10 Of The Most Extravagant Celebrity Wedding Proposals

In this modern day and age, simply getting down on knee and asking your girlfriend to marry you just doesn't seem to cut it anymore. Just like everything else in our time, marriage proposals are getting more and more extreme and extravagant, from crazy-long YouTube video proposals to flash mobs, all in an attempt for the most original way to get down on one knee. And that's just for normal people. Imagine what creative ideas celebrities can come up with, with their never-ending bank accounts and equally never-ending connections. Well now, you don't have to wonder; find out how these 10 celebrities proposed to their significant others, some of which are a little wacky, but mainly, just plain lavish. A girl can always dream.

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10 Axl Rose to Erin Everly

via: www.metalsucks.net

This proposal lacks a lot of romance, but it sure is unconventional. Guns N' Roses front-man, Axl Rose came home early one morning, at 4 a.m to be precise, and proposed to his girlfriend Erin Everly. But don't be mistaken, he didn't say the typical gushy stuff one would expect. Instead, he told her, "Marry me or I'll kill myself." An ultimatum... how incredibly romantic!

9 Jordan Bratman to Christina Aguilera

via: www.emirates247.com

8 Brady Smith to Tiffani Thiessen

via: www.popsugar.com.au

As an artist, it was only natural that Brady Smith propose to his actress girlfriend, Tiffani Thiessen in the most artistic way possible. Before popping the big question, he handed her a hand-illustrated book, all about the couple's relationship and time together. He then got down on knee, and she said yes. How cute!

7 Pink to Carey Hart

via: www.people.com

6 Bill Rancic to Giuliana DePandi

via: sigfridrcv940.sourceforge.net

As someone who loves aviation, it seemed only natural that Bill Rancic took his girlfriend, Giuliana DePandi out for a helicopter ride above Chicago. After a limo ride took her to a helipad, Rancic was waiting for her, holding a box of her favorite pizza and a bottle of champagne. It wasn't until they were well above Chicago, and could see all the holiday lights lit up, that Rancic popped the question. That is definitely a romantic proposal.

5 Nick Cannon to Mariah Carey

via: newstangle.com

4 Dean McDermott to Tori Spelling

via: imagexsotic.com

3 Tom Cruise to Katie Holmes

via: www.posh24.es

While in Paris, the most romantic city in the world, Tom Cruise proposed to his girlfriend, Katie Holmes after just two months of dating. Of course, we wouldn't expect anything less from the Mission Impossible legend. But to make things just a little more extravagant, Tom didn't just do so on any Parisian street. Instead, he asked her at the Eiffel Tower. Lucky girl!

2 Kanye West to Kim Kardashian

via: www.hollywoodtake.com

1 Seal to Heidi Klum

via: exclusifpeople.com

To ask for his beautiful model girlfriend's hand in marriage, singer Seal took Heidi Klum away to the Rockies via helicopter, where he had a private igloo made just for the two of them, decked out with champagne, roses, candles and a delicious meal. As the helicopter departed, the two were left atop a mountain in Whistler, 15, 000 feet high, where Seal proposed in their custom-made igloo. 

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