10 Of The Craziest Things Drunk Celebs Have Done

Having too much to drink can make you do some crazy things. You could end up unintentionally spilling a secret about someone else, or letting a friend know that you have romantic feelings for him/her. Alcohol could also make you way more hostile than usual, and you could find yourself in a bit of a shoving match with another (inebriated) friend. Or, you may just wake up under the table (yours or someone else’s) after a refreshing nap, wondering what took place the night before. No matter what happens, if you’ve had too much to drink, you’re bound to hear a story from one of your friends that indicates that you did something stupid. All you can hope for is that the damage to your reputation was minimal.

When you’re a celebrity, your drunken mistakes could be amplified, since there’s a good chance that they take place in public. There’s an even greater chance that someone is there to record your embarrassment. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop some celebrities from getting a little too comfortable during a night out with friends and drinking way more than intended. Here are 10 of the craziest things your favorite celebrities have done while under the influence of alcohol.

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10 Ben Affleck


The famed actor and star of the upcoming Batman movie has since cleaned up his act for the most part. This is such a relief, because when he was promoting Jersey Girl, he showed up at one of the promo interviews after having way too much tequila. He flirted with the interviewer and even had her sit on his lap. Whoa! He also proceeded to say charming things to her and grope her until he didn’t feel like it anymore. During the same interview, Affleck managed to make fun of people with cerebral palsy. It’s a good thing he got this out of his system before becoming a respectable family man.

9 Anna Nicole Smith


The blonde, curvy bombshell didn’t have it easy when she first appeared in the public eye. Most people didn’t like her much because they believed she was a gold digger because of her choice of men. Due to the pressure to establish a better reputation, and likely other factors, Anna Nicole started gaining weight and drinking more while on her namesake show. She also had a public breakdown in 2004, when Smith appeared at the American Music Awards as a presenter and asked the crowd if they liked her body. Not too long after, Smith passed away after taking a toxic combination of prescription drugs.

8 Steve-O

7 Danny DeVito

After going out drinking the night before with George Clooney, Danny DeVito had a hard time keeping his balance during a 2006 interview on The View. He made all the hosts a little uncomfortable, and the other guests on the show giggled to hide their nervousness, since they had no idea what he would say next. DeVito ended up calling former President Bush “numb nuts” and did an impression of Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld. Danny also admitted that he and wife, actress Rhea Perlman, had a romantic encounter with one another while in the White House. It’s safe to say that sharing that bit of information quickly proved to be a mistake when he got home.

6 James Brown

The music legend was known for enthusiastically and rhythmically expressing himself. His words weren’t always understood, but it was usually easy to get the feel of what Brown was saying or singing. Then there was the interview when the 'Godfather of Soul' forgot that he was being filmed. Perhaps it was a huge publicity stunt to get out of answering questions about the fact that he shot at his wife with a handgun. But it was clear that adult beverages had something to do with the fact that he answered many of the interviewer’s questions in song and started engaging in conversations with his colleagues, who were off camera.

5 David Hasselhoff

The former Baywatch star didn’t share the footage of his drunken rants himself. They were actually made public by his daughter, in hopes that The Hoff would see the footage and change his way. It’s not a secret that Hasselhoff likes to drink, but his behavior when drunk can get out of control. He was even asked to leave an airplane after having too much to drink. The video that his daughter made public is likely one you’ve seen at least once. You know, the one of him with no shirt on, eating a hamburger and saying things you can barely understand? Yeah, that one! It’s both sad and laughable.

4 Paula Abdul

3 Sharon Osbourne

The outspoken Mrs. O doesn’t need any help voicing her opinion when she’s sober. So it only stands to reason that she’d be even more unapologetic after she’s had a little liquid courage. When she had her own talk show, she got on air and apologized to the viewers and studio audience for being drunk and explained that it was her birthday. She swayed and cooed through interviews and laughed wildly, much to the entertainment of everyone present. Sharon also showed up to an episode of X Factor wasted, where she shamelessly threw herself at Simon Cowell and cursed as though she forgot she was on live TV.

2 Courtney Love


Oh, Courtney Love. She’s almost as well-known for her drunken…adventures as she is for her singing. There was that time in 1995 when she crashed an interview between Kurt Loder and Madonna on MTV. She threw her makeup compact at Madonna. Loder invited Love on stage, probably in hopes that she would calm down. Courtney then proceeded to have a slightly angry conversation with Tabitha Soren, who is off-camera. But to the viewing audience, it looks like Love is talking to herself. Love even stated that her then-husband Kurt Cobain said that Courtney was a lot like Madonna, to which Madonna responded by leaving the interview. Then there was also that time she went to a Burger King in Union Square with no bra on and proceeded to flash everyone.

1 Britney Spears


Remember that time when Britney Spears shaved her head on camera? It’s pretty safe to say that alcohol was involved. There was also the time when her then-husband Kevin Federline, recorded her saying that time travel may be possible, and that some people were “ahead of them.” Some say that abusing amphetamines also had a lot to do with Spears’ behavior. But she clearly blamed alcohol for her Vegas marriage to Jason Alexander. The marriage was annulled a couple of days later. These days, Britney is getting her life on track and performing in Vegas. Let’s hope she can remain sober during her residency.

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