuts. Ashton lasted a little over a month on the diet and ended up in the hospital for two days with severe pancreatic pain.

6 Michael Fassbender – Hunger  Diet: Berries, Nuts and Sardines

Most people feel as though actor Michael Fassbender can do no wrong in the looks department; however, before he became the well known celebrity that he is now, he was the lead actor in Steve McQueen’s 2008 film Hunger, where he played inmate Bobby Sands who participated in a hunger strike. For 10 weeks Michael lived off of 900 calories a day, which consisted of berries, nuts and sardines. He then stepped it up a bit by adding a vigorous workout routine to his mere 900 calorie diet; kind of crazy right? The best actors are the ones who embody their character physically and mentally.

5 Matthew McConaughy – Dallas Buyers Club  Diet: Diet Coke, Egg Whites, Pudding

Matthew McConaughy has played a plethora of characters, but he really stood out when he played HIV-infected hustler Ron Woodroof in Dallas Buyers Club. He reportedly lost almost 40 pounds for the Oscar winning role. Usually known for his muscular, lean physique, Matthew was as skinny as they come and stayed in character on and off the set. He told that he lived off of two diet cokes a day, two egg whites, a small pudding and a bit of chicken for three to four months, losing roughly 7 pounds a week. Matthew stated that the diet made him grumpy, bad-tempered and ravenous.

4 Robert Pattinson – The Rover  Diet: White Bread and Barbecue Sauce

To prepare for his film The Rover, Actor Robert Pattinson reportedly lost a significant amount of weight to play a hardened loner who is trying to retrieve what was stolen from him. Robert lived off of white bread and barbecue sauce for several weeks; it is unsure of how much weight he lost but in the film, you are definitely able to tell that his diet worked. He has dark circles under his eyes, he is significantly skinnier and overall, he looks broken down, which must have been the look he was going for considering the film's plot.


3 Jared Leto – Dallas Buyers Club  Diet: Starved Himself

Jared Leto freaked everyone out when he showed up in public looking less than a size zero; it turns out he was preparing to film Dallas Buyers Club, where he would play an HIV-infected transsexual. Jared said that after losing between 30 and 40 pounds, he stopped counting, although he admitted that the dramatic weight loss was not an easy thing to do. By the end of his weight loss journey, he weighed 114 pounds. So, how did he lose all of that weight? Jared said he just stopped eating. He starved himself for most of the weight loss besides a few liquids.

2 Anne Hathaway – Les Miserables  Diet: Dried Oatmeal Paste Squares

As skinny as she is, actress Anne Hathaway had to lose another 25 pounds to play a prostitute who was dying of tuberculosis in the film version of Les Miserables. Anne admitted to dropping the first 10 pounds with a cleanse and as for the last 15 pounds, she lived off of something called dried oatmeal paste squares. She would have 2 thin squares per day over the course of 2 weeks (kind of extreme for someone who already has one of the tiniest waists in Hollywood). One question on everyone’s mind is, what is dried oatmeal paste? Also, how would you go about making something that virtually no one has heard about?

1 Christian Bale – The Machinist  Diet: Apple, Black Coffee and Cigarettes

Actor Christian Bale went through extreme measures in order to prepare for his role as an industrial worker who has insomnia. It was reported that he lost more than 60 pounds in four months, with a menu that consisted of one apple, black coffee and cigarettes. Christian’s scary frame made for a good film but his daily menu had everyone questioning his sanity, his health and everything else he did during this time. It was pretty awesome that he had the strength and will power to stick to such a harsh diet; then again, acting is his lively-hood. Maybe next time he stays away from the cigarettes.



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