10 Of The Most Controversial Series Finales

There comes a day in every person's life that is full of both, excitement and sadness. A day that is so bitter-sweet, there should be a heart wrenching melody written about it. That soul shattering da

10 True Detective

9 The Prisoner

8 Twin Peaks

7 Roseanne

6 Newhart

5 St. Elsewhere

4 Dexter

3 Seinfeld


1 The Sopranos

One of the most controversial season finales of all time is HBO's hit television sh-cut to black. Some people might get upset if that is how this article ended. Well, that's precisely how The Sopranos went off the air with their finale. David Chase, the creator and show-runner, seems to always like to leave things left open and up for interpretation. In a lot of ways, it was up to the viewers to decide Tony's fate. Many fans were angry and so irate at the time, but David Chase offered no explanation. The finale drew in 11.9 million viewers, if a show with this amount of popularity goes off air, it should definitely go off with a BANG!

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10 Of The Most Controversial Series Finales