Top 10 Most Entertaining Feuds In The Music Industry

Can’t we all just get along? It seems that every now and then people start sticking their nose in someone else’s business and we have a good old-fashioned feud on our hands. These feuds are entertaining for the general public, but can also be a little annoying at the same time—especially when there doesn’t seem to be much substance behind the arguments.

"He said this" and "she said that," does get a little old after a while. With the continuous growing of social media, one small sentence can go viral and spark a controversy that would have never led to bad blood a decade ago. This is the age we live in, so we better get used to it. A lot of hatred has been resolved over the last few years. Dave Grohl and Courtney Love made up over their Nirvana differences and just recently, Axl Rose and Slash buried the hatchet—which has already sparked countless rumors of Guns N’ Roses reunion rumors. However, there are still some old-school flames that burn on and new fires beginning.

While some feuds are built on merit and some are marketing ploys to sell albums, one thing is constant—we as a people cannot get enough of them. We love the Twitter jabs, the mixtapes that call out the others and the way superstar musicians turn into immature children once their good name has been soiled. Here are the 10 best feuds in the music industry:

10 Taking Back Sunday VS Brand New


For over fifteen years, 'Taking Back Sunday' and 'Brand New' have been recklessly calling each other out on records and in the media. It all started with a riff between former Taking Back Sunday bassist and current Brand New front man, Jesse Lacey and TBS guitarist John Nolan. Nolan apparently got physically close to Lacey’s girlfriend at the time, which obviously led to some turmoil within the band and Lacey’s departure. Both bands began writing songs with references to the other in not so flattering ways. The two bands briefly made amends and even toured together but recently, things have spun out of control again with current TBS front man Adam Lazzara, taking jabs at Lacey, saying, “He just sucks. He’s not a good person.” This rivalry is confusing and petty but has produced some incredible music to cry alone to while in your room.

9 Taylor Swift VS Katy Perry


This is a rivalry between two of the biggest pop stars in the world that used to be quite pleasant with one another. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry used to hug at awards shows, pose for pictures and even perform hit singles together on stage—but eventually things took an ugly turn for the two singers. While they both share a mutual ex-boyfriend in John Mayer, the feud actually does not even pertain to him. The main reason why these two former gal-pals started beefing was due to business. The business alluded to turns out to be two dancers choosing to perform with Perry over Swift. While that doesn’t seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of life, have you ever had two of your back up dancers bail on you for another female performer? It’s devastating. Hopefully, you never have to feel that pain.

8 Drake VS Meek Mill


The incredibly entertaining saga between Drake and Meek Mill has kept the Twitter-verse afloat recently. Meek Mill called out Drake for not writing his own raps and for not promoting Mill's latest album. A slew of other rappers came to Drake’s defense, while Drake penned a diss track titled “Charged Up.” Meek Mill, using the fame of his girlfriend Nicki Minaj (who is all over this list), responded with comments that only fueled the fire in Drake’s eyes. Drake then released another song calling out his foe called “Back to Back,” referencing Minaj’s larger fame by saying, “Is this a world tour or your girl’s tour.” If there’s one thing that makes a good feud, it’s recorded tracks that subtly go for the jugular.

7 Billy Corgan VS Courtney Love


While a lot of the feuds in this list have unfolded in recent years—we cannot forget about the ones that have been ongoing over a few decades. Our first one in that respect involves the lead singer of Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan and Hole lead singer, Courtney Love. Both incredibly outspoken performers have had their share of controversy, but it’s lesser known that these two former lovers have quite the disdain for one another. Corgan actually had his band leave a tour with Nirvana and The Red Hot Chili Peppers in the early 90s, because Love began dating Kurt Cobain. The two reconnected following Cobain’s death in 1994, but Corgan recently distinguished his relationship with Love as, “Two artists, probably before their insanity hit, finding some sort of zeitgeist between one another in terms of their artwork and what we wanted to accomplish.” Seeing as how it’s rumored that plenty of Smashing Pumpkins songs are written about Love—it’s safe to say he’s not over it.

6 Nicki Minaj VS Lil Kim


She’s back. Nicki Minaj, as talented as she is, cannot seem to stay out of trouble in regards to other artists and that doesn’t sit well with Queen Bee, Lil Kim. Minaj has had some choice comments to make about Kim, which ultimately began this female-rapper feud. Kim felt the lack of respect that Minaj portrayed towards her and everything she accomplished previously was unwarranted and she seems to have a pretty strong case. Both rappers are iconic in their own right and have paved the way for some of the greatest talents in music today. This is one feud that will hopefully end with both artists agreeing to disagree and collaborating for a generation-bending track.

5 Kanye West VS Everyone

The man referred to as “Yeezus” does not have a lot of friends at this point in time. Kanye West has all of the talent and vision in the world, but he is just completely unable to stay out of his own way, as he continuously puts himself in situations where he doesn’t belong. He has embarrassed Taylor Swift, claimed Grammy-award winning artist Beck was not a real musician, and time and time again finds himself as a punch line within the industry. Many artists have come to the defense of the ones listed above and all of the others that West has had a problem with over the years. Kanye is one of the best artists on the planet, but until he learns to pick and choose his battles—his legacy will be tainted.

4 Tom DeLonge VS Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker


Wasn’t life so much better when the world thought that Blink 182 was just three friends, touring the world and making toilet-humor music together? We learned recently, that this was far from the case in an incredibly awkward, angry and public split from one of the most famous pop-punk bands in history. Hoppus and Barker claim that DeLonge could not be bothered to work on new Blink material and that he quit the band through the voice of his lawyer, instead of doing it himself. DeLonge says that he was kicked out of the band through their lawyers and so the carousel continues to spin. DeLonge has recently said that he “Loves that band” and “I started that band. That’s me.” However, he still finds himself on the outside looking in, as Barker and Hoppus have moved on from DeLonge, replacing him and beginning to record new material.

3 David Gilmour VS Roger Waters


“All things must come to an end. I don’t want to go back there,” guitarist of the legendary band, David Gilmour said recently about the status of the group. Pink Floyd, one of the most iconic bands in music history have seen their share of differences during their long and storied career, but a major gap was formed between chief song writers Gilmour, and Roger Waters, due to creative differences. This is maybe the most unfortunate feud in our list due to the fact that Pink Floyd could have had many more good years and produced tons of new music had these two creative geniuses been able to see through their problems.

2 Nicki Minaj VS Miley Cyrus


She’s back, again. Can Nicki Minaj just let something go for once? Or is Miley Cyrus to blame for these two recently attacking each other through the press and even publicly at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards? While this spat may be an elaborate way to get some boisterous album sales, it does seem like it has a lot of legs to it. Cyrus made comments about Minaj being jealous that she was not nominated for the Video of the Year Award and Minaj got her chance to publicly diss Miley in a hilarious and awkward exchange which has become one of the only things to talk about from an otherwise lackluster awards show.

1 Noel Gallagher VS Liam Gallagher


Bad. Blood. There is no feud quite like Noel and Liam Gallagher, the brothers from the incredibly successful band, Oasis. The two brothers have been fighting since long before Oasis hit it big with “Wonderwall” in the mid-nineties and their brotherly bickering has carried on into present day. In 2009, the brothers had a fight in the backstage area just minutes before a show in Europe. Noel stormed away and that was the last time Oasis ever played on-stage together. Both Gallagher’s are highly active in the press and often take very literal punches at one another. The holiday season with these two must be an absolute disaster for their families.

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