10Carey Lowell as Pam Bouvier in Licence to Kill


Timothy Dalton played James Bond in the large Ian Fleming franchise only two times, and the second (and final) movie that he played in was, Licence to KillLicence to Kill was released in the United Kingdom in 1989; although released on video in America with

the British spelling, it was shown in theaters with the American spelling: License to Kill.

Pam Bouvier was the “Bond girl” from Licence to Kill, and the story says that she was a former pilot for the Army and now is an aviator for the Central Intelligence Agency. Additionally, she is a spy against the drug lord, Franz Sanchez, who she is trying to take down in the movie. During the film, she gets shot but is unharmed because of a bullet-proof vest. Pam pretends to be Bond’s secretary while he was trying to break into the drug lord’s facilities and is successful in her adventures. At the end of the movie, James Bond falls in love with her, after trying to fix her up with someone else. Her surname (Bouvier) was a tribute to the late Jacqueline Kennedy, whose maiden name was the same.

Pam’s character was played by the actress, Carey Lowell, who has been seen all over Hollywood throughout the years. Carey portrayed Jamie Ross, in the television series, Law & Order and has had many parts in the film industry. She played Maggie Baldwin in Sleepless in Seattle, the deceased wife of Tom Hanks’ character, Sam Baldwin; where she was shown in a few flashbacks. Carey also played a fashion model in Club Paradise, a bank teller in Leaving Las Vegas and Martha in the 1994 remake of the movie, Love Affair with Warren Beatty.

Carey Lowell has since left acting, but did lend her voice to the video game 007 Legends, a first-person shooter based off of the James Bond franchise; available on many gaming platforms, back in 2012.

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