10 Of The Most Hypocritical Celebrities

Everyone is hypocritical in one way or another, but for celebrities - when they're hypocritical, someone is going to discover their hypocrisy and expose it. Being in the public eye gives celebs a platform to openly share their opinions about anything and everything. However, some of them do not practice what they preach. Here are the 10 biggest celebrity hypocrites.

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10 Michael Moore - Anti-Capitalist Capitalist


9 Rosie O'Donnell - One Gun for Me, No Gun for You


While hosting her television show in 1999, Rosie O'Donnell had this to say about the right to bear arms, "I don't care if you want to hunt. I don't care if you think it's your right. I say, 'Sorry.' It is 1999. We have had enough as a nation. You are not allowed to own a gun, and if you do own a gun - I think you should go to prison." A few months later, one of her bodyguards applied for a concealed gun permit. On May 24, 2000, O'Donnell was asked about whether or not her bodyguard should carry a gun - to which she replied, "I don't personally own a gun, but if you are qualified, licensed and registered, I have no problem." So, guns for Rosie's protection, but '911 roulette' for everyone else?

8 Paris Hilton - Vote or Die


In 2004, Paris Hilton starred in a campaign called 'Vote or Die,' which was founded by P. Diddy. The campaign's message was to encourage young people to get out there and vote in upcoming elections. However, it didn't take fans long to discover that Paris Hilton had never voted in an election, and that she wasn't even registered to vote in the first place. Well, Paris Hilton didn't Vote. So, what was her other option?

7 Leonardo DiCaprio - Environmentalist


6 Megan Fox - Anti-Sex Symbol


5 Jennifer Lopez - I'm Still Jenny From The Block


4 Miley Cyrus - Drugs are for Idiots


3 Joan Rivers - Beauty Advice


In March 2014, Joan Rivers said in an interview with Howard Stern, "She's [Lena Dunham] is sending a message out to people saying it's OK, stay fat, get diabetes, everybody die. Lose your fingers. ... I love that she's funny, I love that she did well ... but don't let them laugh at you physically. ... If you look the way you look, Lena, and that's fine and you're funny, don't say it's okay that other girls can look like this. Try to look better." Ouch! Joan Rivers, a woman who clearly hates her own appearance has had over 700 plastic surgeries, turning her face into what now looks like melted plastic. Come on, Joan Rivers, judging beauty is almost like Kim Kardashian judging a talent show. It's hypocrisy at its finest.

2 Jennifer Aniston - Wife & The Other Woman


In 2005, the world was shocked when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston called it quits after 7 years of marriage. The public immediately sided with Aniston, after learning that Angelina Jolie, supposedly 'stole' Brad Pitt from Jen. The two fell in love and began a secret affair while filming, Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Aniston told Vogue in 2008, "What Angelina did was very uncool." In 2011, Jennifer Aniston began dating actor, Justin Theroux. The two are currently engaged, but when they first started their relationship, Theroux was in a relationship with his girlfriend of 14 years, and living with her. Jennifer, that was very uncool.

1 Dr. Phil - Take My Advice, Because I Won't


Dr. Phil is famous for shelling out advice on love, marriage and relationships, on his daytime talk show. He also boasts that his show is 2nd in the nation, because it helps people solve their relationship problems with a 'get real' approach. However, Dr. Phil is apparently unable to deal with his own problems. His first wife, Debbie, has reported that he isn't a model husband. During their three year marriage, Dr. Phil expected her to do all of the domestic chores, as well as keep in good physical shape. According to Debbie, he was domineering and required her to lift weights to improve her bust line. Dr. Phil wrote a book called, Love Smart, in which he states, "Loving smart means believing in you, your worth and your value." -- but apparently, believing in your spouses' worth or value is optional.

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