10 Of Survivors Most Notorious Villains

CBS's Survivor is one of the most popular and successful reality shows of all time. The show will start its 29th season on September 24, 2014 and has been renewed for a 30th season that will start in 2015. The series was originally created in the early 90's by Charlie Parsons for U.K television. The American version was developed by Mark Burnett and is hosted by Jeff Probst. The American version premiered in 2000 and was an instant success. 16 contestants are split in two tribes and left on an island to fend for themselves. They must create a shelter, fire and find food, while competing in various challenges for rewards and immunity. Immunity keeps a survivor safe from the next round of votes for elimination. Over the course of 28 seasons, the show has produced some of the most memorable reality stars. Some contestants enter Survivor with a strict moral code and they stick to it. However, others will do whatever it takes to win. They will lie, cheat, manipulate and steal to win the grand prize of a million dollars. Here is a look at 10 of Survivors most notorious villains.

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10 Phillip Sheppard

Phillip Sheppard is one of the most infamous contestants in Survivor history. He was known for his aggressive and often confrontational personality. He first appeared in Survivor: Redemption Island, where he made it to the final two. He was part of an alliance with Survivor veteran, Boston Rob. He alienated his tribe members and had several outbursts. He returned for Survivor: Fans Vs Favourites 2, where he used the game play and strategy he learned from  Boston Rob.

9 Corinne Kaplan

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Corrine Kaplan is best known for appearing on Survivor: Gabon and Fans Vs Favorites 2. She used an aggressive strategy and sex appeal to advance herself in the game. She had two very intense feuds, one with Philip Sheppard and the other with Sugar Kiper. She also gave a very fierce and hate-filled speech at the final jury vote in Survivor: Gabon

8 Coach Benjamin Wade


Coach Benjamin Wade first appeared in Survivor: Tocantins, where he made it to the final five. He was considered by many to be the main villain of that season. He returned as part of the villains tribe in Heroes Vs Villains and made it to the jury stage. During his first two appearances, he referred to himself as the dragon slayer. He returned a third time but tried to change his ways and became the Zen slayer. Despite the name change, he remained a villain throughout that season.

7 Brian Heidik


Brian Heidik currently works as a used car salesman. A used car salesman is a perfect fit for a game like Survivor. He was the winner of Survivor: Thailand and was crowned sole survivor. He always told the members of his tribe exactly what they wanted to hear. He told each of his alliance members that he would go to the final two with them. He was also known for his strong leadership and physical strength. However, he is such a hated villain that producers decided not to ask him to return for Heroes Vs Villains because they felt he is too "repulsive."

6 Jerri Manthey


Jerri Manthey is considered by many fans as the first villainess in Survivor history. She first appeared on Survivor: Australian Outback, where she finished in 10th place. She was known to be harsh, opinionated and confrontational. She was one of the least liked survivors during that season. She returned for Survivor: All Stars, where she cemented her status as a villain. She continued to have conflicts with several of her tribe mates. She returned for Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains where she came in 4th. However, during this appearance she became much more likeable and despite being on the villains tribe, she played more like a hero.

5 Richard Hatch


Richard Hatch is widely considered to be one of the original Survivor villains. He was the winner of the very first U.S version, Survivor: Borneo in 2000. He was known to be a nasty player who is cocky and evil. During the tribal council, he was compared to a snake. He was also known for playing the game completely naked. He made a second appearance in Survivor: All Stars, but was targeted early on because he was considered a major threat. He was invited to be a part of the 20th season, Heroes Vs Villains but was serving a 51 month prison sentence for tax evasion at the time.

4 Jonny Fairplay


Jon Dolton, AKA Jonny Fairplay told what host Jeff Probst called, "The greatest lie in Survivor history." Fairplay was aware that each season usually had a loved one reward challenge of some type. A challenge where each survivor has a loved one from off the island visit. Fairplay devised a plan, prior to leaving for Survivor: Pearl Islands. He told his friend when he arrives on the island to tell Fairplay, in front of the other survivors, that his grandmother had died in order to gain their sympathy. A lie that the producers found out when they called to give their condolences to his family. In fact, to make matters worse, it was his grandmother who answered the phone. He made it to the final three and returned for Survivor: Fans Vs Favourites, where he was the first contestant voted out.

3 Parvati Shallow


Parvati Shallow is considered by many fans as one of the greatest villainess in Survivor history. She is also considered one of the best players. She was known to be a flirt and use her sex appeal to advance herself in the game. However, she is also a very strong player when it comes to strategy, and many other contestants considered her to be one of the most dangerous players. The first time she played was Cooks Island, where she was eliminated on day 36. She played a second time in Fans Vs Favourites, where she won a million dollars and the title sole survivor. She played a third time in Heroes Vs Villains and was the runner-up. Over three seasons she has played 114 days and is only surpassed by Boston Rob, who played 117 days in four seasons.

2 Boston Rob


1 Russell Hantz


Russell Hantz is considered by many Survivor fans as the greatest and most notorious villain of all time. Some fans love him, while others have criticized his strategy. Each time he played he was extremely ruthless, manipulative and sometimes just plain mean. He's played three times, Survivor: Samoa, Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains and Survivor: Redemption Island. The first time he ever played, he was the runner up. During Heroes Vs Villains, he developed a rivalry with fellow villain Boston Rob and was able to eliminate him from the game. He made it to the final three that time. On his third appearance, he was targeted by his tribe, who purposely lost an immunity challenge so they could eliminate him early on. He stated that his third appearance was his final, but since then, has indicated he would like to return.

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