10 Of The Most Embarrassing Celeb Yearbook Pictures

Yearbook photos: many of us have them, but how many of us actually have photographs of ourselves that we actually don't cringe as soon as we look at them? Try telling these celebs that. Before these famous faces were hitting it big in Hollywood, many of them have proven to the world that they had no sense of style whatsoever, as one female celeb sports bushy eyebrows, while the other is wearing three hairstyles on her head. Shocking! While yearbook photos are notoriously known as photographs many do not want to look back on, it is almost guaranteed that people in this list would have wished they never had the pic taken in the first place. One good thing that does come out of these sort of images is that it just goes to show how much one changes from the days of high school and college to becoming an adult. Instead of shying away from some embarrassing photos, perhaps these stars should embrace it since the majority of them no longer look the way they did in their photographs. Below, we have gathered together the most embarrassing celebrity yearbook pictures throughout the year, ranging from famous rappers to A-list actresses.

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10 Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart grew up to become a stunning, talented actress who is currently the face of Chanel — yes, the Chanel. Unfortunately, things have not always been as good for the Hollywood star after her yearbook photos emerged, which many people criticized because the Twilight star looked more like a boy than a girl with her shorter ‘do'. Those who have followed Stewart’s career from the beginning would not see a huge difference from then to now, seeing that the 25-year-old has always sported a tomboy image. Nonetheless, Kristen makes a cute young boy in her yearbook picture.

9 Avril Lavigne


Back in 1999 when Avril Lavigne was in tenth grade, the singer sported glasses and an odd hairstyle. Of course, it is strange to imagine that Lavigne once looked like this seeing that we only know her as the famous rock star that she is today. Just three years after Avril awkwardly smiled for her yearbook photo, her entire image changed; from the hair to the glasses and the makeup. The songstress has not mentioned her yearbook photo since they surfaced online — probably wanting to erase the pic from her mind for the rest of her life. Rightfully so.

8 Eminem


Before Eminem became one of the most respected rappers in the music industry, Slim Shady was just another fella who couldn’t figure out what hairstyle would suit him best. Judging by his yearbook photo, Eminem looks like he is sporting a small mullet — I think that this particular hairstyle died right after Billy Ray Cyrus got rid of his own in 1995. Fortunately for the Detroit musician, his yearbook photo was taken right around the same time Billy Ray’s Achy Breaky Heart became a hit song, so that particular look was most likely what was trending at the time. Embarrassing, nonetheless.

7 Kate Gosselin


It seems as if Kate Gosselin gets better looking with every new make-over she undergoes. This is evident when looking at how the reality star dressed herself former the infamous yearbook photo. In every yearbook photo from her high school days, Gosselin is wearing a pair of gigantic glasses with a hair do that not even our grandmothers could pull off. Oh, and the horror just by looking at the outfit that Kate thought would fit well with her hair, is enough to make anybody cringe.

6 Madonna


At age fourteen, Madonna was already arching her eyebrows so high, she would give you facial expressions that would make you think she is angry, sad and happy all at the same time. This particular yearbook photo, taken when the singer was just a teenager, is not that pleasant — she looks as if she is about to fall asleep while forcing a fake smile for the cameras (like many of us felt like doing at that exact moment in our lives). Her hair looks quite nice, but those eyebrows are utterly painful to look at. Thank goodness, they don’t look like that on her anymore.

5 Lil’ Jon


Lil’ Jon is probably one of the coolest guys down in Atlanta. He DJs at all the fancy parties, has produced some of the biggest-selling songs and has a lot of swagger that oozes off of his personality. All those things, however, could not be applied to the hit-maker during his high school days when Jon was sporting geeky glasses with a concerned look on his face in his official yearbook photos. The DJ is unrecognizable in his teenage photographs, having opted to wear suits and keep a rather low-cut hairstyle — far from the image that the 44 year old rocks these days.

4 Ryan Seacrest


Where do we even begin? Ryan Seacrest has most likely made one of the biggest transitions when it comes to personal appearance, as we judge his hilarious yearbook photo. Having admitted to being a big kid during his younger years, the radio personality wore a pair of hideous glasses which seemed to have matched the color of his braces and his hair. There are too many things matching one another in Seacrest’s yearbook photo, it is unbelievable to think that the 40-year-old has made that much of change. One positive thing that can be said is that Ryan has always had good skin.

3 Tina Fey


Holy moly! Tina Fey, is that you? Oh, well yes it is. The comedienne is totally unrecognizable in her yearbook photo, where she sported a hideous hair do that she most definitely wouldn’t want to try again. Furthermore, her eyebrows are exceptionally dark — Tina, what is going on with your eyebrows here? Not only that, but they are thick, too. Had Tina Fey’s name not been attached to this list, many would have most likely wondered who this man was. Luckily for the actress, she eventually got her act together and has turned out to become a sophisticated and beautiful woman.

2 Amy Poehler


While her yearbook photo looks rather quirky and different, Amy Poehler’s entire look just did not make sense whatsoever. Despite having dressed rather nicely for the occasion, the funny woman showed up looking like she had put way too much hairspray in her hair. What is even worse is the fact that her bangs are combed down to her forehead while everything else is scattered from left to right. Amy’s yearbook photo has reminded many people of a lion — because of the hair, that would make perfect sense.

1 Taraji P. Henson


Picking out the right dress and the most appropriate hairstyle for yearbook photos can be rather difficult and stressful to some. But please — don’t ever try what Taraji P. Henson dared herself to do. The Empire star must have been so torn between three different hairstyles, she ended up opting to apply all three of them on her head so that she wouldn’t have a hard time picking and choosing. The hair looks utterly ridiculous. It will definitely be one of the photographs that Taraji will never be able to forget.

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