10 Of The Most Embarrassing Rappers Of All Time

Rap, like all genres of music, has lots of fans and lots of critics. There are some who are die-hard hip-hop fans and see the music as one of the industry’s truest art forms. Others feel that rap doesn’t have any real musical value, mainly because they can’t understand the lyrics. Then there are others who had an affinity with rap in previous years, but aren’t impressed with the rap music that has been released recently.

Just like the overall preference for rap music is debatable, so are the rappers. Some rappers are seen as the best in the genre, while others are viewed as completely terrible when it comes to rapping skills. Of course, there are a few rappers that should never release another album, and most people agree on who those rappers are.

Don’t get us wrong. Some of these rappers are entertaining, just not when they’re rapping. It’s also important to point out that some of these artists are more well-known for public scandals and other sources of embarrassment, than they are for being rappers. That’s just sad, and it’s a sign that these people should probably look into new careers. Fortunately, some of them have.

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10 Sean Combs


9 Petey Pablo

8 Chingy

7 Lil Jon

In the early and mid 2000s, it was pretty hard to listen to a rap song that didn’t feature a harsh voice piercing though the music with one-word phrases like “yeah,” “OK,” or “what.” That was the voice of Lil Jon, who is a Grammy Award-winning artist. Lil Jon has also produced a number of records and has worked with fellow Atlanta artists Ludacris and Usher to make most of the music you heard at parties if you were in college between the years of 2000 and 2006 (roughly). Lil Jon’s voice was catchy, but hearing an entire song of him rapping is easily irritating. Besides, his lyrical content is simple at best. These days, he’s taken the hint that rapping is not for him, and has a standing gig as a deejay in Las Vegas. We think that’s a wise choice.

6 Master P

Percy Miller, also known as Master P, grew up in poverty in a housing project in New Orleans. He didn’t let his environment stop him from reaching his dreams and achieving financial success. For that, he is certainly to be admired. However, as a rapper, Master P has very little talent. Miller is best known for his single Bout It, Bout It and for starting his own label, No Limit Records. A number of his early songs talked about the hardship of ghetto life, and many of the lyrics were vile, crass, and deficient in creativity. His son, Romeo Miller, is also a rapper, and is just a little better than his father. It’s safe to say that most people would rather see Romeo on the small screen (he’s been in a number of television shows and TV movies). Master P should stay behind the scenes and give his son and daughter Cymphonique (who is also an actor and singer), advice about the business to increase their chances of success.

5 Gucci Mane


4 Rich Homie Quan


Rich Homie Quan is one of these rappers who also likes to sing. This would be fine, except he can’t sing. The Atlanta rapper is best known for his singles Type of Way, Walk Thru and Flex (Ooh, Ooh, Ooh). He is also featured on the single Lifestyle, by Rich Gang. Even though he was included in the “freshman class” of XXL Magazine in 2014, it’s hard to find a song by Rich Homie Quan that has any real substance. His lyrics aren’t particularly intelligent, but at least (some of) his hooks are (somewhat) catchy. It’s a shame his baseball career didn’t pan out after he played in high school and wanted to go pro. Perhaps that would have been a better career choice.

3 Chief Keef


2 Birdman

The New Orleans rapper and producer has been in the music industry for years, but isn’t showing any signs of improvement when it comes to his rapping skills. After all, if you’re going to continue rapping as a middle-aged man, the least you could do is rap about social issues or substantial relationships. Instead, it looks like Birdman still wants to let the world know how much money he has and how many cars he owns. He’s obviously committed to being a rapper, because he has several tattoos on his face, and we don’t know of too many other jobs where that would be acceptable.

1 Vanilla Ice

We have to admit, back in the 1990s, Vanilla Ice did make us “stop and listen” when he released the song Ice Ice Baby. However, after this hit single, Vanilla Ice never quite achieved big success as a rapper. Also, if you really listen to the lyrics of Ice Ice Baby, you have to admit that the lyrics weren’t all that great. However, the song was an undeniable hit, and caught the eye of some big hip-hop executives, namely Suge Knight. Allegedly, Knight threatened to throw Vanilla Ice off a hotel balcony if he didn’t give up the rights to the song. Vanilla Ice took a long hiatus from music, but his stepfather persuaded him to start working on his passion again in the early 2000s. In 2009, Vanilla Ice signed a deal with StandBy Records, but later left the label. More recently, he joined New Kids on The Block and Boyz II Men on their tour. Maybe it’s best that Vanilla Ice simply show up occasionally for the sake of nostalgia, and not try to make any more new music.

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