10 Of The Most Controversial Celebrity Pregnancy Covers

Pregnant women are viewed much differently today than they were in the past, even 30 years ago. Originally, the word 'pregnant' wasn't allowed to be said on television. Lucile Ball was the first woman to write her pregnancy into the plot line of her show. It is said that there was a team of clergymen who oversaw the writing process to ensure that no boundaries were crossed. It was a highly criticized episode at the time and when looking back now, it seemed so innocent. With time, tolerances changed, from restrictive garments like the corset, in the 1800's, to over-sized tent dresses in the 1980's, women were seemingly forced to conceal their bodies during pregnancy.

Nowadays, It seems we rely heavily on public figures and celebrities to break down the barriers of the "social norm." Though, not without facing backlash, public ridicule and scrutiny, themselves. Once the gate was opened by Demi Moore in 1991, many more brave celebrities have decided to ditch their expensive clothes in favor of bare skin for their pregnancy cover shoots. Even still surrounded by criticism, these women have paved the way for change, regarding the everyday pregnant woman and the way they are viewed within society. Though these celebs are likely airbrushed, you can't help but be inspired by their courage to bare it all at such a vulnerable time.

10 Nia Long- Ebony November 2011

At 40 years of age, Nia Long was told that she would have difficulty conceiving another child. Upon hearing this information, her and Ime Udoka (her at the time boyfriend) assistant-coach for the San Antonio Spurs, decided to leave their fate up to God and shortly after, to their surprise, she became pregnant. Long had a son, then 11, from a previous relationship. One might agree that her desire to take this cover shoot was a reflection of her happiness and joy of falling pregnant.

9 Jessica Simpson - Elle April 2012

8 Mariah Carey- Life & Style April 2011

7 Miranda Kerr- W December 2010

6 Claudia Schiffer- Vogue June 2010

5 Christina Aguilera-Marie Claire January 2008

4 Britney Spears- Bazaar August 2006

3 Monica Bellucci- Vanity Fair July 2004

2 Cindy Crawford- W June 1999

1 Demi Moore- Vanity Fair 1991

The seemingly original controversial nude maternity cover celebrity was, none other than, Demi Moore. In 1991, Moore was photographed by Annie Leibovitz for the cover of Vanity Fair. In the photo she is nude and 7 months pregnant with her and ex-husband Bruce Willis', daughter, Scout. Her pose is confident, elegant and full of life. The critics, however, went so far as to call the image vulgar, grotesque and pornographic. While some new-stands refused to carry the magazine, others actually stocked it in with the porno magazines. Moore stated that, originally, the photos were not meant to be published and she had photo shoots with Leibovitz. Moore also insisted that she felt very strongly that the image was as family oriented as she could be.

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10 Of The Most Controversial Celebrity Pregnancy Covers