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10 Of The Most Heated Celebrity Sibling Rivalries

10 Of The Most Heated Celebrity Sibling Rivalries

There are many celebrity siblings in Hollywood but there are 10 in particular that really heat things up. Whether the siblings hate for each other is out in the public eye or it’s just the competition, these rivalries can get intense.

The best example of the celebrity sibling competition out there are none other than the Kardashians. The Kardashians literally record every bit of their life and within their show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we get to see how the family operates around each other. One of the reasons why the show is such a hit is because there are so many siblings in the family so there’s bound to be some drama.

It is a no brainer that the most successful one is Kim Kardashian, if you want to put it that way. Although, mama Kris Jenner is the brains and manager behind everything, Kim was the one to make the first move which not only gave her results but also for the rest of the family. Now, if you do keep up with the Kardashians, you know that although Kim is at the top and one of the most popular celebrities right now, she isn’t really the most likable one in her family. Not all of them are exactly fans of hers. Take Khloe Kardashian. In the earlier seasons of the reality TV show, Khloe and Kim would actually go at it, mainly due to Kim’s high maintenance and spoiled attitude which Khloe would call her out on and Kim wouldn’t be so happy about it.

Kim was actually disappointed at her sisters and brother for not being very “thankful” for all she’s done for them. It was probably hard to thank her when they didn’t really like her in the first place. Her brother, Rob Kardashian, was never shy about expressing those feelings for her. To this day, Rob and Kim have a rivalry that exists. The main reason hasn’t really been confirmed, yet, but if you have watched the show, you know that Kim would talk down to Rob a lot for not pursuing his dreams like she did which Rob would not appreciate.

So you see, there is a lot that goes on between siblings. Plus, it is no wonder the Kardashians and the show are successful. So much drama! Some of this drama also occurs around your favorite celebs even if you don’t get to watch it on a reality TV show. So let’s get to know these juicy celeb sibling rivalries.

10. Julia and Eric Roberts



This brother and sister duo had a rivalry that probably did hurt badly. The two were pretty close until in 1993, when Julia Roberts sided with Eric Robert’s ex-wife, Kelly Cunningham. Ouch. Imagine your sibling choosing your partner over you? The bitter custody battle between Kelly and Eric was brutal enough. Having his own sister side with his ex-wife definitely caused a rivalry that lasted about 10 years. Finally, Julia gave birth to her twins and Eric put everything aside to be with his family. He had mentioned that their relationship was right back on track as soon as the two rekindled in the hospital.

9. Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears


Britney Spears is everyone’s favorite pop star. When she was just 17, she was already a huge star and role model for young girls. Every girl wanted to be her and have her style. Then people found out she had a little sister who goes by the name of Jamie Lynn Spears. She also got into the entertainment industry business, except she started with acting as opposed to singing. When Britney was at the prime of her career, she just wanted more of it (way before depressed Britney existed). However, for Jamie, it was a different story while she was pursuing her career. The pop star’s little sister got pregnant at a very early age which got in the way of her career obligations. So Jamie didn’t really get to reach her potential like Britney. It’s unfortunate because we could’ve probably had something like the Spears sisters. So Britney got to take over the pop music industry and still is to this day after recovering from a huge downfall while Jamie moved away from the Hollywood scene to focus on her family.

8. Madonna and Christopher Ciccone



Madonna and her brother, Christopher Ciccone, had a public sibling rivalry back in 2008. That year, his memoir, Life With My Sister, debuted which was what caused a fallout between the two. The tell-all came off as exploiting Madonna by accusing her of cheating on her ex-husband, Guy Richie, along with other personal details. The sibling relationship fell apart and both went their separate ways. Moving forward to 2012, Christopher announced that he and his sister were doing much better than before. He acknowledged his memoir tearing their close brother and sister bond.

7. The Jonas Brothers


The Jonas Brothers were a hit in 2007 when they signed up with Hollywood Records, selling millions of records and accumulating die-hard fans, mostly females. However, the band did break up twice before they called it quits, officially, due to rumors of a feud between the trio. First, they took a three-year hiatus, then got back together to pursue their album “V.” However, that album didn’t get to see the light of day as the three brothers called it off. At the end, the three explained they all had different passions to pursue but do plan to eventually rekindle for their crazy girl fans in the future.

6. Kendall and Kylie Jenner


The Kardashians have their feud and so do the Jenners. A while back when they were just in the background on the reality TV show, Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner were always so close. The two had their own bond going on. However, the sisters were growing up fast and not too long after, the competition between Kendall and Kylie began. It all started when Kendall was open about her aspirations on wanting to model and Kylie happened to want that as well. But Kylie claimed Kendall was getting more attention than she was. Fast forward, the Jenner sisters have accomplished so much on their own; Kendall is a professional model while Kylie continues to pursue brand endorsements along with some modeling gigs. They have been compared several times from who’s prettier to who’s better overall. Although grown up, the rivalry between them is still very much alive except the girls are a little more mature about it. But on a recent episode of KUWTK, you can watch the sisters going at it again. Sisters will be sisters.

5. Beyonce and Solange Knowles


We wonder what it must be like being the sister of Beyoncé. Maybe stressful? If so, you can’t blame Solange Knowles for forever being “Beyonce’s sister.” Beyoncé was already Queen Bey when she was in Destiny’s Child. It only made sense that her destiny as a solo artist was calling. Solange has also pursued a music career but not so mainstream and popular as Bey’s. There were rumors of Solange being jealous of her sister taking the spotlight but those rumors were never confirmed. Queen has always mentioned how loving and supportive they all are of each other but little does she know, she is getting compared to her sister no matter what.

4. Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, and Kathy Hilton



If you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you know about the sibling drama going on between Kyle Richards and Kim Richards. Although the two starred in the reality TV series together, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are both super tight. Kim has been all over the headlines recently for her problem with alcohol abuse and Kyle has been trying to support her as much as she can but in the end, the two have big issues that have caused them to fade apart. Recently on an episode of RHBH, Kyle was almost uninvited to her niece Nicky Hilton’s wedding because of an apparent feud between her husband and her sister Kathy Hilton’s husband. Kyle explained in an interview on the show that she and her sisters basically just “don’t get along.” It’s a heavy situation between the three that at this rate, there’s no making up any time soon.

3. Kim Kardashian and Rob Kardashian



As said earlier, not everyone in the Kardashian family is a fan of Kim Kardashian’s. The one sibling who is not afraid of showing it is her little and only brother, Rob Kardashian. Rob has been going through a lot of ups and downs, mainly because he literally cannot keep up with the Kardashians and prefers not to. Rob has been having trouble finding his “passion” and pursuing it. With the success of his sisters, it doesn’t really help his cause. However, his sisters seem to be on his side except Kim. The reality TV star is known to look down on Rob on their show where she believes he needs “tough love” in order to improve. Rob, though, sees it in a different way and believes she is just being the b-word. Their sibling feud continues to this day where Rob has reached an all-time low.

2. Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen



If you are the brother or related to Charlie Sheen in any manner, we can’t blame you for trying to stay as distant as possible from the former Two and a Half Men actor. Not to say Charlie is a bad person, but he is one of those who just does bad things over and over again where we begin to question him. Emilio Estevez and Charlie are brothers but have never been the closest of siblings. It’s kind of questionable if they really are brothers or not. When the subject of Charlie comes up for him, Emilio prefers not to comment. Even during Charlie’s downward spiral, Emilio isn’t so fond of commenting on the matter as if he doesn’t want anything to do with him. In an interview with Britain’s Sunday Times, Emilio expressed his thoughts on Charlie’s mishaps, “All I can do for Charlie, and I can’t live his life for him, is to try to be an example,” he said. The two have gone completely different pathways, although still in the Hollywood industry. It makes sense since it seems the siblings are just two drastically different people.

1. Mark and Donnie Wahlberg



Mark Wahlberg and Donnie Wahlberg were known as the Wahlberg brothers. Both siblings are actors as well as musicians but there was only one that really stood out. You guessed it, Mark. Although, Donnie went ahead and pursued a successful music career with the pop boy band, New Kids on the Block, Mark was always the “interesting” one. He’s the one who kept us interested and wanting for more. People loved him as Marky Mark and still want more of him today. However, people also enjoyed his acting career. It seems as though Mark has pursued more blockbuster roles as opposed to Donnie, who is only notable for his music career with the boy band.



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