10 Of The Best Couples Halloween Costumes For 2015

Halloween parties are a great time to let your creative side show. Picking the right costume for your next Halloween event requires considering how easily you can access or create the costume, how rea

Halloween parties are a great time to let your creative side show. Picking the right costume for your next Halloween event requires considering how easily you can access or create the costume, how realistic it is for the event you’re going to, comfort, and wow factor. Dressing up is fun, but why not be memorable?

An easy way to ensure partygoers remember your outfit is to dress up as a pop culture icon. These characters are familiar to most everyone, and make for easy conversation starters. What’s better than dressing as a pop culture character? Making it a couple’s affair.

Whether you’re going out with your partner, best friends or family, coordinating costumes from the same fictional world is sure to get you noticed. While these costumes don’t necessarily need to be elaborate or intricate, the more you pay attention to details when creating (or purchasing) your costume, the more authentic it will appear, making it easier for people to recognize your character right away.

From '80s film icons to cult classic films, romances, video game legends, or television favorites, there are endless possibilities when creating a pop culture couples Halloween costume lineup. These ten pop culture couples will show how some costumes can be made with items from your closet while others will inspire your creative side, requiring body paint and other specialized detailing to pull off your chosen costume. Whoever you choose to dress up as for Halloween, keep it fun and functional so you can party the night away.

10 Marty McFly & Doc Brown 


Looking for a classic costume combo that will have everyone in awe of your genius idea? Look no further than Marty McFly and Dr. Brown from the 1985 classic Back to the Future. Not only is this costume duo creative, the costumes are versatile and to put together. Marty’s costume is essentially a pair of light wash jeans, a button down plaid shirt, a sweet denim jacket, baseball hat, high top sneakers (or retro Nikes) and a red puffer vest. Dr. Brown’s outfit can be made with black shoes, some yellow elbow-length dish gloves, a white hazmat suit, and of course a rad wild hair wig and goggles.

9 Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia


Star Wars costumes are a great Halloween couples costume choice because there are so many possibilities. From Luke and Leia to Han Solo and Chewbacca the possibilities are endless. With this year’s release of Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, the focus on Star Wars will be more evident than ever. For a simple guy and girl costume combo, rock Princess Leia’s classic white robe-like dress, white boots, blaster pistol and side bun hair along with Luke’s white top with tan pants, knee high tan boots, utility belt and of course, lightsaber. The way to stand out with Star Wars costumes is to be detailed and consistent. Make sure your character’s costumes come from the same timeline in the franchise.

8 Starlord & Gamora


7 Anastasia Steele & Christian Grey


The BDSM heavy love story of Anastasia and Christian from 50 Shades of Grey is one that everyone seems to have an opinion of. The duo is a great choice for a couple’s Halloween costume choice because their outfits are versatile yet accessible. For Christian, a stylish black suit, high quality tie, white button down shirt, dress shoes and and ascot are all you need. For Ana, the college student look would include jeans, converse or simple sneakers, and a blouse under a cardigan. Dressed up Ana could wear a cocktail dress and simple jewelry. However you choose to portray Ana and Christian, be ready to pose for pictures as you’re sure to get plenty of attention when you go out.

6 Cersei & Jaime Lannister


Cersei and Jamie Lannister from Game of Thrones are one of those couples you can’t help but watch.They’re polarizing and hard to forget. For Cersei, you have plenty of costume options, but a long sleeved, corset style floor length dress with ample embroidery is ideal. If you don’t have long hair, grab a sandy blonde wig. Keep the makeup natural and you’re set. For Jamie, you have the choice between Kingsguard Jamie in full armor, which looks great but is likely impractical for a party, or traveling Jamie who wears simple brown pants, a light shirt and a simple jacket with a belt, sword, boots, and of course, gold hand. Dressing as Cersei and Jamie is sure to get you attention at your next Halloween party.

5 Sheldon Cooper & Amy Fowler



Comedic powerhouse couple Sheldon Cooper and Amy Fowler from Big Bang Theory make for a great costume couple.Amy’s outfits are simple and modest often consisting of a simple blouse with or without a cardigan or vest, thick tights and a skirt. Amy’s style is all about geeky practicality and comfort. Sheldon’s costume is one that could be in your house now — plaid, brown or khaki pants, brown shoes, a neutral long sleeve tee shirt and a comic book hero tee shirt of your choice. If geek style comedy is your idea of a good Halloween costume, Sheldon and Amy are the way to go.

4 Pokémon Trainer & Pokémon


When you really want to let your geeky side show, go for a Pokémon costume duo. Dressed as a Pokémon trainer and a Pokémon, you are sure to get recognized quickly. The beauty of this combo is that the trainers and Pokémon characters are diverse, making it easy to create outfits that suit your style. For a Pokémon, the options are endless. Pikachu is a great costume because there’s a wide variety of options. You can go with this dressed up skirt, top and knee-high outfit or a cozy onesie style costume. Together, these costumes are sure to please the crowds.

3 Daenerys Targaryen & Khal Drogo



Who doesn’t want to be a badass mother of dragons and her lover? Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo may have had a short romance, but this Game of Thrones couple will forever be popular for their status among their people and their seemingly unquenchable love. To go as Daenerys, a comfortable option would be her flowing grey dress with and simple gold cuff and of course, the long platinum hair. If you want to stay true to the books, grab some lavender contact lenses to show your true Targaryen side. For Khal, get some body paint to recreate his tribal-like tattoos, hide-like pants, a belt and a long dark haired wig you can braid. No one will want to come between the Khal and the Mother of Dragons.

2 John Bennett & Ted


Dressing up as John and Ted from the film franchise Ted is a great compromise when you really want to dress up, but your partner or friend wants something more simple. As John, you can either opt for the corporate pants, (slightly unbuttoned) white dress shirt, and loose black tie, or go for the more casual flannel shirt with a light colored tee shirt and jeans. If you’re not a costume crafting pro, you’ll need to find a Halloween store to grab Ted’s furry body and oversized teddy bear head (and optional clothing if you can find some that will fit over the costume).

1 Piper Chapman & Alex Vause


Piper and Alex are Orange is the New Black’s couple everyone loves to hate. The couple has endless ups and downs and their strong characteristics and great one liners make them a great costume choice. You can each dress in the inmate style Piper and Alex with long white teeshirts under tan (or orange!) scrubs with clunky boots, or opt for furlough Piper in a simple blouse, jeans and flats or out of prison Alex in jeans, a top, and leather jacket. If you’ve got a third member of your crew, add Stella, Taystee, Suzanne, Red, Dayanara or any other member of the OITNB crew to your lineup.

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10 Of The Best Couples Halloween Costumes For 2015