10 Of The Highest Bids For Celebrity Photos

Virtually everyone wants to know all they can about their favorite celebrities. Some people are die-hard fans of certain movies and television shows that feature the actors they are obsessed with. Others are willing to travel long distances to see their favorite musicians perform. So, when an interesting photo is taken of a celebrity, the public can’t get enough of it.

Of course, paparazzi has also been known to take pictures of celebrities doing “normal” things, like going out for coffee or taking their children out for a day at the park. These pictures, like the ones of famous people doing things that have gotten them into trouble, are often worth lots of money. After all, the goal of paparazzi photographers is to get that one “money picture” that creates a payday that could last for years. People are always willing to see pictures of celebrities, and popular magazines and websites are often vying for the best photographs that feature famous people (or their children or pets) who are in high demand. Even in death, some celebrity pictures are still worth a fortune. The bids for celebrity photos are always high, but there are some pictures that are worth way more than a thousand words.

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10 Daniel Smith


Daniel Smith was the son of the late Anna Nicole Smith. InTouch magazine purchased his last photo for $400,000. He often appeared on his mother’s reality show on the E! Network, The Anna Nicole Show, which was on the air from 2002 to 2004. The makeup artist for the show stated that Anna Nicole was worried about Daniel, and thought that the constant media attention was upsetting him. Daniel did very well in school, and was a straight-A student at Los Angeles Valley College before his death. Smith passed away while visiting his mother in the hospital in 2006, after she’d given birth to his half-sister Dannielynn. Daniel died from an overdose of Zoloft, Lexapro and methadone.

9 Maxwell Johnson


Maxwell is singer and businesswoman Jessica Simpson’s daughter. When Simpson was pregnant with her, she had a difficult time finding a magazine who was willing to pay $500,000 to officially release the news that Jessica was expecting a baby. However, that is the price media outlets were willing to pay to get an actual picture of Maxwell, according to The Daily. Maxwell is now two years old, and there are some pretty cute pictures floating around of her striking a pose in a colorful bathing suit that online magazines have paid a pretty penny for. Simpson also has a son with her ex-football player husband Eric Johnson.

8 Blue Ivy


Blue Ivy is the adorable daughter of Jay-Z and Beyonce, who are considered hip-hop royalty. The couple kept the pregnancy a secret, until Beyonce officially revealed that she was with child after her VMA performance. Of course, there were rumors swirling that Beyonce was having a baby before her unforgettable performance of Love On Top. The couple knew how big of a bounty would be on their child’s head, so they decided to release some pictures of Blue Ivy on Beyonce’s Tumblr page to reduce the price of the photos. However, baby pictures of Blue Ivy were still easily worth $500,000. Of course, the pictures of Blue Ivy jet-setting around the world with her famous parents are still worth quite a lot of money, and any photo that shows the famous tot’s face is still worth about $500,000.

7 Kim Kardashian

Of course, there are millions of pictures in the media showcasing Kim Kardashian and all of her…assets. Kardashian, who is now married to Kanye West, wasn’t going to get much for her wedding photos, since she’s already pretty much taken over the market when it comes to pictures. However, people are still more than willing to see Kim Kardashian wearing next to nothing. According to Steve Sands, a paparrazo, pictures of Kardashian on her honeymoon, wearing a bikini, were worth $100,000. This just proves that whether you love or hate Kim Kardashian (and the rest of her famous family), you’ll at least take a look at a photo or two of her, even if you’re only looking at the picture to criticize her.

6 Maddie Spears


Maddie Spears is the daughter of actress Jamie Lynn Spears. You may remember Jamie Lynn from her time on Nickelodeon when she starred in the teen show Zoey 101. She also appeared in the popular teen variety show All That, which aired on Nickelodeon as well. Jamie Lynn became a teen mom and was released from Zoey 101, and her daughter Maddie is now in elementary school. However, when Maddie was a baby, Jamie Lynn sold the photos of her daughter to OK! Magazine for a reported $1 million. This indicated that Jamie Lynn, who is Britney Spears’ younger sister, still has a little pull in Hollywood.

5 Max Bratman


When singer and The Voice judge Christina Aguilera, and her then-husband Jordan Bratman had their son Max, they were pretty sure that people wanted to know just how cute their baby was. So, they struck up a deal with People Magazine to sell photos of baby Max for $1.5 million. The magazine interview even included photos of Max’s beautiful nursery. Sure, it’s not as much as some other celebs were able to sell their children’s pictures for, but getting over a million dollars for a baby photo is nothing to sneeze at. Aguilera and Bratman have since divorced, and the songstress is now engaged to Matt Rutler, and the two have a daughter together.

4 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Wedding Pictures


Even before Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt tied the knot, paparazzi were in a fierce fight to see who would get dibs for the photos from the event. According to The Daily, the photos were estimated to be worth $2 million. After all, you have to admit that the pictures would be pretty impressive. Both Pitt and Jolie are some of the most beautiful people in Hollywood, and the ceremony would include their six adorable children. The couple had their wedding ceremony in France, but Angelina later revealed that she and Pitt were already married before their beautiful wedding. Since they are American citizens, they tied the knot in California, since they couldn’t legally become husband and wife in France. We’re guessing that the couple anticipated that the pictures would be worth a lot and wanted to curb the price.

3 Levi McConaughey


Levi McConaughey is a pretty handsome little guy. It’s no surprise though, since he’s the son of actor Matthew McConaughey and his model wife Camila Alves. When Levi was born, the couple sold the first picture of the baby to OK! Magazine for around $3 million. The cover photo featured Levi’s parents as well, which obviously did wonders for magazine sales. McConaughey has expressed his delight when it comes to being a father, and his wife Camila has appeared on talk shows talking about the practical and creative lifestyle adjustments she has made as a result of motherhood that can inspire other moms. The couple now have three children, and got married in 2012.

2 Max and Emmy Anthony


1 Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt


When Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie welcomed their twins Knox and Vivienne, People Magazine won the bid for the first pictures of the little ones. The couple reportedly sold the photos for $10 to $15 million, which just goes to show that the public is very interested in finding out all the details about the Jolie-Pitt clan. People Magazine also got the first interview with the couple since the birth of their babies. Of course, both Angelina and Brad looked great in the photos, and they almost (unintentionally) stole the show from their new twins. There was even a picture of the couple’s daughter, Shiloh, holding her new baby sister on the cover of the magazine, which upped the adorable factor pretty quickly.

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