10 Of The Hottest Actresses To Ever Play A Supervillain

Why would anyone in their right mind root for a villain over a hero, especially when villains are constantly trying to take over the world and cause mischief? Truth is, without villains there would be no heroes. There would be no stories to tell, no average people rising up to the occasion of saving the world.

Having a psychotic mastermind is the key to every successful comic book. The greater the villain the greater the hero, it all goes hand in hand. Although having male and female villains is extremely common, there’s something special about an angry women in a tight spandex uniform.

This is a great year for superhero movies, but an even greater year for supervillains. In the upcoming year you will be introduced to a handful of female villains who wear their rage like they do their lipstick, and be assured that all these new castings will live up to your expectations.

Here is a list of the old and the new, the top 10 sexiest villains to ever set foot on screen.

10 January Jones - Emma Frost


Emma Frost is a mutant as well as a member of the Hellfire Club, where she fights for mutant rights as she disregards the lives of human civilians. This platinum-haired beauty has many abilities, the most obvious being that she can embody a living diamond form instantaneously. In this form, Frost can deflect bullets and has an impenetrable layer; she also gains super strength as is an excellent fighter. But that’s not all folks! Frost can also play mind games, although most beautiful woman can do that without being a mutant, Frost can create illusions in people’s minds, making them believe whatever it is she wants them to believe.

9 Michelle Pfeiffer - Cat Woman


Michelle Pfeiffer has been in the acting scene for nearly four decades, and somehow as the years pass, she remains just as gorgeous. In 1992, Pfeiffer landed the role of Catwoman in the classic movie Batman Returns. Beginning the film as Selina Kyle, Pfeiffer plays the timid role of Max Schreck’s secretary. Selina Kyle eventually gets thrown from a roof top and is expected to die, but instead becomes Catwoman through her near death experience. Catwoman becomes a villain who is saucy and unpredictable; some could even say she works by her own agenda.

8 Jennifer Lawrence - Mystique


In 2011’s X-men: First Class, Jennifer Lawrence plays Mystique, a villain to be reckoned with. Mystique is merciless and dedicated to the cause of bringing mutants back to the front line and out of hiding. Alongside Magneto, Mystique is a well known antagonist for the X-men movies. With her blue skin and yellow eyes, she is one of a kind; a shapeshifter who can mimic both the appearance and voice of anyone she desires. Mystique is also trained to be an exceptional fighter and is a proud member of The Brotherhood of Mutants.

7 Uma Thurman - Poison Ivy


When you think of supervillain Poison Ivy, your mind automatically jumps to Uma Thurman. Although the movie Batman & Robin did not get the best reviews, Thurman managed to play a legendary role, one that still precedes her till today. The transformation that Thurman’s character Pamela Isley goes through is nothing short of remarkable. Starting off as a timid scientist/botanist, Isley is tired of corruption and the misuse of nature, tired of her work getting exploited by her boss and by Wayne Enterprises. One day when she is caught snooping in her lab, she is murdered by her boss, only to transform into a beautifully poisonous being seeking revenge.

6 Margot Robbie - Harley Quinn


Margot Robbie has been casted as the new Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad movie, due to premiere this August. Most fans know Harley Quinn as one of the most ruthless supervillains of all time. This bubble gum popping psycho won’t think twice before she wields her bat in your direction. This year is definitely a great year for all comic book fans and they will not be disappointed, Robbie is the perfect candidate for this role, and she appears to be taking on the maniacal role of The Joker’s mistress with ease.

5 Famke Janssen - Dark Phoenix


Famke Janssen might not be playing Jean Grey in the new X-Men movie that will be coming out this year, but she will forever be the Jean Grey we remember and love. Except for that time she overcharged on her powers and became the much feared Dark Phoenix and started killing people uncontrollably. The Dark Phoenix is a force to be reckoned with, with her strong telekinetic and telepathic powers she will make sure you regret ever looking her way.


4 Jessica Lucas - Tigress


If you haven’t seen the hit Fox series Gotham yet, well here is some more initiative to check it out. Jessica Lucas plays the sexy Tabitha Galavan, sister to billionaire and partner in crime Theo Galavan. Together they try to win back Gotham, one crime at a time. This vixen is quick to lash out with her whip and show her violent side before anything. During the show, Tigress and sexual conquest Barbara Gordon scheme to make the city of Gotham pay at any cost.

3 Olivia Munn - Psylocke


Another new face appearing in this upcoming summer’s X-Men-Apocalypse is the one belonging to Olivia Munn. This sexy villain will be making quite the entrance with her trademark swordplay and skin tight costume. Olivia Munn even commented on how tight her costume actually is. She states that she had to lubricate herself in order to squeeze into the suit, and even at that she needed help from several other woman. One thing for sure is that we won’t be bored watching this new film that comes out in theatres this May.

2 Kelly Hu - Lady Deathstrike


Kelly Hu plays Lady Deathstrike in X-Men: 2. Hu might look cute and cuddly, but as Lady Deathstrike she is basically vicious. When she comes nose to nose with Wolverine, she gives him a run for his money, and maybe that’s because this sexy villain embodies almost the same powers as our wolfy hero. She has adamantium claws, insane healing abilities and can kick you across the face before you can open your mouth in awe. This little martial arts master is the way she is due to tinkerings from Colonel William Stryker.

1 Svetlana Khodchenkova - Viper


Svetlana Khodchenkova came a long way to portray The Viper. Originally from Russia, the actress admits that she had a bit of difficulty with the language barrier. Back in 2013 when The Wolverine movie first came out, Khodchenkova could not disclose much information on her character, only stating that she was a villain, and that she loved playing her. The Russian actress strived to play the Viper exactly as the comic books had made her out to be, only adding a bit of her own Russian flavour to the punch.

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