10 Of The Hottest TV Sex Scenes Of 2014

Television shows have the power to take us into different worlds to make us forget about our own reality, every once in a while. As an avid TV watcher will know, sometimes it’s nice to veg out to reality TV, sometimes it’s nice to binge watch one of your old favorite TV shows, and sometimes it’s nice to get lost in a nice, steamy sex scene. More and more shows have turned to producing soft-core adult entertainment in order to keep its audiences entertained, and it's no wonder. Like Game of Thrones and True Blood has proved time and time again, sex sells, especially when paired with violence. The year of 2014 has provided its viewers with some of the steamiest sex scenes to date. Who could forget Claire and Jamie from Outlander, consummating their marriage in one of the steamiest episodes that has ever aired on TV. And Outlander wasn't the only show to give its viewers what they want. Other shows like Mad Men and House of Cards, all provided its audiences with fun albeit surprising sex scenes. So to commemorate the ending of another year full of steamy sex scenes, below is a list of ten of the hottest sex scenes of 2014.

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10 Danny and Mindy, The Mindy Project


The relationship between Danny and Mindy on The Mindy Project has always provided its viewers with lots of laughs. However, after returning from a summer hiatus, The Mindy Project gave its viewers something they didn't even know they wanted, a Danny strip tease. After Mindy found a pink thong in Danny’s drawer, she got a little freaked. Luckily for her, it turned out that the thong belonged to Danny when he was a stripper, trying to pay his way through medical school. And as a bonus for audiences everywhere, Danny performed his amazing stripper routine for Mindy. We think we are speaking for everyone when we say, The Mindy Project should definitely provide its audiences with some more Danny strip scenes.

9 Annalise and Nate, How to Get Away With Murder 

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The show, How to Get Away with Murder, is no stranger to the steamy sex scene. Frankly, the show makes going to law school seem like non-stop steamy action. However, the sex between Annalise and Nate in Nate’s apartment was hotter than almost every other sex scene in the show. Even though the sex scene’s context was questionable on a moral ground (both have spouses and Annalise’s husband was getting murdered at the time), the chemistry that Annalise and Nate share is undeniable. We think the show’s audiences are looking forward to some more steamy sex scenes between the morally corrupt couple when the show returns.

8 Daenarys and Daario, Game of Thrones 

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Nearly every fan of Game of Thrones wanted Daenerys to find another man after the tragic death of her husband and child, in the first season. Luckily for audiences, it turns out that the Queen of dragons knows exactly how to get what she wants and in this case, it was Daario. In the episode, Daenerys used her Queenly powers to get Daario to strip and have sex with her. Even though the scene didn’t actually have any nudity or sex in it (which is rare for the show), it was still one of the hottest scenes of 2014. And as an added bonus, it depicts a woman taking control of her sexuality.

7 Eric and Jason, True Blood 

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Even though nobody should be surprised by anything that True Blood throws at them, the steamy sex scene between Eric and Jason was an amazing surprise. The scene happened after Jason had some of Eric’s blood. As a result of tasting Eric’s blood, Jason was having sexual fantasies about both of them together. The result was one of the steamiest scenes in the history of True Blood. The scene was passionate and it kind of made you want Eric and Jason to be a couple because surprisingly, the pair had amazing chemistry. And lets face it, any excuse to see Alexander Skarsgård’s body is a good excuse.

6 Rachel and Lisa, House of Cards 


In season two of House of Cards, Rachel and Lisa had a "no boys allowed sexcapade" that was all kinds of steamy. Although some audiences felt that the scene depicting Rachel and Lisa finally releasing their sexual tension on the show, seemed a bit too scripted, it was still hot to say the least. Even though it was a bit creepy with Doug staring through the window to get a peek at his obsession Rachel, Rachel and Lisa obviously have some passion between them. And of course, we were all excited to see Rachel happy. Let's just hope it lasts.

5 Angela and James "Ghost," Power 

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Even though the love affair between James and Angela is a bit unethical considering the two are having an affair, the undeniable chemistry that the pair share is still fun to watch and makes for some pretty good TV. And lets face it, who wouldn’t want to see Omari Hardwick’s butt once in a while. The two characters have had multiple sex scenes and each one of them is hotter than the last. So even though the moral ground is a bit shaky when it comes to the sex scenes between Angela and James, the sex scenes are steamy, and that’s good enough for us.

4 Nichols and Soso, Orange is the New Black 


Orange is the New Black is known for pushing boundaries when it comes to depicting a wide array of sexualities. One of the many ways that the hit show shows this, is through many different sex scenes that show people of different sexualities. The sex scene between Nichols and Soso was just one of these incidents. The scene shows Soso who will not stop talking for anything. That is until Nichols provides Soso with enough pleasure to shut anyone up. We’re hoping that the show provides more enjoyable scenes like this, while continuing to challenge the gender stereotypes and norms that are prevalent in today’s society.

3 Megan, Don and Amy, Mad Men


Mad Men has always been known for pushing moral boundaries when it comes to sex. The threesome between Megan, Don and Megan’s friend Amy, was no exception. The show take place in the sixties, an era of sexual liberation. The scene depicts Don’s wife taking complete advantage of her newly liberated sexuality. Threesomes can go one of two ways. They can be completely awkward and utterly hilarious, or they can be ridiculously hot. In the case of Megan, Don and Amy in Mad Men, it was the latter. In the show, Don only protested for a minute before continuing on to a night of passion with two beautiful ladies. He definitely seems to be one lucky guy.

2 Connor and Copy Room Guy, How to Get Away With Murder 


Connor in How to Get Away With Murder, is basically known for having sex, and lots of it. His fellow classmates always discuss Connor’s frequent sexual activities and almost all of Connor’s success in law school has come from sleeping with the right people. But the scene with the random copy room guy might be the hottest sex scene of all. The scene came when Connor was trying to get some information from said copy room guy. Connor ended up getting what he needed, and he had some great sex in the process. Even the copy room guy was pleased with the experience, even though the experience ended up biting him in the butt.

1 Claire and Jamie, Outlander 

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Fans of the book series Outlander, have been looking forward to Claire and Jamie consummating their marriage for quite a long time. Luckily for audiences everywhere, it was worth the wait. Claire and Jamie’s sex scene might be one of the hottest sex scenes of all time. Calling the sex scene a scene is a bit of an understatement, the scene actually lasted an entire episode after Claire and Jamie tied the knot. The sex filled episode featured amazing chemistry and plenty of nice shots of Jamie’s butt. So basically, it was one of the best episodes of the season.

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