10 Of The Most Hated Celebs So Far In 2015

In his day and age it seems like society has more and more reasons to hate these public figures we call celebrities. However, there is a select few that society collectively hates and are not afraid to show their anger towards. These people include a former American sweetheart Lindsay Lohan, a sexy bad boy, Shia Labeouf and a man who is so past his prime that he should value the art of lying low, Charlie Sheen. It is unfortunate that these talented bunch of people have managed to ruin their own popularity just by being them. Along with being a public figure comes public scrutiny, becoming an automatic role model (whether you want to or not) and having to save face even when you desperately want to go all "Britney Spears" on every last person in sight. The world is funny in a way where they will praise you and support you in even the worst of times (until recently Bill Cosby can contest to this), but as soon as you do the tiniest of things that effects them in a negative way, something as simple as supporting a clothing brand that they do not agree with, can blow up in your face. This list is filled with people who have done a little bit more than betray you by wearing a defunct brand, but read on to see a list of celebrities that in a short amount of time have managed to become some of the most hated people in Hollywood.

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10 Taylor Swift

Nothing beats acting like a teenager when you are 23 and handling a successful career. Singer Taylor Swift continues to aggravate her haters and her fans by writing songs about her constantly failing relationships, starting her own girl squad of entitled chicks that include a bevy of Victoria's Secret models; and all this while still claiming to be that “down to earth” girl who can be a guy's best friend. Swifts’s constant spotlight in the media is beginning to take a toll on her normally adoring fans and she seems to be getting a lot of hate on social media lately.

9 Beyonce

Although Beyonce’s fans are an army of support for her and never admit when she has done something wrong; Bey has managed to royally piss off a bunch of people. The queen of pop called an impromptu press conference on Good Morning America to announce what everyone thought was a new pregnancy or maybe another surprise album, but what actually turned out to be a vegan diet that she was trying to push on her fans. Nothing is more annoying than getting up at the crack of dawn to be told that you need to lose weight and this is how. Way to go Bey.

8 Miley Cyrus

Her outlandish, obnoxious behavior has really begun to take a toll on even her biggest of fans. Miley Cyrus’ social media pages paint a picture of a desperate girl who so longs to be an exhibitionist without having to use the excuse of “it's art” to justify her constant nakedness. Could she be the 2015 Lena Dunham only without a TV show because hey, she’s been there and done that. Although it is hard to not admire and downright ignore her independent spirit, it is even harder to get past the wild outfits and loud maniacal, nonsensical social media comments.

7 LeAnn Rimes

Once known for being a country singer, she is now known for being a home wrecker, a stepmom and always wearing a bikini for some reason. Even though the home she wrecked may have been the home of someone fans dislike more than her, LeAnn Rimes continues to get slack for being Eddie Cibiran’s wife. Her never ending social media fights with Brandi Glanville and her oversharing of her sexual life are just plain annoying. What is the specific thing that has everyone so angry with her? We may never know but all the little things seem to be piling up on her. Maybe it's time for her to take a break from social media.

6 Shia Labeouf

It seems like every year actor Shia Labeouf is on someone’s hate list, and this year it's ours; Labeouf is a pretty decent looking guy, he has a successful career and he seems to be a gentlemen (most of the time). Unfortunately, Labeouf is also a social mess and has seemingly lacked better judgement throughout a majority of his career. He has engaged in several drunken street fights, walked around with paper bags on his head claiming to “not be famous” and worst of all, he was in Sia’s video for “Elastic Heart” where he inappropriately straddled a 13 year-old girl. Let’s try not to hold the last one against him, because that was not his creative decision, right?

5 Chris Brown

Ever since the whole Rihanna situation took place, Chris Brown has been teetering on a dangerously high fence; but as time went on things have only gotten worse for him. There is no particular reason why people hate Chris Brown (other than the fact that he's portrayed as a woman beater), but clearly it must have something to do with the fact that he continues to get arrested for violent behavior and treating women in an unsavory way (i.e. the whole Karrueche Tran situation). Not even a dangerous home invasion can make fans feel a little bit of compassion for Brown. News recently broke that Brown is the father of an illegitimate child, and who can hate a man that fathered such a cute kid? It turns out that kids are no longer a reason to have a soft heart towards an extremely hated man.

4 Gwyneth Paltrow

With her latest advice that encourages women to pee in the shower, former actress Gwyneth Paltrow (what was the last actual film she was in?) has managed to upset a lot of people this year. Paltrow is continuously giving out unsolicited health, parenting, and even travelling advice with zero qualifications behind her. Her advice sounds more like judgment and inferiority by the time it reaches her fans, but either way if you have some extra time on your hands you can find out the secrets to your pelvic floor from one of the latest articles on her lifestyle website.

3 Justin Bieber

No matter how much Justin Bieber tries to redeem himself, society may always see him as nothing but a complete douche bag. It is safe to say that even some of his prideful Canadian fans have turned their backs on this young man. Bieber volunteered himself to be the butt of every joke on one of Comedy Central’s Roast, and as impossible as it sounds, it seems to have made people hate him even more. Everything from the comedians he chose to the severely offensive jokes that they had to cut out, everything just seemed to rub a lot of people the wrong way. It looks like he can’t do anything right.

2 Kylie Jenner

This has been quite a year for the youngest Jenner child; Kylie Jenner graduated from high school, she started a successful hair extension business and she thoroughly entertains her devoted fans on social media. However, all of this has been overshadowed by her “home wrecker” status and ill-fated relationship with rapper Tyga. On top of all of this, Jenner has managed to shamelessly flaunt her underage body using 30 second Vine videos and racy Twitter shots. She also had a little scandal with her puffy lips that she insists was a little make-up trick that turned out to be lip injection. Touche Jenner.

1 Bill Cosby

Is there any explanation needed as to why actor Bill Cosby is on this list? Maybe some apologies should be doled out to Hannibal Burress, for the slack he received when he tried to make a joke about Cosby’s “extracurricular activities”. It does not look like this media frenzy towards Cosby will be dying down any time soon; more and more charges are being trumped up towards him and it seems like every word that comes out of his mouth is incriminating. Good luck Bill. This is not going to be one of those things that get swept under the table.

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