10 Of The Best Celebrity / Fan Moments

Celebrities are just people like the rest of us. Despite this, sometimes it can seem as if they’re a world away. When interacting with fans, celebrities are frequently literally behind barriers that control the interactions, whether it’s a barricade or just a table. There’s a good reason for this – safety. Sometimes, fans just get too excited and overwhelmed, and without a few precautions in place, something disastrous could occur as they try to get to their favorite celebrity. Of course, the celebrities also need to be protected. However, setting up those precautions can sometimes limit celebrity-fan contact.

The following examples are moments where a celebrity has used his or her power to break down that barrier between themselves and their fan (or fans). Whether it’s just joining them for an impromptu performance, showing up to one of their parties, or making the fan’s moment with their favorite celebrity ultra special, the following celebrities gave their fans something to remember forever. Sure, many fans have a story of getting a photo with their favorite celebrity or getting a quick autograph. These fans have something entirely different – a special moment, a personalized message, and more.

Here are 10 awesome celebrity-fan moments.

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10 Ed Sheeran at West Edmonton Mall


9 Adam Levine and Christopher Warner


10 year old Christopher Warner from Maryland claims to be Adam Levine’s number one fan. Avery Stanert, a special education teacher at Warner’s school, uploaded a compilation video that Warner had made singing along to Maroon 5’s hits, and Levine eventually got wind of the video and reached out with backstage passes and tickets to a Maroon 5 concert in Washington, D.C. That’s not the best part, though. When Christopher met his idol, the young boy with Down syndrome was overwhelmed and began to panic, crouching down and trying to hide as he wasn’t sure how to cope with the situation. Did Levine get startled and flee, leaving someone else to deal with his number one fan? Absolutely not. He lowered himself to the floor, laid down with Christopher, and got the rest of his band to do the same. The group just chilled in silence as Warner calmed down, and he got a floor selfie from one of the biggest stars in the world. That’s a unique experience.

8 Taylor Swift, no RSVP needed


Gena Gabrielle is a huge Taylor Swift fan, and when it came time for her bridal shower, the bride-to-be decided to send the pop superstar an invite. Why not, right? It’s not like she’d actually come, and Gabrielle likely figured it was a fun way to show her fandom. However, she got really, really surprised when her bridal shower came along. While Gabrielle was celebrating with other guests, Swift strolled into the party like it was no big deal. And, of course, she came prepared with gifts – it was a bridal shower, after all. Gabrielle was absolutely stunned and the celebrity’s efforts likely transformed her bridal shower from a fun afternoon with friends to a lifetime memory.

7 Chris Pratt and Guardians fans


6 Peter Capaldi’s Video Message


Many fans send mail or message to their favorite celebrities with the understanding that it might not ever get read, and will likely not get responded to. After all, big name celebs likely get literally millions of pieces of fan mail. However, one boy who wrote to Peter Capaldi, the newest doctor in popular BBC series Doctor Who, got a surprise. Thomas Goodall, an autistic fan whose grandmother had passed away, wrote Capaldi an encouraging letter wishing him luck as the new doctor. Capaldi recorded a video message, “From The Doctor to my son Thomas,” thanking him for the letter and giving him a memory to cherish.

5 JJ Abrams' Special Screening


4 Destiny’s Karaoke Booth


Picture this – you’re tucked into a karaoke booth, belting a Beyoncé song with some of your girlfriends. A fun, ladies’ way to unwind and get a little silly, right? After all, everyone loves singing along to Beyoncé. Well, a group of girls who were doing just that in January 2014 got the surprise of their lives as Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child bandmate Kelly Rowland peeked into the booth upon hearing the music coming from within. The duo went back to their girl group roots and sang their hearts out with the girls in the karaoke booth. The question is – who sang back-up?

3 Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Facilitate Love


2 Mila Kunis, Marine Corps Ball Date


Anyone who favors a particular celebrity has probably thought about what it would be like to take them on a doubt. Where would you take them? What would you wear? Would they be kind, or would they have a celebrity diva attitude? Well, Sergeant Scott Moorse found out. When it came down to finding a date for the Marine Corps Ball in 2011, Moorse, a war veteran, wasn’t content to ask someone from town. Instead, he took to the internet and requested that actress Mila Kunis accompany him. Surprisingly, she accepted – we wonder if Moorse was expecting that! She accompanied him to the ball, posed on his arm for pictures, and was probably a very sweet date.

1 Lady Gaga’s Pizza Party


Countless celebrities have shown their appreciation for their fans by buying treats to be delivered to all the fans waiting in line, whether it’s food for hungry fans or hot beverages for fans waiting in the cold. Lady Gaga is just one example, but her gesture seems to have started a trend as increasing numbers of celebrities are treating their fans to pizza parties. When she spotted just how many of her fans were waiting to meet her and get her autograph at a West Hollywood Best Buy store, she figured they’d probably be in line for awhile – and be getting pretty hungry. So, she ordered $1,000 worth of pizzas to be delivered to her “little monsters.” Now, it’s almost become a common gesture of appreciation from musicians to their fans, proving that Gaga kind of makes the rules, and she's setting a pretty great example.

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