10 Of The Craziest Nicki Minaj Beefs

Rapper Nicki Minaj is not the type of girl who you want to get into a scuffle with, she looks like she will beat you down and really hurt you. What are worse than her scrapping skills are her words; Minaj has been known to tell off anyone at any time if she feels like they are disrespecting her. Not sure if this is part of her image or if it is something she grew up doing but either way, she has brought this attitude to her music and as part of her likeness. As mean as it sounds it can be seriously entertaining to watch Nicki take on her haters and call out people who need a dose of reality. No one is immune to Nicki’s tirades, she does not discriminate when it comes to clapping back or giving her unwanted opinion; she has hit up America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift, she has tussled with hood guys like Gucci Mane and she has given the one-two verbal punch to rap royalty like Lil’ Kim. While Nicki knows how to dish it she also knows how to take it and has gracefully bowed out when people talk crazy just to get her attention or as she may see it as piggy backing off of her tremendous fame. Whatever side the beef falls on we can all say we have learned that; 1. Nicki does not care who you are, if she feels the need to shut you down, she will and 2. We all enjoy watching her hashtag fights go down as we break our fingers to keep up with re-Tweeting her hilarious clap backs.

10 Nicki Minaj vs. Miley Cyrus

9 Nicki Minaj vs. Tyga & Blac Chyna

8 Nicki Minaj vs. Lil’ Kim

7 Nicki Minaj vs. Hot 97 (Peter Rosenberg)

6 Nicki Minaj vs. Farrah Abraham

5 Nicki Minaj vs. Taylor Swift

4 Nicki Minaj vs. Iggy Azalea

3 Nicki Minaj vs. ESPN Magazine

2 Nicki Minaj vs. Azealia Banks

1 Nicki Minaj vs. Keys

This has to be one of the dirtiest beefs that we have seen in a while; you may not know who Keys is but she has burrowed her way from underground to sock it to Nicki several times in YouTube videos of her blasting the rapper through freestyles. The beef reportedly started because Keys was trying to get a leg up in her music career, so she picked out the biggest baddest b**** in the game and attacked her. While Keys combats with her freestyles, there seems to be only one video of Nicki stating that she does not feel the need to respond to anyone. However, she will not state Keys' name and supposedly, she has attacked Keys in a few of her songs . This only makes Keys go harder and spit some crazy bars in Nicki’s direction, so let’s see how this one plays out.


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10 Of The Craziest Nicki Minaj Beefs