10 Of The Craziest Nicki Minaj Beefs

Rapper Nicki Minaj is not the type of girl who you want to get into a scuffle with, she looks like she will beat you down and really hurt you. What are worse than her scrapping skills are her words; Minaj has been known to tell off anyone at any time if she feels like they are disrespecting her. Not sure if this is part of her image or if it is something she grew up doing but either way, she has brought this attitude to her music and as part of her likeness. As mean as it sounds it can be seriously entertaining to watch Nicki take on her haters and call out people who need a dose of reality. No one is immune to Nicki’s tirades, she does not discriminate when it comes to clapping back or giving her unwanted opinion; she has hit up America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift, she has tussled with hood guys like Gucci Mane and she has given the one-two verbal punch to rap royalty like Lil’ Kim. While Nicki knows how to dish it she also knows how to take it and has gracefully bowed out when people talk crazy just to get her attention or as she may see it as piggy backing off of her tremendous fame. Whatever side the beef falls on we can all say we have learned that; 1. Nicki does not care who you are, if she feels the need to shut you down, she will and 2. We all enjoy watching her hashtag fights go down as we break our fingers to keep up with re-Tweeting her hilarious clap backs.


10 Nicki Minaj vs. Miley Cyrus

This beef that involved Nicki might have been a fake one but of course, we will never know for sure. At the 2015 MTV Music Awards when Minaj went on stage to accept her awards for Best Hip-Hop Video she made a snide remark to host Miley Cyrus, "I saw [Cyrus] just looking at me, with her face screwed up, and I thought, 'What the!'", her mic was quickly cut along with Cyrus’ but not before she was able to add "This b**** that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press. Miley, what's good?" Needless to say the whole situation was awkward and it is still kind of going on.

9 Nicki Minaj vs. Tyga & Blac Chyna


Minaj must really hate the underage relationship that Tyga was carrying on with his then minor girlfriend Kylie Jenner, because reports are buzzing that she deliberately became friends with Tyga’s ex-fiance and baby mama Blac Chyna just to mess with him. However, things got really dirty when she used her craft to snake him in her music video ‘Feeling Myself’ with Beyonce; the rapper wore a t-shirt that read “Pervert 17” (this is supposed to be a reference to Jenner’s age and Tyga being 25). The beef initially started because Minaj took a track that Tyga wanted for his album. The last words in this beef were; “So now it’s time to get revenge by friending up his ex, Miss Chyna!”. Yikes!

8 Nicki Minaj vs. Lil’ Kim

Nicki Minaj went after the Queen Bee herself, Lil’ Kim; the beef started with a harmonious record being recorded by the two female rappers. However, along with the record there was a promise from Minaj’s team that there would be a big marketing push and a music video. It looks like Minaj ducked out on the latter end of that deal and to make things worse, Kim stated that Minaj started snubbing her and acting catty towards her when they would see one another at parties and events. Minaj went on to diss Kim in a few records; Kim did not take it sitting down though, she made an appearance on the radio show The Breakfast Club, and laid it all out.

7 Nicki Minaj vs. Hot 97 (Peter Rosenberg)


When Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg called out Nicki Minaj in front of a crowd of people it was not a good look. During Summer Jam 2012 Rosenberg took the opportunity to classify Minaj’s music as not “real hip hop”. While Minaj is usually one who likes to take any opportunity to lash out, she did something subtle that spoke volumes; she cancelled her performance and left the venue immediately. Needless to say, Rosenberg, nor his Hot 97 team was fazed and the show went on.

6 Nicki Minaj vs. Farrah Abraham

Let this be a lesson to everyone; do not do things in public that you do not want to be judged for. Everyone knows Farrah Abraham from Teen Mom, and if you know Abraham then you know she treats her parents like complete garbage (this includes disrespecting them by calling them by their first names). Well it looks like Nicki has had enough, she took to Twitter to shut Abraham down in a hilarious, yet vulgar Tweet; “Farrah is a c**t to her mother”, truer words have never been spoken. Abraham quickly challenged Nicki by asking if she was a mother. Nicki by-passed that and laid into Abraham even more, stating that she was lucky her mom was helping her. The war is still going on, but we all must agree Farrah is pretty horrible to her mom.

5 Nicki Minaj vs. Taylor Swift


Attention seeker Taylor Swift must have been feeling left out one lonely day when she decided it was a grand idea to take on Nicki. Minaj took to Twitter one day like most celebrities do to vent about a double standard in the entertainment industry. Minaj stated, “If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year”. Taylor was quick to jump on her high horse and respond with an aggressive Tweet of her own: I've done nothing but love & support you. It's unlike you to pit women against each other. Maybe one of the men took your slot.., Nicki responded to tell her that the Tweet was not directed at her. This is the one time we can confidently say that the beef was not Nicki’s fault.

4 Nicki Minaj vs. Iggy Azalea

Nicki has made it clear that her beef with rapper Iggy Azalea was taken way out of context and that people were only ASSUMING that she was speaking of Iggy when she accepted her BET award for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist in 2014. When Nicki went to accept the award for the category that Iggy was also in, she started off on a rocky foot by saying; “What I want the world to know about Nicki Minaj is when you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it”. Is that a burn? Of course it is. Is Nicki taking credit? No. Iggy brushed it off probably because at the time, so many other people hated on her, so what was one more? Nicki has said that she was simply misinterpreted.


3 Nicki Minaj vs. ESPN Magazine

Who knew that Nicki Minaj was so against photoshopping? In 2014 she lashed out at ESPN Magazine after the February cover of her and Kobe Bryant was released and she saw some inconsistencies between her body and the one they gave her. Minaj quickly took to Twitter to state her unhappiness. First she posted a photo of the cover with the caption: “When re-touching goes wrong”, and then she took it a step further and added; “I love my personal un-retouched photos where my forehead doesn't mysteriously grow in length." Followed by an original and re-touched photo side by side, EPSN made no official comments and basically tried to act like this never happened.

2 Nicki Minaj vs. Azealia Banks

Rapper Azealia Banks has absolutely no chill; in fact, if she and Nicki could stop fighting they may see that they have a lot in common (for example, their attitudes). Banks went in on Nicki attacking everything from her beef with Miley Cyrus to her issues with race. She sent out a series of Tweets that talked about Nicki pretending to be a victim: “I wish Nic would stop trying to turn this Miley thing into a race issue cuz she was approp. until she became the “victim’.” We can see Nicki rolling her eyes now. Banks went on to talk about how enhanced Nicki’s body is and a slew of other hateful things. Banks has a bad habit of starting Twitter wars with random celebs, so expect to see her attack more people in the near future.

1 Nicki Minaj vs. Keys

This has to be one of the dirtiest beefs that we have seen in a while; you may not know who Keys is but she has burrowed her way from underground to sock it to Nicki several times in YouTube videos of her blasting the rapper through freestyles. The beef reportedly started because Keys was trying to get a leg up in her music career, so she picked out the biggest baddest b**** in the game and attacked her. While Keys combats with her freestyles, there seems to be only one video of Nicki stating that she does not feel the need to respond to anyone. However, she will not state Keys' name and supposedly, she has attacked Keys in a few of her songs . This only makes Keys go harder and spit some crazy bars in Nicki’s direction, so let’s see how this one plays out.


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