10 Of The Hottest Female Celebs In Superhero Films And TV Shows

What makes a character stand out in our minds? What is considered exceptional in a superhero universe? Is it physical powers, mental agility, endurance, perseverance or a combination of them all? Whil

What makes a character stand out in our minds? What is considered exceptional in a superhero universe? Is it physical powers, mental agility, endurance, perseverance or a combination of them all? While there is often talk about how female characters are underrepresented or misrepresented within the world of comic book superheroes, we want to celebrate all that is sexy and kick ass about the female superheroes we currently have.

Female superheroes may be a topic that needs to be brought up to speed with their male counterparts, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t female heroes out there that are worth paying attention to. While some of these celebs have been working within the world of superhero films and television shows for years and have taken on roles as heroes in various film and television franchises, others are fresh on the scene, lending their own style and interpretations and making our favorite female super heroes come to life in a way we’ve never seen before.

Whether they have naturally occurring super powers, were somehow mutated causing their abilities to come to light, or their powers are more subtle, these ten female celebrities show that female superheroes are both beautiful and powerful. 

10 Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang


Lana Lang was one of those characters on Smallville that always kept you on your toes. While her story could be both entertaining and exhausting, often bringing her to various locations and swapping romances, actress Kristin Kreuk always kept things interesting in Lana’s life.

Viewers never knew what hard choice Lana would choose, but she made every choice with devotion and careful consideration of how her actions would affect everyone she cared about. Lang may not be the most physically aggressive character, but Kreuk proves enough determination and perseverance can be just as fierce as a physical fight. Her physical prowess combined with her long dark hair, piercing eyes and almost exotic look make Kreuk an irresistible Lana Lang.

9 Halle Berry as Storm


Halle Berry is an actress that needs no introduction. She commands attention wherever she goes, and her roles are almost always memorable. Berry has the winning combination of a down to earth personality and a rocking body that fits well for a seasoned superhero character who isn’t afraid to defend herself.

As Storm in the X-Men film franchise, Berry’s kick ass persona is no exception. As her name suggests, the character Storm can control the weather, giving her an immense amount of power. Berry lives up to Storm’s reputation with her quiet confidence and stellar abilities. Her lightning-white hair and eyes give her that exotic, untouchable look. Her appearance paired with her confidence in the role complete Storm's badass character.

8 Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow


Despite constantly being in the lab helping Barry and Cisco, Caitlin keeps her humor and her wits about her. She is brilliantly smart, thinks outside the box, and is quirky and charming in all the right ways. Snow’s familiarity with Barry’s powers and her expertise in helping to track down would-be criminals for Barry makes her an asset to the team. Her influence may be largely contained to the information she receives at Mercury Labs, but Panabaker always delivers Snow as a funny and relatable part of The Flash team with plenty of that sexy, smart sass to keep us watching.

7 Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones


The highly anticipated release of the Netflix original series Jessica Jones has Marvel fans anxious to see actress Krysten Ritter in action as the title character. The trailers released by Netflix make it clear that Jessica Jones is powerful, confident, and works alone. Marvel’s website reminds us that in addition to being a fantastic detective, Jessica Jones has exceptional strength and powers. What makes Ritter a kick ass hero in her roles as Jones is her ability to walk into almost any situation without hesitation or fear, know exactly what’s happening, and take on any challenges she may face. Ritter is sure to be a hero to watch this fall as she makes her way to the top of the superhero food chain.

6 Anne Hathaway as Catwoman


Dark, cunning and bold, Anne Hathaway was exceptional as Catwoman in the 2012 hit Batman film The Dark Knight Rises. Showing the true diversity of her acting skills, Hathaway gave us everything we would want in a Catwoman character—charm, cunning and a sly confidence that proves she isn’t afraid to take on most any foe. And let's not forget just how smoking she was!

Though she she may look sweet and modest at first, fans know this is part of Catwoman’s deceptive charm. Catwoman is calculating and confident in her every move. Unafraid to take on multiple enemies at once or swap between weaponry an hand to hand combat, Hathaway is a badass Catwoman.

5 Jessica Alba as Sue Storm


Unlike the flop that was this year’s Fantastic Four, the 2005 iteration featuring Jessica Alba as Sue Storm was well received. Alba shows that super powers don’t always require a knack for brute force and yet you can have powers while still presenting yourself as a classy woman. Storm’s alias as The Invisible Woman comes from her ability to make herself completely invisible. As Storm, Alba uses her invisibility powers outside of cloaking her own body and uses it to create force fields and barriers between people, giving her the ability to defend and protect others. Despite her polished looks and winning smile, Jessica Alba as Sue Storm can amaze you with her powers.

4 Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts


While Pepper Potts may have started out as a side character and romantic interest for Tony Stark in Iron Man, she has come into her own over the course of the film franchise. Paltrow as Potts shows both Pepper’s more relatable side where she is a business woman and partner to Stark, along with her more forward and combat ready nature. In Iron Man 3 in particular, Pepper shows us she is not afraid to get her hands dirty and fight to help those she cares for.

While Pepper Potts is not a main character or superhero in the traditional sense of wielding super powers, she kicks ass by showing that even humans can climb above their own challenges to become a version of themselves they never knew was possible. Potts' gorgeous figure and determined personality make it a no brainer that she's grabbed Stark's attention.

3 Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique


Solidifying herself as a top actress within the world of action adventure films, Jennifer Lawrence was a wise casting choice within the Marvel’s X-Men franchise as Mystique. Lawrence’s ability to adapt to her characters, showing how Mystique struggles to contain her abilities while learning how she can trust, is powerful. Mystique is classically a character who is a bit of a loner, not giving much information about her background yet seeming confident in her choices and alliances. Lawrence shows her character’s impressive ability to take on and use the powers of others just by having physical contact with another mutant/hero. Lawrence is a sexy and kick ass superhero because she shows us how to both be reserved and mysterious while using her abilities to help (or eliminate) others.

2 Katie Cassidy as The Black Canary


Don’t let the blonde hair and pretty face fool you, Katie Cassidy as Black Canary (aka Laurel Lance) on the CW’s Arrow is a true fighter. Keeping in line with her character’s history, Cassidy plays the young but tough spirited hero who is skilled at one-on-one combat. Cassidy commands attention with her (literally) glass-shattering canary cry and fierce determination to win any fight she enters. Her ability to work together with other heroes or take on a group solo lends to Canary’s versatile fight style. Her use of a bow staff in fights is in line with her simplistic yet powerful ability to take on almost any situation at a moment’s notice. Cassidy makes us feel as though her character could be anywhere, walking the streets of any city, ready to take on a challenge.

1 Zoe Saldana as Gamora


The 2014 hit Guardians of the Galaxy introduced us to Zoe Saldana as Gamora. Part of the Zen-Whoberi race, Gamora is a unique being who has exceptional powers (and a badass look). Gamora is strong and intrepid in taking on others in hand-to-hand combat. Marvel reminds us that Gamora’s pseudo adoptive father figure Thanos boosted Gamora’s physical abilities by training her in various martial art forms from various cultures. In Guardians, Gamora is both intimidating and agile. Saldana does Gamora justice by being cautious of trusting Quill at first, but she never hesitates to defend herself or her team.

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10 Of The Hottest Female Celebs In Superhero Films And TV Shows