10 Of The Most Controversial Celeb Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching, and that means it's time for you to figure out what you want to dress up as. You might go the traditional route and show up as a vampire, or witch. Or maybe you are all about the blood and gore, and a zombie, or corpse is your outfit of choice. There are always thousands of possible pop culture ideas to bring to life as well. We all know someone who was Dexter, Miley Cyrus at the VMA's, or Don Draper last year, and this year is sure to be no different. But sometimes people go a little overboard when trying to create a costume that will be memorable, and unique.

There are always people who think they are being clever when they show up in an offensive costume (that girl who was a Boston Marathon victim last year... what was she thinking?), and as always, celebrities are no exception. Famous people dress up for Halloween too, and, unfortunately for them, their poor choices end up all over the news. Here are 10 celebrities who should either stay home, or maybe consider sticking to being a jack-o-lantern for Halloween this year.

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10 Snooki as The Girl on the Milk Carton

via: www.complex.com

Thanks to her hard partying days, there are people out there who actually dress up as Jersey Shore's Snooki for Halloween. There has never been a better excuse to take way too many shots, dance like a maniac, and literally pass out on the street, than being in character for your Halloween costume. But when Snooki dressed up as the missing girl on a milk carton, everyone sighed collectively. Missing kids haven't been featured on milk cartons since the 80s, but there are still parents out there that thought having their missing child's face circulated all over the country might help bring them back. If Snooki was missing in 2010, the first place everyone would look was the drunk tank.

9 Dwight Howard as a homeless man

Via: necolebitchie.com

In 2010, NBA star Dwight Howard made $13.7 million as a forward for the Orlando Magic. That Halloween he dressed up as a homeless man with a long unkempt beard, and a sign around his neck that read: "Will Dance for Food". It may seem funny to pretend to beg for money when you are a multimillionaire, but to the thousands of people out there who actually have to do it, it's no joke. On the bright side, Howard's D12 Foundation has actually done a lot of work to help homeless people, but you would think that would make him think twice before making fun of them.

8 Bill Maher as Dead Steve Irwin

via: www.steptisys.wordpress.com

7 Adrianne Curry as Amy Winehouse

via: www.holymoly.com

The first ever winner of America's Next Top Model has never been the picture of class, but Adrianne Curry's Halloween costume in 2009 might take the cake for her most insensitive moment. While dressing up as Amy Winehouse with her beehive hairstyle and winged eyeliner is nothing groundbreaking, adding the tourniquet and heroin-filled hypodermic needle is probably going a little too far. Trivializing drug addiction is never funny, especially since Winehouse ended up dying of alcohol poisoning only two years later.

6 Paris Hilton as a "Sexy Indian"

Via: sites.google.com

There isn't a single costume idea out there that can't be transformed into a "sexy" version by 21-year-old girls with no mind of their own. Some believe that Halloween is just an excuse to go to a bar in as little clothing as possible, and who would Paris Hilton be if not the role model of drunk bar stars? In 2010, Hilton took Halloween as an opportunity to dress as a sexy version of the stereotypical Native American Indian chief. The headdress, the braids, the feathers, all present. Add a bare midriff, a short skirt, and cleavage, and the perfect Halloween costume is born.

5 Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt as "Jon and Kate Plus 8"

via: www.popsugar.com

Former reality stars that just won't go away are offensive enough all on their own, but when they use Halloween as an occasion to make fun of other reality stars, it just gets to be too much. Most hated D-list celebrity couple Spiedi dressed up as TLC stars Jon and Kate Gosselin in 2009 as if to say, "look, we are so much cooler than them, that we can make fun of them!" While Kate's iconic hairstyle does deserve to be recreated in jest for years to come, Heidi Montag is in no position to make fun of someone else's appearance.

4 Prince Harry as a Nazi

via: www.independent.co.uk

Even though it has been decades since World War II and the Holocaust, we are still a long way from being able to make jokes about the army that massacred millions of people. You would think Prince Harry would have the class and awareness to realize dressing up as a Nazi for a costume party might not be a good idea. To be fair, he was only 20 at the time, and he apologized, with a generic, "I am very sorry if I caused any offense or embarrassment to anyone. It was a poor choice of costume and I apologize." Honest mistake?

3 Heidi Klum as Hindu Goddess Kali

Generally, dressing up as a certain race or religion is a bad idea. Supermodel, Heidi Klum went all out with her Hindu goddess Kali costume at her annual Halloween party in New York City. The costume was not well received by the Hindu community who demanded an apology for Klum's portrayal of a sacred figure. One Hindu leader said, "Goddess Kali is highly revered in Hinduism and she is meant to be worshiped in temples and not to be used in clubs for publicity stunts or thrown around loosely for dramatic effects." Basically, don't even attempt costumes based on religious figures. Just don't.

2 Chris Brown as a member of the Taliban

via: www.perezhilton.com

1 Julianne Hough as Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black

via: www.nydailynewst.com

Dressing up as characters from popular TV shows is usually a crowd pleaser, but painting your face black to portray an African American character, is not. The whole "blackface" thing is pretty much never well received. Julianne Hough said she never intended to be "disrespectful or demeaning" which is probably true, but that just opens a whole other can of worms about her ignorance of why her costume was offensive. She ended up apologizing profusely, and will probably think a little harder about her next Halloween costume.

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