10 Of The Hottest Celebs That Can’t Keep A Man

When you're an A-list celebrity, not only do you get invited to the coolest parties in Hollywood, your range in dating the hottest people in the industry stand wide open. Which is funny because, despite the fact that these stars tend to shuffle each other around when it comes to relationships, hardly any of them has ever committed themselves to a long-term romance. With the likes of Taylor Swift, who seemingly ends up having a new boyfriend every time she has a new album to write, or Halle Berry, who tends to marry her partners before even getting to know them properly, dating in Hollywood is tricky. But surely not so tricky that you have to jump from person to person in order to figure out what you are looking for in a man, because if you are consistently changing your lovers, there may be an issue in you and not the person you thought was at fault. See below for the 10 hottest celebs that just don't seem to be able to keep a man. 

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10 Taylor Swift

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see Taylor Swift make the cut, seeing that she has notoriously dated dozens of Hollywood men. And while all of her relationships with these famous faces have failed, the songstress has managed to write multiple hit songs out of her heartache, giving the idea that it was usually the guys who broke up with her, as opposed to her calling the shots. This is interesting as it gives one the idea that all of these fellas can’t cope with someone like Swift.

9 Halle Berry

With three marriages under her belt, Halle Berry’s fans are already expecting to hear the news that the actress will marry again. Let’s face it, Halle is a hopeless romantic, who usually rushes into marriage too early — we know this just by looking at her continuous pattern in finding love in all the wrong places. When someone has been married three times, clearly they couldn’t care less on how many times they tie the knot, it’s all about the feelings they feel in that moment. Fortunately for her, Halle has always married with a prenuptial agreement in place, prior to getting married.

8 Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is well known to struggle when it comes to keeping a man. Yes, she’s currently dating her backup dancer, but did you know Ariana was also seeing Nathan Sykes last year? She ditched him to get back with ex-boyfriend Jai Brooks, just two years ago, before eventually moving on to rapper Big Sean, whom she was seeing for just over a year. From here on out, Grande ended up calling it quits on this relationship also, which would eventually see her chase love once again when she began dating one of her backup dancers. Yikes!

7 Katy Perry

Talented and all (depending on who you ask), Katy Perry has always been pretty quiet when it comes to her private life. But everybody knows that this singer cannot keep a man to save her life. Having dipped back and forth from music producer Diplo to John Mayer, we can’t even keep count on how many times she dumped them, only to get back together with them. She usually splits from John once a year, starts a relationship with Diplo, and then seems to recycle this formula the other way around. It seems as if John and Diplo both have traits that Katy is attracted to — she just can’t settle for one.

6 Rihanna

Rihanna doesn’t mind the fact that everybody is always in the know on who she’s dating — and the list is quite long. Since her breakup from Chris Brown, RiRi has been linked to dozens of men, and these were rumours that had no clear evidence; these were stories with evidence showing that the Bajan-beauty was really hooking up with these guys. Unfortunately, none of the relationships ever stuck, which has led many of Rihanna’s fans to think that she just isn’t the type of girl who can settle down with one man.

5 Khloe Kardashian

Following Khloe Kardashian’s divorce from Lamar Odom, the reality star has seemingly been all over the place as far as her dating life is concerned. Having dated rappers, reality stars and athletes, Khloe is clearly making up for lost time, considering the heartbreak that her estranged husband had put her through for so many years during their marriage. Still, jumping from man to man can make you look anything but “classy,” if you know where I’m going with this. It’s almost as if she’s reversing the idea of going from hookups to marriage. You’re supposed to evolve, not go backwards.

4 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is notoriously known for struggling to keep a man. In the early 00s, the media got the impression that the men J.Lo was seeing at the time didn’t connect with her the way she did with them. Or so she thought. Ben Affleck famously confessed, saying he dumped Jennifer because the relationship was moving too fast, realising he didn’t want to marry Lopez after all. Ouch. But after Ben came a string of Hollywood men who were in a similar boat to the one of Ben’s, stating that they couldn’t see a future with the songstress.

3 Amber Rose

Ever since her split from Kanye West, Amber Rose has struggled to keep a man. Having dated multiple rappers since her breakup with Yeezy, Amber is still jumping from man to man, clearly hoping to find the right (rich) man to take care of her. Rose recently stressed that she wants to find a wealthy man — and that’s for obvious reasons. To maintain a luxury lifestyle, Amber hopes to find a man that will spoil her endlessly and buy her anything she wants; similar to the way Kanye treated her throughout the romance. But it seems nobody was willing to put up with Amber’s demands, seeing that she’s still single.

2 Rita Ora

Following her split from Rob Kardashian, British-songstress Rita Ora made a name for herself everywhere but the music industry. Her love life was well documented in the media, and it seemed as if Rita had a new boyfriend by her arms every other month or so. After Rob, Rita dated music producers, sons to rich fathers, models, fellow musicians and designers — all in a very short period of time. What was she trying to accomplish by hooking up with so many men? Because as we speak, she has yet to prove she can remain in a relationship for more than a year

1 Britney Spears

Britney Spears is a hopeless romantic and everybody knows it. But her way of falling in love is quite worrying. Having dated multiple men over the years, Britney is always quick to introduce them to her children, giving the impression that she plans to spend the rest of her life with that specific person. But just months in the relationship and she usually parts ways with that person, and one can only imagine how hard that must be for the children. Brit has not been in a stable relationship since her split from Justin Timberlake in 2002.

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