10 Of The Most Embarrassing Celebrity Makeup Fails

Every woman loves a little bit of make-up, right? Whether it’s the usual lip-liner or the regular use of eye shadow, make-up simply helps define features become much more notable. But, we also know that experimenting with make-up and trying out new techniques can go extremely wrong — especially when you haven’t checked yourself in appropriate lighting prior to leaving your house. The 10 celebrities listed below clearly didn’t get the memo, as all ten women have experienced horrendous make-up fails. ‘Horrendous’ for the fact that while women who aren't in the public eye can simply brush off the embarrassment of walking outside with a clown-like face, celebrities are constantly reminded by their mishap through photos that live on forever. Yikes. While some stars have managed to learn from their mistakes — presumably having fired their make-up artists — others continue to relive their worst nightmares by constant flawed make-up styles. One’s make-up does not have to be perfect like supermodels would usually wear it, but make-up also shouldn't overshadow the natural features you already carry. That’s when things start turning left. In this list, we've gathered together ten of the most embarrassing celebrity make-up fails over the years. See if you agree.

10 Tyra Banks


Tyra Banks may be a skilled top-model, but the same can’t be said when it comes to her techniques in applying her make-up, that’s for sure. We know this just by looking at the strong eye shadow she dared herself to wear on a night out in New York City, followed with hot pink lipstick and a little contouring around the cheeks. Had Tyra been making her way to a Halloween party, the choice of make-up would've totally worked, but not on an ordinary day out. What was she thinking?

9 Lil’ Kim


Overlooking all of the horrible plastic surgeries Lil’ Kim has undergone, the female rapper certainly doesn't make it any better when she applies a mismatched style in make-up. In the picture above, the Lighters Up songstress chooses to don hot pink lipstick with red rouge on both cheeks. Further up, the eye shadow is pretty strong, and not to forget those harshly drawn-on eyebrows. Whoever does this woman’s make-up deserves to get fired.

8 Kelly Osbourne


Bronzer mishap — call 911! You would think that stars would use studio lighting when applying make-up to their faces. Guess Kelly Osbourne didn't think of that when she had her team leave her home looking rather orange. The reality star attended the E! Upfront 2013 event in New York, and many attendees couldn't get their eyes off of her… unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. It appears that Kelly was going for a tanned look but had too much bronzer added to her face, resulting in a dark complexion. While her face was orange, her neck was completely white. Hilarious.

7 Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson usually always has her make-up on point. Not on this particular occasion, though. The actress showed up to an event looking rather ghostly as she smiled at photographers, completely oblivious to the fact that her face was distinctively lighter than her shoulders. Fortunately, the make-up mishap would only show in photographs, meaning that the flashes from the cameras were exposing the awfulness in how Kate’s make-up was applied. Again, studio lighting is key in making sure you don’t suffer from this kind of mistake.

6 Miley Cyrus


A quick powder does wonders on a woman’s face when she’s prepping for an important event. Then again, it can totally backfire, too. Miley Cyrus experienced the unfortunate side of rushing to get your powder applied when she posed for photos at the Maxim Hot 100 party. The singer was unaware that during her photo-call, she had white powder all over her mouth, resulting in a pretty hilarious photo. When Miley finally saw the photos, she hopped on social media and laughed about it. At least she handled the situation quite well.

5 Melissa Joan Hart


At an event that was supposed to be all about her kids, Melissa Joan Hart was devastated when realizing she was suffering from a major powder malfunction. The actress showed up to the 2013 premiere of the blockbuster hit Frozen, along with her family who geared up in catching a screening of the movie. But before Melissa could make her way inside the theater, she was left embarrassed when she was blindsided by the fact that she had a huge patch of powder on her forehead. Photographers began shouting at Hart about the mishap, to which she instantly responded by having an assistant correct it.

4 Eva Longoria


This, right here, appears to be a bad case of concealer and powder applied underneath the eyes. To be honest, wouldn't you rather show off your dark circles than leave the house looking the way Eva Longoria did in this photo? In her defense, she wasn't aware of it, but let’s not fool ourselves as this is not the first time Eva has suffered a make-up malfunction. Eva is notoriously known for her bad techniques when it comes to applying her make-up. We’re going to assume that whenever this happens to her, she’s the one who’s putting the concealer on herself. If not, she really needs to get rid of her glam squad.

3 Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie must have been kicking herself when she got home from the New York premiere of The Normal Heart, to notice her major (and rather rare) make-up mishap. If it hadn’t been for the powder that was heavily applied on her forehead, her jawline and her chest, Angelina would have looked flawless. It does not matter whether you have $50 in your bank or $500 million, Angelina is a pure example of an A-list celeb who could still get her make-up wrong. She looked gorgeous, nonetheless.

2 Uma Thurman


Uma Thurman showed up to the premiere of The Slap completely unrecognizable. Many had assumed that the Kill Bill starlet had gone under the knife to alter her appearance, but the actress’ make-up artist, Troy Surratt, came forward in admitting that Uma only looked different because of the way her make-up was applied. “I think that women should feel open and free to experiment with different beauty looks — it's only makeup, at the end of the day it all washes off,” he tells People magazine. Well, my friend, make-up isn’t supposed to change your entire appearance, nor is it there to distinctively hide your unique features, so we’re giving this one a fail.

1 Drew Barrymore


When it comes to make-up fails, Drew Barrymore is the icing on the cake. Back in 2003, fans were eager to see the starlet arrive at the premiere of Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, but nobody was ready for what they were about to see. It baffles us to think that nobody — not one person — saw this mishap that was bound to happen. Surely somebody must’ve known that applying lots of powder would have to be done under studio lighting so that one can see whether the amount is too much or not. Then again, this was back in 2003. Maybe people weren’t advanced with their make-up the way they are these days, but we’re sure that Drew has learned her lessons from the most embarrassing premiere she's ever attended.

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