10 Of The Hottest Female Celebs With Big Feet

It’s quite rare to see women who wear a whopping size 11 shoe — but not in Hollywood. In La La Land, where supermodels and famous daughters to basketball players tend to reside, it’s quite common to catch females wearing big shoes and stilettos. Celebrities, such as Paris Hilton, have complained over the years on how much they hate having big feet, knowing that there’s no amount of money in the world that can “fix” big feet problems. The heiress stated that her big feet prevent her from wearing certain shoes she would look ‘sexy’ in, whereas women with smaller feet never tend to have those problems. It begs the question of whether big feet discredits a good looking woman, seeing that they are limited to many fashionable choices when it comes to shoes. While people in the world are trying to fight diseases such as cancer, people like Paris Hilton complain about their size feet, and how bad she looks in small-fitted heels. How tragic — not!

From actresses to supermodels; we've gathered a list of hot female celebs with the biggest feet. Ranging from size 10, all the way up to size 12 1/2, these women could very well be competing against men in shoe size.


10 Kendall Jenner - Size 10

Model Kendall Jenner, has quite large feet, having confirmed that anything under size 10 isn't comfortable for her size. The 19-year-old was never able to borrow shoes from her handful of sisters due to them having a fairly smaller shoe size. Fortunately for Kendall, her feet grew big enough for her to fit into Khloe Kardashian’s feet, which also happens to be a size 10. Kendall and Khloe not only share the same shoe size, but are known to be the tallest members of their famous family.

9 Khloe Kardashian - Size 10


Having always stood out from her sisters, Kim and Kourtney as a child, it didn't surprise anybody when Khloe Kardashian would go on to wear shoes labeled with size 9 during her early teenage years. The youngest out of the Kardashian bunch, must have been relieved when her feet stopped growing in size 10, and proudly rocks a pair of high-heeled stilettos from time to time to let everybody know how big feet can certainly pull off a hot look.

8 Heidi Klum - Size 10

German-supermodel, Heidi Klum wears a comfortable size 10, which is expected from her seeing that she stands 5’10 tall in height. But despite being comfortable with her large feet, Heidi went on to tell Fitness magazine that she does rely on shoe cushions to ease the pain she feels when wearing stilettos all day long. Not every designer make shoes in size 10, so when that becomes the case, Klum squeezes her feet into the shoe, all for the purpose of pleasing the designer of whatever runway she may be walking for. Ouch!

7 Serena Williams - Size 10 1/2

We guess that having bigger feet on a tennis court can actually be very beneficial for successful players such as Serena Williams. Why? Well, bigger feet lend you more support when trying to go after the ball, right? The professional tennis player, who is all-around very athletic, spends most of her time on her feet, so size 10 1/2 actually seems rather reasonable for someone like Williams.

6 Paris Hilton - Size 11

Paris Hilton has always rocked big feet — always! Way back in 2003 when Paris was just coming up being notoriously known as famous for being famous, the socialite was already wearing size 11 heels. It may have seemed like Paris either had a hard time finding a good pair of heels for herself, or she was very insecure about her feet, as she consistently wore shoes that were too small for her, resulting in her toes to overlap. As far as we know, Paris hasn't had one of those incidents in a long time, so maybe she’s embraced her big feet. “I desperately hate one thing about my body: I have size 11 feet. I can’t believe people care what shoe size I wear! I mean, I’m not a guy so it doesn't mean anything! Yeah, it sucks,” Hilton admits in her book, Confessions of an Heiress.

5 Famke Janssen - Size 11

What is it with all models having incredibly large feet? Model-turned-actress, Famke Janssen joins the ‘size 11’ celebrity feet club. The Hollywood starlet caused headlines late in 2014, when an episode of her Netflix show Hemlock Grove, showed her character sporting really big feet during a particular scene. Clearly, Famke’s feet were a shock to fans, as several took to Twitter, writing: “it sucks cause I like Famke Janssen, but all this show did was make me realize how big her feet were.” Janssen doesn't have an issue with it, hence why she never responded.

4 Uma Thurman - Size 11

Everybody knew that actress Uma Thurman had big feet after that infamous scene in Kill Bill, where The Bride attempts to ‘wiggle her big toe’ following a three-year coma scare. In fact, in the numerous collaborations that Uma did with director Quentin Tarantino, she was always showcasing her feet in some sort of way. Perhaps Quentin had never seen a woman with size 11 feet before and wanted to showcase them for the worldwide to see? At 5’11, it is only right that Uma Thurman was gifted with large feet. Besides, for taller people like Uma, they suit her height quite nicely. No sign of ‘sexiness’ lost here.


3 Maria Sharapova - Size 11

Having been named the world’s sexiest tennis player, Maria Sharapova certainly lives up to huge expectations. But did you know her tennis shoe size stands at an impressive 11? That’s right — many people never knew Maria was a woman with big feet due to the fact that she’s a very tall woman. Her height balances out any features that may seem big for the 'average' person. It was noted that her feet usually look smaller in magazine photo shoots, insinuating that there may be some Photoshop tricks going on to make her look more appealing. Are big feet really that bad, considering they belong to very tall people?

2 Tyra Banks - Size 11 1/2

Having started her career as a teen model back in the early 90s, Tyra Banks had some big shoes to fill in order to make it to where she is today. Yes, that silly pun was intentional. It is believed that though Tyra’s feet size comes in at 11 1/2, she prefers wearing size 12 shoes because they provide her with more comfort. After all, Tyra is a retired model — we're sure she’s glad she no longer needs to squeeze her big feet into heels that are too small for her. Nonetheless, Tyra is much too fierce to have her big feet overshadow her beauty.

1 Elle MacPherson Size 12

Did you know that top model Elle MacPherson, has some of the biggest feet in Hollywood? While already towering over all of the new models with her 6’0” height, should anybody ever try and make a wrong move on the 51-year-old, she can quite simply stomp you to the ground. Elle has really been blessed: tall, slender, beautiful brunette hair, gorgeous body, stunning legs — and then there are her feet. Her spouse Jeffrey Soffer, shares the same shoe size, so if he wanted, Jeffrey could quite easily put on a pair of Ella’s heels. They’d fit him quite perfectly.



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