10 Of The Most Insane Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

Winston Churchill famously said that "a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on,"  a phrase more true in the age of internet than ever before. Because of th

Winston Churchill famously said that "a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on,"  a phrase more true in the age of internet than ever before. Because of the availability of information and the ease with which it spreads, stories can be shared around the world with just a click. This is particularly true about celebrities, who now not only have to deal with the paparazzi following them at every step, but with media outlets, fans and critics publishing outlandish stories about their lives (many of which are either exaggerated or untrue) on TV, in magazines, and on the internet. Being famous is certainly not for everyone. From harsh scrutiny about their looks and figures, to outlandish stories about their lives, it's no doubt that some of the stories being circulated in the media are likely news even to the celebrities themselves. Over the years some stories have gained such notoriety, it's difficult to not only trace their origins but also what the truth really is. Read on to find out about some of the most insane celebrity conspiracy theories and the stories behind them, and why these have persisted over the years.

10 Paul McCartney Died In A Car Crash And Was Replaced By A Lookalike.

9 Kanye And Taylor Swift Staged The VMA Interruption

8 Keanu Reeves And Nicolas Cage Are immortal

Over the years, conspiracy theorists have claimed a number of celebrities are immortal vampires or time-travelers by linking them to photographs of people that lived centuries before, but none of the theories are quite as famous as the ones involving Keanu Reeves and Nicolas Cage.

Rumors about Nicolas Cage began when the actor was filming Vampire's Kiss, claiming that Nicolas Cage ate a live cockroach and supposedly drank blood to get into character. The rumors took shape when the photograph of a man from 1870 who bears a striking resemblance to Cage was discovered. The image has lead many to believe that Nicolas Cage is either a vampire or has the ability to time travel - both equally cool and hard to believe stories.

7 Beyonce Was Never Pregnant

6 Who Is Their Real Father?

It's no doubt that due to her height, Khole Kardashian does look different than her other sisters, but some conspiracy theorists believe this has less to do with simple genetics (after all, many siblings don't often resemble one another) and more to do with who Khloe's real father is. Some theorists believe that Khole looks more like O.J. Simpson's daughter than the Kardashian daughters. To fuel the rumor even further, Kris Jenner revealed that during her marriage to Robert Kardashian she had had an affair, and at the time of this, O.J. was a close family friend. Although the rumors were dispelled many times, theorists continue to question who Khloe's father was.

5 Jay Z, Bob Dylan (And Other Celebs) Are Part Of The Illuminati

4 Who Murdered Kurt Cobain?

3 Tom Cruise Held An audition For His Baby Mamma

2 Britney's Meltdown Was A Diversion Tactic For The Bush Administration

1 Some Celebs Are Shape-Shifting Aliens Of A Reptilian Race

David Icke is a writer, public speaker, and a former professional football player and sports presenter who in 1990, visited a psychic and was told he was a healer for mankind. Since then he has focused on spreading messages from the spirit world for all of mankind. One of his most widespread message involved his theory of a global Elite who run the world from the shadows. He believes this group belongs to an ancient alien race which came to Earth from the constellation Draco and bred with humans, creating a new race of human-reptile hybrids called the Reptilians, which today run the world. Icke points to various 'historical evidence' that suggests that presidential families such as the Bushes and Kennedys, as well as the royal family, and other world leaders, as well as celebrities are “bloodsucking alien lizards”. While this may sound like complete fiction, a poll amongst registered American voters revealed that over 4% believe in Icke's Reptilian theory - I guess someone has to keep voting for the Reptilians!

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10 Of The Most Insane Celebrity Conspiracy Theories